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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 102: A lovers Nest Bahasa Indonesia

‘What’s with you and running away??’

I could only shake my head at such an answer, I am starting to think that my system is an escape one

“Austin is there anything wrong?”

Mom called out to me seeing that I was in daze, hearing her I looked towards her, her golden hair fell down her shoulder, while her green eyes looked at me with love, this is the first person I had met when I came to this world, so what if she was a bit not right?, I will deal with it as it comes, I smiled as I tenderly caressed her face

“It’s nothing, I was just thinking that how lucky I am, to have such a woman in my arms”

Hearing my words Grace blushed, her heart started beating faster from my words, an incredible happiness filled her heart, she smiled as she turned her eyes away from shyness, seeing it I smiled

I leaned forward as I pulled her to a hug, her body fell to mine, as her breasts pressed against me, Grace didn’t sat anything as she placed her head on my shoulder, one of my hand held her waist while the other one patted her back

“Thank you for being in my life”

My words was heard across the hills, Grace smiled in my embrace, feeling a bit gritty in her heart, I separated myself from her a bit, as I pulled her to the edge of the hill, mom didn’t say anything as she followed me

After reaching the hill, I sat on it, at the same time I placed Grace on my lap, surprising her, I could feel her large milfy ass on my lap, as my hands coiled around her waist, I pulled her closer to me making her place her head on my shoulder

Grace didn’t say anything as she coiled her hands around my neck, we didn’t say anything as we sat in the silence as the sun settled in the horizon, time seemed to pass by as we sat in the silence, the sun settled as the darkness descended

“Should we get moving?”

I was the one who spoke in the silence, Grace raised her head as she looked at me, she didn’t say anything as she nodded, I smiled slyly, as my hands sneakily travelled to her breasts, my hands groped her breasts, as they sank into it


Grace moaned out in surprise, she blushed as she covered her mouth, even though she had accepted me in her heart, it was still as bit difficult for her to openly be a woman in my presence

“Grace how about we head to another house, nobody there knows us, plus you really don’t have to return to the mansion now, do you?”

I spoke as my hands continued to grope her big breasts, hearing my words a glint passed by her eyes, looking into my heated eyes, her panties became a bit wet, it’s being a long time since she did it and the thought of doing with me was a huge turn on too, it didn’t take long before she shyly nodded her head and dived back to my embrace shyly


A few moments later a carraige could be seen heading into the commoners area before stopping before at a house, I opened the carriage as I walked out, I held the door as I spoke

“Please watch your step, my beautiful lady.”

I reached out my right hand to help Grace get out of the car and smiled as if I was dating a lady from a member of the royal family, well technically I am

“Hehe. Austin, sometimes you get so romantic”

Grace took my hands and got out of the carriage

“Indeed, how could I not become romantic in front of such a beautiful woman”

Grace smiled as she took my arms and got out of the carriage, with that both of us hand in hand entered inside the house, coming in we came inside the living room which was furnished and well kept, Grace entered as she looked around the house with interest, she turned to me as she spoke

“When did you buy a house like this?”

“I bought it a while ago, I could come here when I needed to clear my mind and now we can use this as our love nest”

Hearing my words Grace smiled, her mind wondered as she thought of spending her time as lovers with her son here, but then their status comes to my mind, she’s once again reminded that their relationship will always be in the dark

Seeing the distressed expression on moms face, I came up to her as I hugged her from behind, my hands hugged her waist, as I spoke to her ears

“Don’t worry, I know that our relationship isn’t exactly orthodox, and things will be difficult but as long you are with me, things will be alright”

Grace smiled as she heard my words she turned around as she kissed my cheeks with a happy smile, I turned to her as I kissed her cheeks too, I looked at her as I spoke

“Umm, why don’t my lover go and make a tea for me?, there are some ingredients in the kitchen”

Hearing my words Grace smiled with a blush, as she kissed my cheeks and ran off to the kitchcen, I smiled seeing her run away, looking at her back I could see her ass juggle as she ran

‘Damn, I wanna spank that ass’

I shook my head as I walked to the cofa in the room and sat there waiting more my cute mother to return, After a few moments of waiting she came back with tea on her hands, Grace walked closer to me and placed it on the table. After that, she sat next to me as she pored the tea for me


Grace was surprised because, after the second, she pored the tea, I suddenly grabbed her by the waist and put her on my lap

“Bad boy!”

Grace used her small hands to shyly hit my chest, she didn’t know it but unconsciously she had started to slowly act more like a woman in love than a mother towards me

“Eh! did my lover only realize it know I’m indeed a bad boy, I am your bad boy”

I leaned forward as I pecked her lips, my hands trailed her face and her hair as I looked deeply into her eyes as I spoke with a fiery passion

“I’m sure many men will become a bad boy when they are near a beautiful lady like you so you can’t blame me because I’m not the one who is wrong here, instead, you have to blame your body for being too beautiful in my eyes.”

Grace’s face turned a bit red as she pinched my shoulders with a cute pout

“Sigh! I wonder why how you became so good with your words”

Mom rubbed my lips with her right thumb gently and looked at my lips intently, as she was rubbing my lips, Grace suddenly remembered that this was her sons lips she was rubbing the very lips that she kissed a while ago, Grace’s body suddenly turned hot, and her desire to kiss my lips arose within her, but she still tried her best to hold herself, However, it was only last for three seconds before she was unable to hold back anymore and kissed my lips.

I was surprised when she suddenly rubbed my lips but I did nothing and let her do what she wanted, However, the moment she kissed my lips, I was even more surprised, this was the first time she took initiative, my desires arose within me, I wanted to push her down and ravage her, mom kissed me on my lips for a few seconds before letting go, she looked at me deeply as she spoke

“Thank you for all the happiness you have given me until now”

Grace wrapped her slender hands around my neck and leaned her head on my right shoulder, she smiled contentedly as she spoke

“I’m so happy to have you in my life.”

“I’m also happy to have you in my life.”

I said in a soft loving voice before wrapping my hands around her waist.

“Thank you, Austin”

Grace mused, While my right hand was still on her waist, I stroked her hair with my left hand and said,

“I love you, Grace”

“I love you too, Austin”

Grace voiced out her true feelings, the words she had hidden deep in her heart all this time, the words that she wanted to say from a while ago, After saying that, Grace kissed the right side of my neck for two seconds before separating her pink lips from my neck.

my eyes widened when her lips were on my neck, I was surprised as I felt the beast inside me awakening, Three seconds after kissing my neck, mom touched my cheeks and made me face her, Her green pupils were focused on my eyes before working down to my lips, As her eyes were locked on my lips, Grace suddenly started breathing heavily, and her desire to kiss my lips appeared again.


Grace pressed her beautiful pink lips on my lips while her eyes stared into my purple eyes but to my surprise two seconds after kissing me Grace tried to put her tongue in my mouth, I slowly opened my mouth to give way for her tongue to enter my mouth. Realizing this, Grace didn’t waste her time and immediately put her tongue into my mouth.

As soon as her tongue was inside my mouth, her tongue immediately explored my mouth before looking for my tongue, I who let her dominate the kiss, decided to play with her breasts.


still, even though I was squeezing her breasts, she didn’t stop kissing me.


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