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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 212: Phase 1 Bahasa Indonesia

Nora asked as we kept walking through the luxurious hallways, I didn’t deny her as that was the truth, this city was filled with the powerful and the rich that wanted their shady deals done, just the money received from all this was astronomical, thus the city itself was built for the rich to enjoy, plus no one knows its exact location, well except for me and that’s a story for another time. turning to Nora I responded,

“Well only the rich come here and the accommodations were built to fit it”

“Sigh….the world truly is a bit dark”

“It really is”

I nodded my head as we reached a private room, the woman in front of me nodded her head at me as she opened the door, making me come upon an extremely furnished room, the room was 5 star to say the least, as there was a wide wall of glass to see them play, there was a carriage of foods arranged around.

But what caught one’s eye was the romantic feel in the room, in the center, there was only one big chair to sit on, making the people who sat there be extremely close, it was perfect for couples, not only that the room had scented candles, food in the shape of hearts and to top it of romantic music was being heard in the room,

“Um…..what’s this?”

I asked the woman with an ‘awkward’ smile, she had a confused expression before whish she spoke like its obvious,

“It’s a couple’s special deluxe room, well aren’t both of you a couple?”

As she said so her eyes narrowed in ‘suspicion’, to which my ‘awkward’ smile disappeared as I spoke a bit fast,

“Of course, it was just that I was a bit surprised, isn’t that right, sweetie?”

Saying so I looked at Nora who had a stupefied look, it was only when she heard my words did she react fast as she caught my hands and lovingly smiled like a maiden in love as she spoke,

“Yes, that’s right me and my hubby were just a bit taken back”

“I see, it’s not a problem, plus if you find the play a bit boring you could widen the chair and make it into a bed~~~”

The woman spoke as she gave both of us a wink as she walked away though the wink she gave me had an extra smirk, with that both of us entered the room with an awkward atmosphere styled between the back of us, well it wasn’t making things better for Nora as the romantic music was being heard, making her a bit self-conscious,

“No-Nora I didn’t know the room was like this”

I spoke finally to get rid of the atmosphere between us and to begin my plans. My words brought her out of her thoughts as she coughed to make things batter,

“Cough…your right we just had to do it to make things better”

“Yeah, that’s right, why don’t we take a seat?”


Nora nodded her head and we turned our heads towards the couple centered chair, again silence descended before which I was ‘hesitantly’ moved, and finally, I sat on it as I turned towards Nora and spoke,

“Come one big sis, we are siblings right, why should we be worried?”

Hearing my words Nora calmed down a bit as her beating heart lessened, she smiled at me…..I think as she spoke,

“You’re right we are siblings”

Her voice though contained a hidden bitterness as she walked towards and sat on my side, our shoulders touching each other, her legs and half of her body were sticking to me, normally this shouldn’t be a problem but with all the things in the atmosphere, it was extremely bad, especially for Nora who was trying her best to hold herself back,

“Why don’t you try these fruits?”

Trying to get her to relax I gave her some first which was cut in the shape of a heart, Nora took it as she began to take a bite, with it I started to have small talks with her to relax her down, after a few minutes she had calmed down. It didn’t take long for the show to begin as the lights on the stadium were set alight, illusion magic took place and a prehistoric battle place came to be seen.

With all this the play begin, it was quite splendid, the actors and the play were beautiful, it was the story of a human girl that set her journey from a village, the story was taking place during the great war, where death and fights took place, this girl during her journey soon joined the army as her powers rose.

It was soon shown that she was a military genius as her strategy and brilliant mind soon led her to be recognized by the world. Meanwhile looking at Nora I could see that she was completely focused on the play, causing me to smile, as a fellow aspirant of the military how could she not like this play? after all I had written the play for her.

With a hidden smirk I focused on the play as the scene of the girl meeting a boy came to be seen, he was another hero of the war, he too made his name for his battles and kills, soon they met on the battlefield, they soon fought together and fell in love, soon they planned to be together but it was then that they found a bitter truth….they were siblings!.

The boy’s father a noble had a passionate night with the girl’s mother in the past resulting in her and now the truth was laid bare, just as when this scene was reached, Nora who was sitting beside me flinched, we both turned to each other, Nora’s eyes were shaking and widened, whereas I looked ‘lost’ and ‘awkward’.

We kept looking at each other before the previous atmosphere descended between us, how could it not? the show we were watching turned out to be about forbidden love! one could imagine the awkwardness, we didn’t say anything as we just focused back on the scene, Nora’s body though was flinching and shaking a bit.

In the show, this news shocked the two lovers as they gazed at each other with bitterness, the love between them was forbidden but their hearts refused to accept it, due to circumstances they moved farther from each other, both of them thought that the other was repulsed by the idea of being together, hence a barrier was formed between them

Soon the war continued as their contact became lesser, finally, the boy received the news that the woman he loved was ambushed, to protect her he reached the battlefield only to come upon her dying, the last words they shared with each other were only regret, only in death did they open their true feelings, regret had washed them both, due to some bullshit views they had lost each other.

Finally, the show ended with the girl dying in the boy’s hands, with that silence descended to the room, seeing no response from Nora I looked towards her coming upon her pale face

‘Okay, part 1 done!’


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