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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 139: The Hidden Problems Bahasa Indonesia

The day after Austin had caused trouble in the Seth hunt, in a room sat 4 women, each displaying overwhelming powers, beauty and aura, each of them sat in a table facing each other, one of them had long black hair and dark black eyes with a beautiful face along with a graceful aura

Unlike her normal self the current her was not wearing any veil to cover her face, Eleanor looked at the familiar women surrounding her and she spoke

“Sigh…..why did you call in this meeting Naria?, you know that we are all busy right now”

The woman to whom Eleanor spoke had black and brown hair mixed along with sparkling peach colour eyes that seemed to contain a deep wisdom, her sexy body was hidden by her mage dress, she was Naria Whilliania the current head of the mage tower and one of the leading mage’s in the world, she’s also the master of Mira

“Ohh, relax will you Eleanor, you don’t have to always be so stiff, after all I heard about the things your disciple did and I gotta say I am a bit jealous, the disciple of yours seemed to have brought back the talk on archers again”

Hearing Naria’s words Eleanor didn’t show anything outwardly but inwardly she was glad and happy, remembering her lovers face brought a hint of sweetness to her heart, even though they couldn’t meet all the time, they would still contact each other at times

Eleanor had never thought that falling in love would be so good, whenever she was alone Austin’s image seemed to have filled up her heart and mind, even before she used to worry about him but now there seemed to be something sweeter when she thought of him

Her thoughts about him increased everyday even though she stayed away from him and whenever he’s a bit late in contacting her, her mind would be a mess, this was the first time in her life that she had to go through so many emotions at once

Moreover when she had heard about the things he had did her heart couldn’t help but beat in eagerness and pride, she had even secretly ordered the saved videos of his display, planning to watch them at her free time

“Indeed my disciple’s the best”

Even though Eleanor tried to be neutral, unconsciously her face had lifted to a loving smile while her voice was filled with pride, seeing it the rest of the women in the room were surprised, this was the first time they had seen Eleanor smiling full heartedly, normally Eleanor always held a fake smile on her face

“Looks like you cherish him a lot”

The one who spoke this time was a 12 year old, no it would be more appropriate to say that she looked 12 year old, the woman’s body was small and petite with peach colour hair and blazing red eyes, her face was the definition of cute and adorable

The girls eyes seemed to shine with wisdom as she looked mischievously at Eleanor, but she soon flinched when she saw the frosty eyes of Eleanor

“Zeesha, don’t you dare try to do anything to him, otherwise I would make sure to fill your body with arrows”

“Jeez, cool down will ya…hick….what’s up with ya all causing so much noise….hick….you are all messing up my head…..hick”

The one who spoke now was a woman with golden hair and bright golden eyes, her face was beautiful while her body was slender and toned, she wore protective gear and a sword on her waist, there was a drunken look in her eyes

“Sigh, what am I gonna do with you Vallecia?, for god’s sake you are a sword saint, at least act like one, you do know that people are now calling you the drunken saint right?”

Naria spoke clutching her head

“Um?, why should I care about….hick….what other…hick….things about me?”

“Ugh…you never change”

Naria could only shake her head looking at the gathering, the ones in this room are one of the few female Imperials, yet two are in bad terms with each other, while the other is a drunk head, Naria could only shake her head as she got on to more serious issues

“Anyway, I called you all to talk about the movements of the corrupts republic”

Hearing Naria’s words everyone in the room became serious, soon the drunken look Vallecia’s face disappeared

“What happened?”

Hearing Vallecia’s question Naria continued

“I don’t know much but you all must have noticed the several unrest these few years right?”

Nobody spoke but they all nodded their heads, Naria continued

“I had already gotten contacts from the much older Imperials, one of them did a divination and predicted a world of blood it might not be now but there would surely be a greater fight in the future”

“What should we do?”

Eleanor spoke with a frown on her face



All the other three reacted in surprise from Naria’s words, seeing it she explained

“For now we should lay low, our enemies are in the shadow while we are in the light, plus there are others too working for the better people who are much better than us, for now we just have to wait for the perfect moment”

While Naria was giving our specific instructions, far away within another dark room, sat 8 figures, none of them could be made out due to the dark cloak covering them

“Is he the one?”

A voice spoke from among the eight, his voice was raspy and croaked, seemingly his voice was unable to be identified

“Yes, he’s the one, we must make heist in this one”

Another spoke with the same voice

“It’s good we found him out this fast, if it was later, more problems would have arisen”

“Indeed he must be taken out, you can use one of our important pawns in the Academy but the job must be done”

“Consider it done”

After the last one spoke he looked at the image of the boy at the centre of the table and the picture belonged to Austin!


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