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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 100: The Choice(2) Bahasa Indonesia

Grace POV:

I continued to cry as the time passed by, after a unknown time later, I rose my head as I tried to clean my tears

‘Get yourself together Grace, this is for the best’

I looked at the necklace in my chest as Austin’s image flashed in my mind, pain seemed to fill my mind, why did I have to suffer like this?, if only if they weren’t mother and son, as I was cursing my fate a knock was heard on the door, as Clara’s voice was heard

“Mistress, may I enter?”

Hearing her voice I quickly cleaned my face, before putting on a dignified one before I spoke

“Yes, you may”

Soon the door was pushed open as Clara entered, I could see that the pride less child from then had grown up well, I could tell that she loves my son, seeing how she could be with my son while I have to suffer made me a bit angry but I controlled myself to stop such irrational thoughts

“What is it?”

My voice was tinged with a bit of annoyance, I could see that Clara was hesitating as if that she was scared to speak, so I spoke with a bit more power

“What’s it!”

Hearing my words Clara paled as she too a step back, she seemed to be hesitating before she spoke

“Mistress did something happen between you and young master?”

“Why?, did Austin do something?”

Hearing Clara’s words I felt a bit apprehensive, did something bad happen to him?

“No, I saw the young master run out of the mansion, he-he seemed to be crying, he also left this letter in his table”

Seeing the letter in Clara’s hands I quickly used my mana to pull it towards me, in a hurry I quickly started to read it


Dear Mother,

If you are reading this then I have already left the mansion again but don’t worry I am not going anywhere far, I would be back home in 2 days, mother I do not know what’s bothering you but if it is too much you don’t have to say it to me

*Mother ever since I was young you have always been my inspiration, I always wanted to help you, to be beside you, to support you but it seems that it was my wishful thinking, I am sorry if I hurt you mother but it hurt when I knew that you were avoiding me

*So I plan to stay away from you from now, if you think that I make you sad then I will not see you anymore, so mother from now onwards you don’t have to see me, I would leave for Babylon Academy earlier than planned

*So mother you dan’t have to worry, just live as you want, all I ever wanted was you happiness, so if me not being close to you makes you happy then I will stay way from you

With Love



Holding the letter I could feel that the letter was wet proving that Austin was crying when he wrote this letter, I placed the letter on the table tenderly

This is good, it’s better this way, like this I don’t have to worry about anything, like this he will slowly leave and my feelings will fade away, like this things will not be problematic, like this everything would be okay, like this things will be normal

Yet why?, why does my heart hurt sooo much?, why are tears falling from my eyes?, why are my feelings not going away?, why am I feeling like this?, shouldn’t it be better this way?

I looked down at the letter which had still not dried from my sons tears, each word written in the letter was hazy, seemingly signifying that his hands were trembling as he wrote this letter

I closed my eyes as I placed my hands on my chest, memories seems to flash through my eyes, all the moments I spend with my son, his smiles, his playful words as he commented on me, the happiness I felt when he held my hand and the music he played which shook my heart

‘I see….’

I get it now…..

I closed my eyes as I kept my hands on my chest, I don’t care anymore, I opened my eyes as I looked at the stupefied Clara as I spoke to her

“Where did he run of to?”

“H-He ran of to the west side of the city”

Hearing it I didn’t say anything else as I too ran out of the room, what I didn’t see at that time was the playful smile that appeared on Clara’s face after I ran out of the room, I just spoke a few words to my trusted attendants before I ran out of the mansion, towards the west of the city

I ran at my full speed with stopping, I didn’t stop as I ran out of the city to a familiar hill, I kept running without stopping up to the hill, reaching the top a familiar sound filled my ears, a smoothing music filled my ears as I stopped running

Reaching the top I could see a familiar figure standing at the top, a harp in his hand as he played it, his silver hair flew in the wind as the evening winds breezed past by him, unlike his usual music, this one seemed to be filled with sadness as the surrounding seemed to dim in his music

I looked towards him as I slowly walked up to him, my heart seemed to beat out of my chest out of nervousness, reaching a bit closer to him I shouted


Hearing my shout the music stopped, Austin was surprised as he turned towards me, his eyes widened when he saw me, I didn’t let him speak as I took a deep breath before I shouted

“I love you!!”


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