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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 110: The Seth Hunt(3) Bahasa Indonesia

“Um, this is interesting….”

Marlene spoke with an intrigued tone, her eyes moved to her subordinate behind her, the girl behind her had blue hair and green eyes, Marlene spoke with an authority voice

“Find out the last location of this Auther before he entered for the hunt”

The girl before her nodded her head before she left the room, soon the rest of the girls focused back to the screen where the fake Auther was being displayed, all of the students attention turned to him, as they saw him nocking another arrow to his bow

He twirled the arrow, as a bit of lightning flowed to the bow, unknown to no one a small crimson flame was induced at the tip of the bow, the flame was his winning card, it is something that would not be stopped by any mortal

He left the arrow as it moved with sonic speed, flying towards a certain target, a few kilometers away a girl could be seen moving through the forest, her eyes was sharp as she moved through the forest, barriers surrounded her, she flinched as her eyes turned to a certain direction a feeling of dread filled her mind

She didn’t hesitate as she ran her mana through her body, soon she saw a arrow zipping to her, her brows furrowed as she felt the arrow marking her, even if she moved the arrow will follow her mana signature, she waved her hand as she created a flame barrier above her normal one

At the same time she created several fiery spears as she shot it towards the arrow flying towards her, there was a smug smile on her face, yet it didn’t last long as she saw that none of the fiery spears hurt the arrow, yet she could only despair as she saw lighting release from the arrow increasing the arrows speed

She could only watch with despair as the arrow easily ripped through the all her barriers, due to the sudden increase in speed she was unable to dodge, the girl could only watch as the arrow ripped through her heart killing her, she couldn’t even find her killer

“Ohhhhh!, would you look at that fake Auther had taken out another top player with a single arrow!”

Max screamed as he held the magic tool close to his mouth, the crowd screamed with enthusiasm, during the last few minutes both Max and Ria had being digging up information about Auther, learning that he was not the real one, this had created a huge waves, everyone now wanted to know the mysterious persons identity

“Will our fake Auther be the dark horse that change the path of the game?”

Ria spoke with a smile as she looked at the image of the fake Auther nocking another arrow to his bow, while at the same time in the luxurious room with the girls, Carmel had a frown on her face while Olivia was laughing, she looked at Carmel as she spoke with a provocative voice

“Ha..haha….would you look at that one of your star player killed with a single arrow, how funny!”

Olivia was clearly happy with the turn of events, in this hunt that girl was one of the leading one from Carmel’s group, now she died with a single arrow from a nobody, this was a slap to Carmel’s face, especially since she was just boasting about the girl for some time

“You don’t have to gloat so much, after all you didn’t even have a strong contestant in this Set hunt”

Carmel’s answer was unexpected causing Olivia’s brows to twitch, just as they were going to bicker again, a melodic voice was heard, her voice was charming, clearly her voice was more than enough to pull the souls others,

“Are you girls forgetting about the fact that this student is able to eaisly take out other top students of the 5th year”

The girl who spoke with a charming voice had maroon colored hair, deep blue eyes, her body was moderate wearing a light red dress, her ears hidden by her hair was gills like, extended, her face was beautiful with plump lips, that brought out peoples desire to take a bite, Catherine Madaras poseidin, the princess of the mermaid tribe

“Indeed he looks strong!, I wonder how it would be to fight him!”

The girl who responded had orange and brownish mane like hair with orange cat like eyes, she smiled as she spoke showcasing her canine tooth, there was a lion like tail behind her back, which moved around excitedly, her body was hot with wide hips and huge ass, with moderate breasts, unlike the rest of the girls she had a wild looks, Nell Void Starlight, the princess of the lion tribe

“Sigh….you and your battle mania, don’t you see the main point here, we had such a powerful student in our mist hidden, don’t you find that suspicious!”

Catherine could only shake her head at Nell’s words, she looked at Marlene, who seemed to have taken in the hidden meaning in Catherine’s words

“Indeed it’s suspicious, not only that does anybody of you know somebody this strong who uses a bow?”

Marlene has a pondering expression on her face as she spoke out load, Angelina showed a pondering expression as she spoke out

“Indeed, at least I have not met somebody that was so powerful with the bow, his correct aim, power and one hit kill are unprecedented”

There was silence in the room, as the girls each went into deep thought, at the same time some of their eyes went to another girl, who sat in a seat far away from her, even with all their status’s there was fear, appreciation and awe on their face when they looked at the 2 figures a bit far away from the rest of the eight

One of the girl was standing while the other one was sitting, the one who was standing had ash grey hair that was a bob cut along with golden pupils with a slit in it, she was wearing brown one piece dress that covered her body

Her body was lean, with quite a hight as she stood tall, there was a huge domineering dragon might from her body, her face was beautiful, with a bit of a tomboy look, it was the half human, half dragon Kevin or Scarlet, the past dirty looking boy was no more

The one who was standing now was a prideful women, who had strenght at the top of this worlds spectrum, she was a dragon, someone who could cause dectruction with a wave of her hand but here came the question who was it that could cause a prideful dragon to stand behind while another sat in the front?

The one who sat in front of Scarlet had snow white hair, that fell down to her shoulder, the color of her eyes ivory with dark black slit in them, she wore white dress that fell down to her ankles, the dress covered her body without giving out much about it, her face couldn’t be seen due to the veil that covered her face, enticing others to now about what was hidden behind it

Her whole aura was strong, even though her eyes was calm, there hid a great pride within her eyes, if Scarlets dragon might was a breeze then this women’s dragon might was a hurricane, those who looked at her for long would be pulled deep into her, being lost

She was Celestinia Graciers Kreen, The Dragon Princess!


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