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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 166: A Bathroom Fun Bahasa Indonesia


Finally Grace relented to my words, her desires won her over, plus her body was still horny from before and she really needed to be embraced by me, without any further ado I caught Grace’s hand and immediately entered the woman’s washroom because it was cleaner than the man’s bathroom, After that, we sneakily entered one of the cubicle toilets, since the bathroom was at the end of the building there wasn’t anybody in currently, I immediately sat on the seating toilet and spoke

“Come and sit on my lap.”


Grace said, still worried a bit but in the end she trusted me and sat on my laps facing me, I wrapped my arms around her waist and began to kiss Grace’s beautiful lips with passion, at first Grace was still shy and had a worried face, but after a few minutes she started losing herself in lust and kissed me back.

Soon Grace’s body started heating up lust as she locked her arms around my neck and started kissing me passionately, As we were kissing, my hands slyly lifted her skirt to the waist, causing Grace to be surprised


Grace broke the kiss and let out a cute voice, she looked looked at me shyly for several seconds before finally, kissing me again, slowly her passion started to ignite as she began wringing my hair as we kissed, her movements got more heated as she started sucking my lips with passion

It was like she didn’t want to let go of my lips as she sucked on my lips and tongue, finally after some time she broke the kiss again and started to breathe heavily, as lines of saliva stuck between us, which Grace sucked and cleaned

Looking at Graces face which was flushed with shyness, happiness and expectation, my control slowly began to be lost, her lips were now red with my saliva which was glistening, her green gem like eyes seemed to be sucking me in, she was screaming for me and I knew that I couldn’t hold back anymore, Because I didn’t want to waste time, I directly pulled down my pants to my feet, as Grace lifted up her ass for me and with that I slid Grace’s red color T-shaped lace panties to the other side

“Ahhhh….. ❤”

Grace’s little mouth opened, letting out a seductive moan, as I directly plunged my member deep inside her reaching her womb, I couldn’t wait any longer as I grabbed her waist and moved her body up and down.


At first, Grace did nothing when I moved her body up and down, but after a brief moment, Grace began moving her hips following my rhythm, her ripe ass started to slap against my lap slowly as not to make noise, Grace’s body suddenly turned hot, and love juices started dripping down onto her slender thighs.

At that moment, I felt my mother’s pussy was different than usual the muscles of her vagina squeezed my cock wildly, it felt like her pussy didn’t want to let go, it wanted me inside forever,

“Austin❤…Ah…❤.Austin.❤.Ah…my Austin❤..”

Grace called out my name in a small voice because she was afraid that someone would hear her voice, right now she kept moving her waist slowly trying to mark her insides with my rod, suddenly the sound of footsteps entering the cubicle toilet next to us could be heard, Grace’s face immediately looked at me worriedly and in panic as she spoke in a low voice

“Austin, there is someone in the cubicle toilet next to us, Let’s stop first, After that, we can continue again.”

I pretended to hear nothing and continued moving her body up and down, when Grace knew that I did not intend to stop, she bit her index finger so that she could hold back her moan, However, her efforts were in vain when my cock was hitting her womb repeatedly

“Ahhh..❤. “

Upon hearing Grace’s moans, the person who was in the next cubicle toilet immediately said

“Miss, are you alright?”

The woman who was in the next cubicle was surprised after hearing Grace’s moans, which she mistook for pained grunts, Grace was shocked after hearing the woman’s words, to make sure no suspicious arise she tried to be as natural as possible as she talked but that failed miserably

“Yes..hm❤. It’s just…Mm❤…My stomach…hurts…so much…Ah….❤”

Grace immediately looked at me and gave me a sign to stop moving my hips until the woman left, However I didn’t stop moving my waist, due to this Grace had no choice but to try her best not to let out a moan. And like before, her efforts were in vain when my cock was hitting her womb repeatedly, creating a sense of pain and pleasure

“Ahhhh..❤. “

“Miss, are you really alright? Do you need any help?”

The woman, who was in the cubicle toilet asked again

“No… I’m fine. Hmm❤… Thank… Hmm❤….You…”

Grace said as she moaned.


The woman who was in the next cubicle toilet relented, at this moment, Grace felt that she was about to cum, Grace body immediately stiffened as she began to pray

‘This woman, whoever you are Please leave as soon as possible, or you will know that I’m having sex with my son here. Please.’

She was getting closer to having an orgasm, and it made her more worried.

‘I couldn’t hold it anymore. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I’m about to cum, Someone I don’t know will know that I’m having sex with my son in the public washroom’

Grace thought herself, luckily, the woman who was in the next cubicle toilet finished using the bathroom and left, finally Grace was at her limit


The sound of the door being closed could be heard in their ears

“Ahhhh❤….. I’m cumming… Ahhh…❤ “

because she held her orgasm for too long, Grace had a massive orgasm, causing her body to shudder in my lap as her eyes rolled up above her head, it took her a few seconds to come back to her senses, after which she faked her anger as she looked at me

“Austin… You’re a bad son, What if she found out?”

“But isn’t it exciting?”

My face broke into a smile and pinched Grace’s cheeks, causing her to pout

“The way you tried your best not to cum or not let out your moan was the cutest thing I have ever seen, As expected of my lover, she is adorable.”

“Hmmph! Bad boy,”

Grace grimaced

“How could you do that to your mother?”

But before Grace could get an answer, she suddenly felt my cock, which was still in her vagina, start throbbing again, knowing something like this would happen, she could only accept her fate, I smiled as I held Grace’s waist and started to move again, hitting Grace’s deepest parts, after a few minutes, I finally reached my limit.

“… I’m cumming,”

With that I held Grace’s waist tightly as I brought it down as I thrust inside deeply reaching the doors of her womb and filling her insides


Grace’s leg straightened as her toes curled in as she felt my hot stuff fill up her womb but she said nothing and happily took my seeds in her body, when Grace felt that I had released all my sperm in her vagina, she knelt between my legs and began to clean my cock using her mouth, after lots of time we spent together, some of her embarrassment from before disappeared

After seeing my cock was already clean, I pinched her nose and said,

“My lover is indeed good. You understand me very well.”

“Indeed I know you the best”

Grace spoke with a smile, after which both of us sneaked out of there and spend the rest of the day in each others company, which ended with me in her bed at night bonding….


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