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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 132: Family Meet Bahasa Indonesia

The girls looked threateningly at each other for a few seconds before they focused back on me, seeing this situation, Alex smiled slyly, creating situations with chaos has always being his favorite activity

“Anyway leaving aside the interest in my love life, why don’t you tell me how the plans for the future is going?”

Seeing that situation was becoming bad, I quickly intervened as I looked at Alex with my question, seeing me talk the rest of the girls soon reigned in their hostility as they focused back on the topic at hand

“All is going well, truthfully as I said for the recruitment till now there only mostly girls, after all you still haven’t shown the limit for your abilities”

Hearing Alex’s words I nodded my head, I could understand his train of thoughts, even if I showed outstanding results before it doesn’t mean that all of them knows my true powers, after all I will be competing with the other girls older than me and who have being here longer than me

Along with it most people could only guess my Origin level, as I haven’t shown it out, I guess most think that I am Origin level 4, which in a way is a compliment, one must know that the normal origin level when one graduates from the Academy is Origin level 6

Reaching Origin level 3 at 18 is a genius, well that notion was completely destroyed this year as students with monstrous strength are showing up more and more, breaking the balance that was held

‘sigh….looks like I have to act out soon’

Well is if a I truly show my strength then that would be breaking the complete balance, my level of strength is totally crazy, so I would show enough to get the others attention

“Speaking of which the poem that you sang back then was amazing, I didn’t that you could play that well”

Rina spoke to me with a hazy look in her face, hearing her words the rest to travelled back to the situation that took place a few hours ago, the poem that I had sung had truly swept deep into their hearts, especially the girls, the poem had further cemented their deep feelings

“Yes boss, you were so cool back them, you should surely sing for us whenever you have sure”

Hearing Jacob’s words of admiration I chuckled, as I promised

“Sure, I could play for you whenever you all have free time, just tell me when”

After that the next half an hour we just discussed the important topic’s relating to the future, after the meeting I bid them farewell, well the girls wanted to come with me but when I said that I had a family thing to do so they all reluctantly let me go, within a few minutes walk I reached another mansion which was bigger and better

Unlike the other one, here there were butlers and other maids to look after it, seeing me enter each of them gave me a bow of respect, I just nodded my head to them as I entered a large room, coming inside I could see two women in the room

One was a mature golden haired woman with green eyes, while the other had the same definition but looked younger, it was Grace and Nora, seeing me enter both of them smiled


“Hey, did I keep both of you waiting?”

“No it’s fine after all you had things to do”

“Humph, I might forgive you for now”

Two beautiful women and two different answers, I smiled to their reply, nothing beats being with your family, as I entered I looked around the room for a certain silver haired girl but not seeing her I questioned

“Where’s Elda?”


As soon as I had asked that question somebody jumped behind me, I could feel a soft body hugging me from behind, at the same time, a set of soft and fragrant hands covered my eyes, a soft and beautiful voice soon followed it

“Guess who~~~”

“Is it my beautiful, caring and lovely little sister~~?”

“Yes, you have guessed correctly, now you can look at me”

My teasing answer had gained me a beautiful sound of laughter, I smiled as I turned behind, soon as I saw the figure in front of me I fell into daze


I could see beautiful 16 year old girl as I turned around, her shinning silver hair was let free as it stunningly fell to her back, her green eyes shined with happiness, innocence and love as she directed her gaze at me

Her face was the very definition of perfect, seemingly as if carved by the gods, her body had developed over the years, as they were hidden with her dress, I had scene several beauties and had thought that now I was immune to it but looking at this girl my heartbeat started beating faster as I felt a strange itch on my chest

Not only that there was a certain feeling from her that seemed to fill my mind to protect her, to cherish her and nor to harm her, I quickly understood it’s reason the fairy bloodline

Fairies truly exist in this world, they reside in the Yggssdril world tree, living their life there, they are cute bunch of innocent and loving beings but by no means are they weak, the fairies are the race the directly work under the Goddess Of Life

Fairies have near unlimited life source, they are the best healer in the whole world, they wield life magic, an extremely amazing source of healing, it is even able to bring back severed limbs

And so even my little sister could wield said magic, making her now one the most wanted healers in the entire world, the only other human that has life magic is the saintess of the Goddess of life

Not only that the fairy bloodline makes the wielder near perfect in everything, their beauty, grace and behaviour, best of all they make them extremely loyal and loving


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