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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 112: The Seth Hunt(5) Bahasa Indonesia

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I am just here to let you know that I have created an Auxiliary chapter with the name of the different girls and their info’s


‘Hours, measure, thin, fat and enemy is the wind’

Fake Auther’s mind drifted through several answers, that seemed to fit the bill, soon his eyes fell on the key part, ‘my life is hours’, as soon as he saw that a smile came up on his face as he shouted out loud

“A candle!”

It seems that his answer was correct as the door started shaking and soon a dessert was displayed in front of him, seeing it he could only sigh at his luck for getting a dessert beast, he held his bow tight as he walked into the dessert, the desserts heat soon started to hit him, making him dehydrated quick

‘Damn it, did they have to make it so hot?’

He could only curse the games creator as he kept walking though the dessert, he looked at his sides only seeing sand, no clue to where he should move, having no information he could only move forward, with quick and soft steps, he continued walking for some time, as he was walking soon, he felt a dangerous sensation his instincts were screaming

He didn’t think about anything else as he moved sideway, soon a beast rose from the area he stood, it looked like a earth worm, with hundreds of teeth’s in it’s mouth, it’s size too was humongous, as it rose to the sky fake Auther got a glimpse of the key on the beasts head

Seeing it’s attack fail, the earth worm like beast shot back to the ground, before it dived back into the ground

“hoo no you don’t!”

He screamed as he fired an arrow filled with flames, the arrow flies as it hits the beasts back as it entered in to the ground, seeing the arrow hit the beast the boy smiled, soon a few seconds later the beast emerged screaming in pain, it’s whole body shaking

The arrow that was fired was burning the worms body from the inside out, it writhed for some time before it stopped moving, it’s body broke into particles as a key was left behind, the fake Auther walked towards the key as he picked it up

As the key was picked a door appeared in front of him, he kept the key with him as he walked towards the door to read the new riddle

“I have cities, but no houses, I have mountains, but no trees, I have water, but no fish. What am I?”

‘Um?, isn’t this?’

Reading the riddle fake Auther started laughing out in happiness, as the riddle was something which he head heard before, he could only thank his lucky stars as he spoke to the door

“A map”

The door shook, as it opened, soon his eyes was filled with a snowy land, he didn’t hesitate as he walked in, he had arrived at the ground of a snowy hill, soon the door closed behind him and disappeared, this time he didn’t have to wait for the beast as he saw a group of wolves rushing towards him

There were about nine of them, all of them while snowy white fur, looking to the top, he could see the alpha wolf, along with another 20 wolves surrounding him awaiting the alphas command, seeing this the fake Auther didn’t even flinch as he nocked three arrows to his bow, the three arrows were fired, which quickly multiplied into three each

The wolves moved and tried to dodge, yet the arrows accurately hit the nine wolves easily taking their life, the alpha wolf snorted, it roared as it commanded it’s army to charge forward but it didn’t even know that it’s roar was the last one, as soon after it roared an arrow flashed through it’s head even before it could react killing it

The other wolves were stunned seeing their leader killed easily, soon the rest of the wolves eyes turned red as they ran forward without any formation, the fake Auther calmly nocked another arrow that was fired into the centre of the group, which exploded killing some, it didn’t take long before the rest were killed

Afterwards peace returned to the snow hills, as the wolves were soon broken down into particles, the fake Auther had a calm smile on his face as he walked towards the top of the hill were there was a key awaiting him, a door soon opened afterwards

There were three key holes in the door, he didn’t hesitate as he nocked in his three keys in, soon the door shook as it opened, as he walked in he arrived at a huge room, the room was circular enough to fit hundreds of people, the room was empty with nothing at sight, it was then a voice was heard

[Congrats!!, you have reached the thrid round, please wait for the rest to gather before the round begins!]

As the voice faded, the fake Auther saw 2 bottles appearing in front of him, one was a rejuvenation potion, while the other one was a healing potion, it was actually meant for the students who had a life and death battle to reach the end, the fake Auther shrugged his shoulders as he collected the potions

He didn’t do anything else as he walked to a corner as he sat there, waiting for the rest to arrive, not knowing that he had caused an uproar outside, Max could only blink his eyes as he looked at the fake Auther sitting on the ground leisurely

“Why do I get the feeling that his trails were easy?”

Max’s words were meet with silence as the audience too felt the same but alas they knew the truth, it wasn’t that the trail was easy, it was just the simple fact that this fake Auther is too fucking strong!!

The audiences looked through the other scenes where the other participants were doing a life and death a battles struggling to survive, in fact none of the enemies the fake Auther faced was easy

Take the first beast he fought, the metallic beasts body itself was a huge burden one has to face!, it’s a known fact that beasts are more powerful than the other beings at the same level, one must be careful when dealing with such beasts, yet fake Auther kept going at it as if this was kids play

“Looks like this years winner is decided”

Angelina spoke with a mischievous smile, the others too nodded their head at this remark

“Not quite, look this Leonardo is doing a good job, plus he still hasn’t drawn that sword yet..”

Hearing Isabella speak all the girls focused on the screen, where Leonardo was fighting valiantly in a snow domain with a tiger, even though his sword was not drown, he still keeps moving ahead

“Indeed, he’s not bad even without pulling that sword out”

Sabrina’s calm voice too was heard, agreeing to Isabella’s statement, though the secret of the great sword Durendal accepting a new owner was kept a secret to protect Lenorado but who were these girls?, they were top of this world power spectrum, hence there was no secret they could not uncover

“Heheee….he’s not bad, I presume that the humans are doing their best to protect him?”

Angelina’s teasing seductive voice was heard, causing Olivia and Carmel’s brows to srunch up, in fact in a way it was a problem, both the Empire’s wanted to have complete ‘protection’ over Leonardo or to be exact complete control

“What happens in the Silviya realm, has nothing to do with you Angelina”

“You don’t have to over react Olivia, I am just wondering which group he would join, yours or Carmel’s?”

Hearing Angelina’s teasing words both Olivia and Carmel’s brows furrowed even more, they knew that Angelina was trying to create a greater discord among them, to profit from it, yet they could not help be wary, Both of them felt the ring on their hands, as their expression hardened, it’s not only them but if one could focus us you could see six of the nine girls having each a distinct ring

They were Olivia, Carmel, Isabella, Sabrina, Marlene, Angelina

Hearing Angelina’s words even the rest of the girls with the rings, touched theirs with a resolute expression, they would do it, they will be the first!

They would earn the title of THE BABYLONS KING/QUEEN


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