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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 130: Planning Bahasa Indonesia

“Oh…that was close”

As soon as I had left Mira’s room I held to a wall as I let out a sigh of relief, while all might have seemed okay, one small mishap and everything would have gone down the drain, my heart was literally beating out of my chest

The placing of the spell itself was an extremely huge gamble, if Mira had even felt a small bit of the spell, it would have being over, I held the place the Mira had kissed as I smiled, seeing my blushing expression of my aunt I had almost lost control

Mira had always kept on a dignified appearance, so seeing her act like a girl was a refreshing experience but sadly it might be hard to replicate it, the only reason that everything went smooth was because Mira’s mind was in shock, due to my sudden confession and the feelings I gave her, her mind was completely disrupted

But the second time she would be more ready and it would be more harder to open her heart to me but I have time, I already have a plan for this beautiful aunt of mine, relaxing myself I headed out of the room, as much as I like to goof around, there is so many things for the current me to do

I walked out of the hall as the corridor’s of the school came to my view, currently I was walking along the 5th years educational area, the whole of Babylon Academy is as huge as a city, the school already has teleportation circles set in for students and others travel

Even though I was walking through the classroom, there was not a single student at sight, the Academy had given out a week of leave due to the issues I had created, plus they also has to deal with the coming festive

After all this was the first time that all the rings have being gathered, plus the competition for the title of King Of Babylon cannot be conducted in a small scale, I am sure that the news of what I had did had already spread across the whole world, the up coming competition’s would surely cause the focus entire world on the Academy

‘It’s going to be a fun school year’

I shook away my thoughts as I walked towards a teleportation circle set up, there were some students and others waiting in line, while some were arriving through it, seeing me arrive several of them gasped, they looked at me with admiration as they started to talk among themselves

As I walked closer all of them moved aside allowing for me to reach the front, a special service of holding the ring, reaching the front I was met with the mage dealing with the teleportations, giving him a nod I said him my desired locations

Normally travels like this required Academy points but just the ring on my hand is enough for them to give me those special services for free, I stepped into the circle as my vision went white, as the light faded I was met with the new sight, indifferent I gave a nod to the mage, as I walked out among the others gasps and talks

Walking through the huge place I reached a huge mansion, walking to the gates it opened on it’s on as I walked inside, reaching inside the mansion, I walked to a big hall, entering the hall I was met with the sight of my comrades

Jacob, Emma, Mark, Amon, Rina, Sana, Alex, Zora, Rika, Mika and Clara, all of them were sitting in a long table within the hall, seeing me arrive they all stood up, there was a happy and relieved smile on Clara’s face, I gave them a smile, telling that I was okay

Without much talk I headed to the head of the table and sat down, seeing me sit down the rest did the same, there was silence for a bit before I spoke

“Now can you please tell me whose plan it was for all of you to be this dramatic and kneel in front of me, when all the others were watching?”

Hearing my words tinged with annoyance, they all turned towards Mark, who was now smiling slyly

“Sigh…..of course it had to be you”

I could not help but rub my head with a tired expression, while it was my plan to partake for the hunt for the ring, I didn’t plan it to be this showy, I guess it was my fault for taking in these mad guys

“C’mon leader, I don’t thing it was that bad, I mean you should have seen the look on others face when we all kneeled to you, puff it was so funny”

“What am I gonna do with you”

I could only brush this off as I looked at Zora, she had changed from the last time, she had now grown into a beauty with a confident look, her red hair was left free, while her witch hat covered the top of her head, while her black eyes gleamed with confidence

Her moderate body was hidden by her black dress, all in all she was quite good looking but the problem now was that she was staring at me in daze, it was like I became the only thing in the world in her eyes

‘Looks like that things effect is showing’

I could only cough and call out her name, as the rest of the others too had soon caught on to her weird behavior, it’s only after I called out to her did she break out of trace but even still then she looked at me intensely

“Oh, I am sorry, I wasn’t able to meet you earlier, I had being caught up in research”

“Sure it’s no problem, after all I heard that you had being accepted by a sage witch, congrats I knew that you could so it”

“Th-Thanks, it was only due to you I was able to reach this position”

A small blush came to her face before it disappeared, she smiled as she thanked me again


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