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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 121: Freedom Beyond Death(3) Bahasa Indonesia

I looked at the scene of the golden particles mesmerized for a moment, blood had filled my attire, while blood feel from my hands, in a single look I was a mess, yet I had to stand still, there was still an enemy that I had yet to face, while the rest had left a single man sat on an blue throne

Even with my music and power, curing this man is close to impossible, the reason was simple, it was due to the difference in our strength, even for those soldier’s the reason I was even able to help them was because Xavier held them back, I took a deep breath as I suppressed the stinging pain in my body

As I did I waited, I waited for the man who now sat on the throne with closed eyes to speak, the man had the royal families trade mark ocean blue hair and eyes, yet it was disfigured due to the corrupted mana, a few seconds passed before he opened his eyes

“Thank you, young man”

HIs voice was still deep and powerful but the fluctuations in his voice proved that he was barely holding on, I shook my head as I spoke back to him

“I don’t need your thanks, I had did what had to be done”

“Yes, you’r right but still I want to give you my thanks”

Xavier smiled as he looked at the silver haired boy in front of him, soon memories passed through his mind Turing his smile bitter, he closed his eyes as he spoke

“I am a failure of a king, no matter how high I had reached, in the end I had failed to protect my people…..”

Xavier’s voice was filled with bitter sadness and reluctant, I looked at this man for a moment before I spoke, while nodding

“Yes, you did fail, you had failed to protect the warriors that choose to be with you, in that sense you have failed”

Xavier’s eyes opened in surprise, while the words he said was true, he had thought that the boy would would correct him and say that he was not a failure, yet hearing the boys words Xavier didn’t get angry, just as he was about to speak the boy did

“But you have not failed as king nor a hero, as a king you lead your armies to protect your home, as a king you have protected your faith, as a king you had warriors that willingly sacrificed their life for you, as a a hero you have sacrificed your life for the future”

“So yes, you may have failed in some placed but due to that sacrifice you gave out a brighter future to the world, I admire your sacrifice and your ideals but I do not agree with them ,I would never sacrifice myself or my family for anything, I respect you as a hero and a king and at the same time I condemn you for your failure”

“Your a man that many aspire to be and you are a king who have itches his name into history, you have won and yet lost at the same time”

There was silence as I finished speaking, Xavier’s eyes opened wide before, he Burt out laughing, all the grace and dignity no more, he just kept laughing for a few seconds before he spoke again while wiping away the tears from his laughter

“Ha…haahaa…boy you really are something, I didn’t think that there was someone that could respect and disrespect me at the same time but still…..”

Xavier raised his head as he looked deeply into my eyes,

“Thank you, thank you for telling that I failed”

A deep sense of relief filled Xavier, as he looked at the sky with a peacful smile, he had failed yet at the same time he had won, Xavier’s eyes turned serious as he looked back at me

“Boy what’s your name?”

“Austin, Austin Lionheart”

“Austin?, good I will remember this name, since you have helped m-ughhhh”

It was when Xavier was speaking that he clutched his head, the corrupted mana that I had cleared had stated to act up, soon all the corrupted mana that was in the surroundings soon gathered into Xavier’s body, the golding sky disappeared as darkness descended

Due to the harp I was safe, yet the corrupted mana didn’t stop, it kept converging on to Xavier’s body, he clutched his head as he screamed, he raised his head with the final clarity he had as he looked at me


And that was all before the final clarity in his eyes disappeared, the pervious smile disappeared from his face as a crazed one took that place

“Oh…..would you look at that, a child capable of removing corrupted mana, since you came here why don’t you stay here forever….”

As soon as the corrupted Xavier finished speaking the atmosphere started to shake, the water below me started swirling, as the sky thundered, an immense pressure seemed to fill the atmosphere, the sea shook to the will of it’s king

‘Sigh…..looks like I really have to use it’

Facing this situation I didn’t despair as I smiled

“System, activate power pairing, target Eleanor”


Request heard, activating power pairring

Target: Eleanor

Power: Imperial Rank 3


Soon tha mana in my body started swirling as my power broke through from origin level 8 to the Imperial rank 3, this was one of the skills from my bloodline, as long as the woman’s love level is 100% and I have slept with her, I will be able to use my lovers power level

Though there are some restriction like, the time I will Be able to use this skill depends on the difference in power level between me and my lover, there’s also the fact that I will only be able to use this skill once a week too but leaving those aside, to me this skill is amazing

[Time Limit: 5 minutes]

‘5 minutes?, that’s plenty….’

I willed my mind, as I soon took out a special arrow, that was sealed, I removed the seal, as an exquisite black arrow came to view, the arrow was completely black with golden lines over it, at the tip of the arrow there was a dragons head

As soon as the arrow was released as huge dragon might was released from the arrow, the immense pressure from before disappeared, as a dragons roar was head


This time Celestinia shook in surprise


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