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That Unique Monster Who Just Got the ‘Consciousness’ Passive Skill – Chapter 6 Bahasa Indonesia

“My daughter. Don’t let yourself be fooled.” Throwing down scorning eyes at me, he harrumphed. “He’s your boy no longer. Can’t you see? You were trained by me, your father, don’t disappoint. His mana print underwent a clear change.”

“I-I know! But how can he speak then, Father?!”

“That I—” the man sighed. “I’m also taken aback by that fact. Though this doesn’t change that. He’s no longer—”

“—Father! Please!”

“…Good grief.”

Silence ruled over the empty atmosphere of this place. And now, I summon a STOP. Or a pause. Just a moment. I need time to process things. I demand a time-out. My understanding of the situation, of my situation, was deepened after I witnessed this short exchange. Breathing in and out, calmly and slowly, I stretched my two hands in front of my eyes, examining them. The object of my analysis was as expected. I was sure of it, no matter how much I observed, this was a proven fact. My skin, my nails, and every single detail concluded to the same observation. I was a human.

Or was it just my looks?

I wasn’t human, but I didn’t know. So I was human. Kinda?

That human female also seems to know me. She was calling me by a certain name. She knows me, so I’m human. I must have been, right? Now, on the other hand, other points were quite bizarre.

How was I able to speak? That’s what they said. I was no longer… ‘human’? They also stated that. Who? What? Also, a monster? Oh boy. The girl had clearly said something about a monster, or something of that nature. Even though I had new pieces of information, my understanding of the situation was, in actual fact, even shallower now.

I clicked my tongue.

Deepened understanding? Don’t amuse me. It was worse now. Now surprisingly, right after the girl stood up for me, her bullied boy, with a Shing sound, a sword was sheathed. The sharp human entered a standby mode. “Talk to him and see for yourself, Inera. That shall make for a good lesson. Sacrifices.”

The daughter urged her father not to say that. And I spoke inwardly: That’s it, human. Tell me your story, fill me in about the details, what am I, and what’s… yeah, just you let me know things. I’m eager to know.

What did she have to tell me? The anxious lass now resumed her speech, her eyes at times stuck to the ground, and at times hesitantly meeting mine, and her tiny hands gathered as one upon her breasts.

Just by a glance, one could easily tell how worried the girl was.

“Mortde. What about the monster? A-At a glance, wasn’t it… some sort of… and I’m just grasping at straws here, some sort of water elemental? Was it more of an aqueous sea slime? I couldn’t tell. It… Oh, sorry, I must be confusing you. I’m kinda lost in thoughts here…” She uttered, with a self-deprecating laugh. “I mean, we were just eating… and discussing there. You recited your weird stories to the two little ones, and then… Sorry. One step at a time. But you remember that, right?”

I didn’t remember ‘that’, though. To be honest, I shook my head, the confused frown on my face digging deeper and deeper into my features. A cold sweat trailing down her forehead, she looked intently into my eyes. I was the one awkwardly looking at the ground, then.

There was one table and two chairs. Was it me and her eating together? Our table was in a mess and she pointed to it as she explained the rest. “Anyway, anyway! Right after you… you drank…? I’m sorry… I’m just confusing you. I don’t know… but… it? It, the water, the… moving lump of… aqua thingy? Aaah, then you told me to go… because things were looking dangerous.” She turned and pointed at her father. He shook his head, a slight trace of sadness hanging over him. “You told me to go fetch my father… your father-in-law… remember? Please, Mortde. Please. Tell me that you… remember…”

She looked at me with pleading eyes as she begged me. What was that for? I was oblivious to it. As I didn’t speak, she urged me to respond. “You do remember, correct? Please… Tell me that you do…”

I waited. And waited some more. Well? This was really it. The story was over. She didn’t show any will to speak further. Since she wouldn’t speak, I did. “Uh, and was that the end of your enlightening story? I thought you would clue me in about my situation, female.” Still pretty much hesitant, I tilted my head in interrogation.

Her answer was this. “M-Mortde! Now’s not the time for pleasantry! Do you think it’s fun?! …B-Besides, th-there’s no way this can be real, you hear me?! Y-You can’t go without me! P-Please…! I’m…”

She was being delusional, and then it struck me. How was I to gather information with these two people, huh? I had been conceited. Thinking that these two humans would be of any help, how naive.

I burst out laughing. “Ha ha ha ha!” And that’d be my line. A nervous irritated laugh. Clenching my fists and grinding my teeth, I was annoyed for sure. What now, a monster? Aqueous Sea Slime? Moving lump of water? Water Elemental? To drink? To tell her to go fetch her father? Come on, now! Were they actually playing at The-one-who-can-get-me-the-most-lost-and-clueless-wins? I was pretty sure that game didn’t exist, though!

I was out gathering info, but I only got more clueless with time. “—W-Was it just a joke? Mortde Reinred! Answer me!” And she now yelled at me nervously, her fists trembling. For some reason, she seemed as disappointed as I was. Or no, not quite. She was even more upset than me.

I pushed her back, making a way for me. “Enough,” I coldly said. “What are you people even talking about? Stop it. You confuse me.” I couldn’t bear it anymore. Or actually, I could, but decided I wouldn’t.

Abruptly standing up—behold, those were the monster’s first steps—”Look now. Ever since I woke up here, I tried to deal with things properly. But you?”


“I’m not talking about you, female.” If anything, she at least tried to help me. I was quite satisfied with her. She was no use, but she behaved quite nicely, didn’t she? “The one I’m blaming and talking to is you old geezer!” I pointed at the human male a distance away from me. I held a grudge against that one. He attacked me earlier and stained my shirt.

At my comment, the swordsman harrumphed. “Anyway. You two are of no help to me. That’s why I’m leaving… Yes, I’ll just go and find someone else to help me,” I declared.

Now, I’d take my leave.

From my perspective, any of what these two told me didn’t make sense. What followed after I announced to the girl I’d leave her made even less sense to me. Surprisingly enough, right after I said that, the girl burst into a mess of tears. Ew, and snot too. Was I the bad guy here? She uttered my name one last time and said she was sorry for leaving me behind. All right, then. She hadn’t done that, but whatever.

Sparing her one last glance, I shook my head. Whatever, I thought, let’s just get out of this place. I’ll find other people out, and with them, I can gather information.

“Enough is enough. Indeed, monster.” The man broke his silent stance. Once again, within a blink, he demonstrated his quick pace technique. Swiftly, the man disappeared and reappeared next to his girl. By his daughter’s side, he patted her head, comforting the girl. “Inera, you go and check on your uncle. Here on out, your father’ll take care of things. Go.”

“Father… can you save him? He’s still here! I’m sure he is…!”

“Be a good girl, go and see your uncle.”

The good girl stood up and tugged at her father’s black tunic. Gloomily, she spoke. “Father… I understand. But… But promise me you’ll try to save him first.”

“…” The swordsman didn’t reply instantly. The girl’s gaze dropped down.

Yup, I thought, why’d they save me? They’re just my bullies.

What then came off his mouth had me immensely surprised. “…Save him? I’ll try that.”

My eyes rounded in utter surprise as my jaw dropped open. “Hah?” I was astonished.

“Go now.”

And she timidly went away. Wait, I thought, were these guys only trying to save me then? God, I’m stupid.


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