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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 170: A Beautiful Confession Bahasa Indonesia

“So everything’s being well for you…huh”

I asked as I sat atop a tower giving a beautiful view of the academy, after Scarlet’s sudden appearance we just kept hugging each other for some time before we let go, after which Scarlet directly transported me atop this tower

From there on we sat here as we talked with each other like lost friends, well it was mostly Scarlet who talked as she spoke to me about all the things that happened in her life, like this 2 hours was lost, as the beautiful sight of the sun setting filled our eyes

“Indeed I did have a happy life…”

Scarlet spoke with a nostalgic smile, seeing it I too smiled, a playful smirk came to me as I spoke with a playful words

“But to think the great Scarlet, the epitome of human power, the great icy tomboy!, the beauty of all! is my friend!, who would believe it?”

“You!, humph I am not talking to anymore”

“No..no your dragon majesty don’t due that, what will happen to a peasant such as myself when you get angry!”

I spoke with a terrified and scared expression, seeing it Scarlet snorted as she spoke

“Um, it’s good that you know your place”

Her expression was that of a Queen forgiving her subject, soon we kept looking at each other for a few seconds before we started to laugh out loud

“Puff…you really have gotten more lively Scarlet”

“Yeah..yeah, you yourself haven’t changed one bit”

Scarlet spoke with a nostalgic smile, seeing it I too looked at the sunset as I smiled, back then when I had asked Scarlet to introduce me through the city when we were young, we would at the end of the day sit at a hill and see the sunset it was quite the scene

‘Yup….simpler times….’

“Hey, do you miss those times?”

As I was being nostalgic Scarlet spoke prompting me to turn my head to look at her, the rays of the setting sun shining on her making a beautiful look as she held her hair and twirled it around shyly, it was a beautiful scene as she held her knees and looked at me expectingly, I nodded my head and this time I spoke the truth

“Indeed, I miss them, they were simpler times, it was fun spending and relaxing those time with you, they were truly fun”

And for the first time I gave her my most sincere and happy smile, I don’t know how it went but I could say that they were good, as she looked at me in daze for a moment before she heavily blushed, I could hear some whispers like ‘not fair~’ or somethin like that

It’s when I wanted to tease her a bit more that she closed her eyes as she held her heart and took deep breaths, I was confused, this went for few seconds before she opened her eyes again, they were serious as they looked at me, at this moment I felt that she had come to some sort of agreement, her eyes locked at mine as a loving smile came to her face, for a moment my heart skipped a beat

“Say Austin do you know?, the times I spend with you were one of the greatest in my life, it was only when I did meet to did I feel like some sort of normal girl, you saved my mother, if it weren’t for you I don’t know what would have happened to me”

Her eyes turned soft, as the smile on her face widened, reaching one her hands towards me she held my hand with that she continued

“You risked your life to save my mother, you called me a friend, you made me smile and laugh, it is and will forever be one of my most treasured memories and after all this you changed my fate, you made me happy”

Her hands that held mine moved forward as they intertwined with mine as her other hands held her heart as a blush cropped into her face lighting it up with the setting sun as she spoke again

“You know, I didn’t truly know if I truly loved you, we were young when we met and many things have changed from then, I was afraid that all I felt for you was just the yearning for a friend, a feeling of gratitude but thankfully I was wrong”

Her hand on mine tightened, as her eyes fluttered with shyness and many other emotions as they looked into mine

“I knew it moment when I saw you again, I knew it the moment I saw you in danger, I knew it the moment when I spend all these days feeling anxious of how are meeting will go and I knew it the moment you hugged me”

“I knew that

I love you”

Her voice was barely a whisper as they sounded within the surrounding but to my ears they were crystal clear, after saying her bit she gave me a smile that made my heart skipping, she looked at my eyes with all the love as she confessed to me, this time I was really in a stump, all my plans were on the idea that most of my relationship keeps secret but something tells me that if I reject her now something very bad will happen

‘System, what’s her love?’

[Love: 150%]


‘Was this before she met me?’

[No it was after you hugged her and cried, till then it 99%]

‘Should I run?’

[Normally I will agree but here all I can say is you reap what you sow]

‘Any solutions?’

[To not get raped?]


[Well, I did hear that hell is has quite a good season this year, maybe it might not be so bad?]

‘Yeah, well fuck you too’

I could only a give such a response to what the system said, anyhow I turned my head back to Scarlet who was awaiting my answer, no matter how much of a scum I am, making a girl waiting for an answer for a long time is not something I would be willing to do

Since I too know the tension, power and will power you need to do something like this, especially when you don’t have any idea how the other person might respond, I closed my eyes as memories flowed in my mind

‘I love you’

‘Huh?, sorry I was just using you to get closer to your friend’

‘Wh-What do you m-mean?’

‘Well, it’s simple I had no interest on you, only your rich friend, since that’s accomplished you have no use, so bye’

With that the beautiful women in front of me walked away leaving me with a broken heart, the memory flashed through my mind in seconds, soon seconds ticked but to Scarlet it was like an eternity, finally I opened my eyes as I spoke

“I’m sorry but no”

And with that it might have being for just a second but the entirety of the Babylon academy trembled for a moment…


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