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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 155: Falling Slowly Bahasa Indonesia

“Why?, well it’s simple

I wanted to own you”

Hearing my reply and seeing my obsessive eyes that were no longer hiding my desire to possess her mind, body and soul, Olivia could feel her pussy lips twitching, the utter domination in my eyes was slowly brining out the hidden side within her, I didn’t relent as I again held both her arms with one of mine and held her face tightly with my other arm, looking into her eyes directly I spoke

“That’s right Olivia, I want to only for myself, every single thing in your body belongs to me and only me and I will make sure to mark it as mine, I will also kill any other man that dares to lust over you who belongs to me”

Feeling the killing intent from my words, Olivia’s heart started beating faster and faster, while huge amounts of her love juice started to leak out, holding Olivia’s chin I spoke

“Just you wait I am going to mark all of this as mine”

After saying it I left her arms but Olivia didn’t make any move as she could only accept her fate for now, I moved down as I sucked on the skin of her neck while kissing it, It seemed so gratifying to taste her skin, the smell of her shampoo and distinct flavor filled my mouth, Olivia could only close her eyes as she gave up and indulged in me pleasuring her, I licked and kissed all over her neck before moving down

I dipped my tongue into her exquisite collarbones and bit on it, causing Olivia to bite her lips not to moan out in pain and pleasure of my tongue


I kissed along her arm as I moved over to her beautiful breasts, Seeing those delicate and artful rosy pink buds, my arms released her hands and cupped both of her velvety breasts, I kneaded her boobs for a while before moving my mouth towards one of her nipples, Since her nipples were longer than usual, I found it very satisfying to suck on it and stretched it upwards with my mouth.


Olivia who was resisting at first, could slowly started to fell the pleasure, slowly but surely she couldn’t get enough of me sucking on her nipples, I started sucking her other nipple as well and bit on it roughly


Olivia cried in pleasure and pain as I bit her nipples, her breasts were now filled with my saliva and quickly got more smooth, I took one of them into my mouth as I sucked on it, I could fell her breasts almost perfect in my mouth and how juicy they seemed as I kept on sucking them, Olivia’s body started squeezing in my arms, the pain and pleasure was slowly cutting away her senses

“Suck them harder~❤”

Olivia pleaded heatedly, unknowingly her true feelings started to leak, I didn’t reply back to her words as I squeezed her slippery and wet boobs harder and sucked on them vehemently, I then pressed her boobs together and tried to suck on both her nipples at the same time.


Olivia moaned sensually, getting a kick out of me intensely playing with her breasts, and at the same time, she orgasmed, Olivia felt fuzzy after her second orgasm, for the second time she felt her mind blur, never as she ever felt this much pleasure fill her body, After playing with her boobs for a while I could see that her nipples and her supple mound was very red and it only brought more pleasure to Olivia

I kissed and licked along her cleavage while twisting her nipples with my fingers, the powerless Olivia could only keep flinching her body as I played around with it as if it was a toy, my mouth trailed downwards and clasped her slender hips as I kissed all over her midriff and stomach, I also dipped my tongue into her belly button and twirled my tongue over it.


Olivia whimpered as she raised her upper body up and pressed my head to make me play with her belly button more, her body now totally moved for more pleasure, well it was not only her I couldn’t get enough of her exquisite skin and kneaded her boobs as I kissed along her ribs, looking down I could see the entire table wet with Olivia’s juice while faint outlines of her pussy could be seen

‘Not yet’

I thought as I moved upward as I started playing with her upper body with more power, getting above her I looked at her reddened boobs as I raised my hands and swung them down to her breasts


The sound of my hand hitting her boobs was heard around the room, as her breasts shook under my hand, Olivia’s eyes widened from the pain, yet her legs tightened to hide the juice that leaked after, with a cruel smile as I looked at Olivia, I raised my other hand and slapped down on the other side of her breasts



“Um❤~~so painfu❤l~~”

With a few more slaps Olivia’s body trembled as she cummed again!, I smiled as I dived into her her upper body again, a few minutes later I stood away from the table as I wore fresh clothes, looking at the table I could see Olivia who laid there with her eyes raised above her head fainted, her pant was still there but it was so wet that the table below her had a puddle of her love juice

Well there was also the fact that her upper body was filled with my hickeys from her breasts to her stomach, her upper body was completely red, while her nipples were hard and ripened, her entire body was filled with marks, my bites and my saliva, Olivia’s expression was of pure pleasure as she laid white eyed with a huge smile

‘Well that went well’

I thought as I walked towards Olivia as I groped her breasts hardly for one last time and used the teleportation key to leave the room, soon I opened my eyes and appeared in the same place I disappeared from, of course I didn’t forget to replace my disguise, it took some time for my boner to finally settle

“Sigh….only in good time buddy”

I spoke while looking down while not fucking Olivia was a nightmare I had too hold it in for now, I have her for a few months so I had already made a plan, for the first week I would fill her with pleasure she never knew, making her need me to settle her and it’s on the seconds week that the true power of the spell I placed on Olivia will show

The second week it would be me being pleasured by her, the second week will be a torture for Olivia, who wouldn’t get any release and finally the next month were the official arc for Olivia will start I will make her fall for me as a good slave

‘Sigh…academy life is so good’

Humming to myself happily I left the area I was in


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