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That Unique Monster Who Just Got the ‘Consciousness’ Passive Skill – Chapter 53: Bullying Bahasa Indonesia

When everyone chose to run, he was no different than people. Except, when he timidly backed away from me, he stumbled to the ground, and then stayed put, trembling and sniffling. Why did he stay put like this? Because he was hiding something behind his huge bulk. Seeing one of the people who tried so fiercely to cut me down a minute ago so weak and defenseless, I decided to play with him.

I kicked the ground and leisurely started walking to the man. Rubbing my nose, I smirked at him. “Safe and sound, big man?” He only jolted and groaned in fear. That was his response to me. Waving my arms around, I showed him his leader and magician, as well as all the equipment his friends left after their sudden cowardly departure. “All of this is on you, big man. …What, you and your friends knew how to growl like the mad dogs you were, moments earlier, but now you’re even able to whimper?” I cocked my head to the side, waiting for an answer, but the adventurer only groaned and whimpered in his sweat and snot as a response.

“Damn. So you only can growl, groan, or whimper like a dog, huh? I thought it was just a disguise, you know. But now, big man, you’ve done it!” I saluted him. “You managed to become the mad, and badass wild dog I saw in you earlier!” Being a jerk sure was a fun hobby. “My goodness, big man!

“But damn, still—all of this is on you, big man! Because know what? You stopped being that badass, bloodthirsty dog from earlier! Yeah you did, big man! Not agreeing with me? That’s the same! Got yourself a wound from great-general me, had to retreat to be healed, and messed up all of your friends’ formation! Damn it. You’ve killed ’em all. I feel for you. …And I know, right? You’ve tried your best, haven’t you…? You’ve really pushed yourself. So don’t worry… I…I have a solution. Why don’t we just—you know, just you and me, not the little rat hiding behind your back—walk up to your dead leader’s corpse and apologize to it, eh?!

“C’mon. Let’s do it, big man.”

By now, he had really become a hot mess of tears, nervousness, unease, and so much more. I wasn’t done playing with the guy, though. “We gotta make the brave man that you killed smile. Don’t you think so, too? Even if it’s just in the afterlife. C’mon. Get your ass up. If we apologize—you specifically, by the way—I’m sure he’ll forgive you for killing him. …What? Oh ho ho… You don’t want to? …Heh, what a disappointment…

“So you’re really not that badass dog—no, badass wolf, even! Wolves are cooler!—I saw in you earlier, are you? …Ha ha ha ha.” I couldn’t take it anymore. As fun as it was to me, I stopped. Grimacing, I actually felt bad for him now.

“No. Okay. Sorry. I was just messing with you. You don’t have to cry. Argh, and stop the sniffling too, it’s pissing me off. That’s disgusting too. Seriously. That’s right. Just stare down, you keep your snot away from me. Yuck. Anyway, yeah, right now, both you and I, as we’re both super badass, we’re buddies, y’know. I was just messing with you,” I clapped my hands together apologetically, “I really don’t want you to cry right now!

“But please, shove off the way, Mr. Big Man. You’re hiding the priestess from me. And I won’t stand it. I just decided she has to die. She’s no hero like yourself. And she pisses me off. She’s only using you, the brave big man who is so merciful that he protects her… even in the face of death, as a meat shield.”

I obtained no answer from either of them. Like, really, they were rude people. But at any rate, I’d forgive the big man as he became my hero. The battle was clearly over on our side, but these two stayed behind. Who knew why. After a minute of staring down at the two leftovers, I just had an idea.

Crouching, I embraced my knees and sat on my butt. The two of them didn’t move an inch. “You know… I never really liked people,” I confessed. “The first ones I met… well, I’m not upset about it or anything… but they were unkind to me. They even went as far as killing me, can you believe that? …I mean, a’ight, I know I wasn’t especially ‘kind’ to them either, but man, it was all an accident. They were unkind, and I didn’t like people, right. But now that I’m seeing you, big man,” I flashed a thumbs-up at him, “you’re a pretty cool guy. You’re goddamn heroic. Aren’t’cha? Even with your life put on the line, you decide to stay here and be the goddamn hero this world needs!

“You know, I like you. Just like my old man and the kind ma’am… and also the noodle maker… but you, you’re a real hero. You know, I don’t know much about life, but I’m eager to learn. My old man even tells me I’m an avid learner. Hehehe… Yeah so anyway, I’m eager to know. I want to figure people out. …And I’m happy to say a badass wild dog such as yourself can certainly help me out with that.

“Why put your life on the line for such a grossly ignoble, miserable rat behind you? You know, I can see what she’s doing.” The priestess squeaked in fear. “She wounded herself when she tried to run. Now, with the little mana left in her, she’s healing her wound. Though it takes time, after she’s done with it, she will,” I paused, “run away… and leave you behind. You, the hero. Can you believe that…? Then you’ll die. But you can sense it too, can’t you? …Why are you okay with it? I want to know; I want to learn. My hero, tell me why?”

These two adventurers, I watched them carefully. They were right in front of my eyes, with fearful expressions and trembling limbs, sniffling and sobbing as they felt death’s breath on them. They had lost. Now, all that was left of them was to die. My eyes scanned them over and over, curious at this new kind of stimulation.

Tilting my head to the side, I observed the big guy wouldn’t move. Even though he wasn’t wounded. Even though he knew the priestess just planned to run away after she healed herself. Even though he wouldn’t win anything in the process of it. Quite the contrary, he would lose his life. And without life, what was there in the world? My two big curious eyes scanned them over and over. Then I found my answer. But my answer raised another question.

“Humans. Speak. This is love, isn’t it?” I asked them to speak, but they really wouldn’t. Seeing they were so fearful, I didn’t press them to answer. This was love, I was sure of it. So, was love what made a hero then? Many thoughts and ideas flashed through my mind as I tried to pin down both the concept of love and the motive behind the selfless sacrifice of the big man.

Satisfied with an answer I just found, I severely nodded at the man. “Tell me, big man… What you have here is something I lack. I can’t comprehend your selfless sacrifice. What I want to understand, however, is how to get it? Love, affection, appreciation, fondness… romance. In order to find my home… I think the kind ma’am (you know, the inn madam I briefly mentioned earlier) hinted at me I also needed that—a family, basically. …But man, you really won’t speak to me though, huh?”


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