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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 186: Breaking It In Bahasa Indonesia

“So you two will just sit like this?”

I asked as both Mika and Rika sat on my lap at each of my sides, clutching to me like chicks that found their mother, Mika sat on my right as her white ponytail slid to my side, meanwhile the usually cold faced Mika had a smile as she rested her head on my shoulder, both of them smiled hearing my question as they spoke at the same time

“Of course”

Hearing their synchronized words I couldn’t help but shake my head with a smile, even though I planned to act as the naive dense type, that won’t work with both Mika and Rika, as they grew up with me, due to that they knew me well, of course, they don’t know about my true side but they definitely know that I am no dense idiot

In fact in the past at times I have even acted passionately with both Mika and Rika, though not much, I have indeed acted like I knew how they felt like, as for my act before, well that was just to tease them, it was funny to watch them squirm

Shaking out of my thoughts, my hands moved as they both held Mika’s and Rika’s waist, my hand at times would pat their back, while at the same time causing both of them to have a small blush at their faces while their tails moved sideways at the excitement, a sense of peace filled within ourselves as we rested on each other but I couldn’t let it go on for long before which I spoke

“Mika, Rika I have something important to say”

Hearing my words both of them opened their eyes as they sat straight within my lap, somehow they both knew just how much to sit as not to cause any issues

“What is it Austin?”

Mika asked with a sweet charming voice, just like an obedient wife speaking to her loving husband, hearing it I smiled as I kissed Mika’s forehead, feeling the kiss a small blush came up Mika’s face, and just as I was admiring it, I felt a tug at my side only to see a jealous Rika looking at me with a pout

I couldn’t help find it extremely charming when she was acting this way, so I relented as I moved forward and placed a kiss on her forehead too which she quickly melted the frown on her face into a full-blown blush through her face, and just like that I spent a few minutes indulging both of them but then again important things had to be spoken

“The thing I wanted to say to both of you is that you two are not just the girls I like”

And as I finished speaking I looked towards both Mika and Rika who was now sitting on my laps with their heads at my shoulder, I could see that both of them were calm about what I said as if they were expecting it, the silence remained like this for a few seconds before which Mika spoke

“We knew Austin…”

“That’s right…”

Rika supported Mika’s words who soon looked at me as she asked me a question

“Is the other girl you like Clara?”


I nodded my head not objecting to Mika’s words, she seemed to have anticipated it as she asked me another question

“How far have both of you gone?”

Hearing this question I hesitated but in the end, I replied honestly

“All the way”

And this time I felt the atmosphere around me become heavier and I could swear that I almost saw a lifeless and chilling look on both Mika’s and Rika’s at the same time but they disappeared as soon as they came, Mika nodded her head as she whispered

“I see….”

“Well that’s not the end”

“There’s more?”

This time Rika spoke with a frown, I didn’t back down as I continued

“Well it’s more like I am forced to go on date with this girl”

“Whose she?”

Mika enquired, To which I replied,


For a moment there was silence before which a surprised expression-filled their faces, seemingly having only now understood who I was referring to, Mika asked with a stunned face

“You mean THE Scarlet?”

“It’s a long story”

And with that I started to tell the ‘true’ story of what happened, making it so that Scarlet gave me no choice but to go out with her, even though I just see her as a ‘friend’, I made it seem that I have only felt for the three of them but I acted as if I was pushed to a corner as I had no choice but to appease her after all, everybody knew how protective and obsessive a dragon was of things they wanted

“That bitch!”

Mika spoke with a fuming face, full of anger and annoyance, they were especially angry when they heard that I was forced, after all, even they had felt it when the Babylon Academy had shaken but they never thought that it was just a result of me ‘rejecting’ Scarlet

“Hey don’t worry about it I will deal with it, okay?”

And as I spoke I patted Mika’s head lovingly, Feeling my pat Mika’s anger lessened a bit at the same time I patted the jealous head of Rika too, while doing so I continued to speak

“So you two have to keep our relationship a secret for now, at least until I could find a way to deal with Scarlet, deal?”


Both of them begrudgingly agreed, seeing it, I sighed inwardly having fooled them for now, as for the future? well I have my ways to deal with it but I just hope that I would live till then and something tells me there’s more to things that I wasn’t seeing

“We can agree to it but we want a promise”

Just as things were getting better Mika spoke to me, to which I agreed

“Okay, what do you both want?”

“A date!”

They both exclaimed at the same time, my smile widened as I readily agreed to their words, and with that, I spent the next half an hour spoiling my twin wolf girls, kissing them on the head or their cheeks, while patting them on their head, I didn’t go overboard as I wanted to strengthen our romantic feelings more

And after half an hour they left my room and as soon as they did their smiles disappeared, a terrifyingly scary look appeared instead, they both looked at each other before they nodded and started walking away


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