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That Unique Monster Who Just Got the ‘Consciousness’ Passive Skill – Chapter 28: Helpless Bahasa Indonesia

“—I never even once thought you were a weak, helpless princess, Princess!”

“That’s not what I mean… And, huh, what the hell? That isn’t cool for the princess.”

“I shall apologize, Princess—”

The hideous elf made a comment. He pointed out he was always so stiff and stern, speaking of the kinder elf, but damn, he knew to make a fool of himself at times, too.

“You just— Quiet for now. Both of you. Listen. Me? I’m not your princess, whatever her name is. I don’t know her, and I don’t have anything—and I mean that part: anything—to do with her… or her problems. Her friends too, also, her family, and whoever that’s related to her. I have,” I made a sweeping movement with my arms, “absolutely nothing at all to do with them. Which means I don’t belong with you people and—”

The kinder elf interrupted me and begged me to stop saying that. His heart could not take it. And they absolutely needed her, she was the only last hope they had, in order to save their people from an absolute genocide.

“Okay, kinder elf, all right. But just shut it for now, and wait till I’m finished. Will you do that for your princess, eh?” He vigorously nodded, and I continued explaining things. “I’m a monster. A unique monster. Some sort of a… I don’t really know how to describe myself, but people referred to me as slime-like, or water elemental, or more like… dense and living lump of… well, that’s complicated… though I think ‘solely water-based (environment-friendly) monster’ would cut it… Argh, then again, do I really know myself…?” I couldn’t be a water elemental—they were more spiritual, like fairies, than physical being unlike me. I couldn’t be a slime either—these kinds of creatures were more bodily consistent and ball-shaped. Assuming my true form, I was just plain, living, sentient water—life in its purest form, kind of. I probably was just a soul. With my hands, while speaking, I tried to illustrate what I meant, but who here understood me? I was struggling to even describe myself with words. “I-I mean… I’m telling the truth, though… Y-You there! The hideous elf! You’re not laughing, are you?!”

My eyes jumped from one of them to the other, trying to gauge their reaction… but man I wasn’t getting anywhere. The kinder elf, looked intently at me with squinted eyes, with each of my words, that faithful servant of the elven princess nodded strongly, despite the fact that he didn’t understand any ideas I brought forward. As for the other ugly elf, he barely managed to contain his laughter.

With even grander movements, I didn’t give in just yet and continued to explain the situation to the kinder elf. I looked desperate. Kind of like a mad person trying to convince people of the craziest absurdity ever. “Yes! I’m telling the truth! I know you’ll believe me, friendlier elf!” Calming myself down and sitting back on the bench, I placed my hands on my chest. I tried to explain in the clearest way possible.

I was a unique monster. Some of my abilities allowed me to, sort of, take over people and steal their skills. As for now… as we were still only the first days of my life, I was tasked by my… System? I decided not to mention the System. That made my speech sketchy. I was told I needed to ensure survival and also continue the Game—I silently cursed, thinking I shouldn’t have mentioned a game—by simply never being Receptacle-less because I needed a Receptacle for now as I didn’t create a Character yet… “And there you have it!”

One of the elves burst out laughing, clutching his stomach and slapping his knees ceaselessly. The other elf looked me directly in the eyes and solemnly spoke. “Princess. I trust you will excuse my poor word-choosing skills and tactless phrasing, but… what the hell are you talking about, if I may venture to inquire?”

“The brat’s gone nuts for real!” The hideous elf guffawed loudly. Turning to his colleague, he tapped his shoulders unable to hold it anymore. “Oooh, c’mon! Why don’t you laugh too for once, hey, kinder elf! Make a mistake and she’ll be calling you a stiff elf real soon!” He continued laughing hysterically. “Aaah! Holy smokes! My stomach hurts now. Haaah~”

To be laughed at by the likes of him hurt my pride even though I could understand where the mocking elf was coming from. Still, he was being so blatantly and annoyingly staring at me, shaking his head at me, repeating the words ‘Poor thing…’ ceaselessly.

I said I understood. Sure, I did. It was fun. But still, it was the truth. That meant I had to go out. The kinder elf didn’t dare say a word. The hideous one laughed at me some more. And whenever I tried to push open the carriage door, the kinder elf listlessly placed a leg in front of me, blocking me from going away. I couldn’t go out, but many options were still available to me. Back in town, I initially refused to ‘talk it through’ with them because, I mean, wasn’t it kind of obvious things would turn like this, with me well into the crazy princess character? Obviously yes.

But still, I had other options, because I was intent on getting the hell out of here. One thing I’d for sure not do is just let myself be dragged around by them without a plan and future. What should I do, then? Fight them with my fists and hopefully go away? Not so much as it’d be too much of a hassle.

I wasn’t sure I could handle them both. They might still have some kind of weird spells on them, or weapons, who knew. In addition to that, I wasn’t confident I could handle them both without using my full power. The time I tried and bared my fangs at them, I was stopped by the System right away. So I couldn’t do any real fighting without a weapon. What I could do though, was run away. Only that leg, there, prevented me from doing so. The kinder elf wouldn’t let me go out. And I was just in a maiden’s body with not so much strength, lest I forget.

What I needed was a diversion. From now on, I’d work with plan B.

“Hey,” I called. “The hideous elf.” He turned to me with an intense glare, growling animalistically. “You’re one ugly turd, aren’t you. How come you laugh at your princess, eh?”

“What’d you say—”

“Shut it. You let me speak until I’m done… But how many times do I gotta say that? You’re really one disgusting piece of shit. Aaah, that’s sooo annoying—”

“Hey there, little missy,” he snarled. “The fuck?”

“What? You nervous?” I insulted him again. With the dirtiest name ever. So much so, that he was now seething in rage. That hideous elf was too easy to stir up. While I thought he really should change that nasty and impatient personality of his, for once, such negativity would be put to good use. So I continued to taunt that hideous bastard for some more time. Was he ready to slap me and raise a fuss? He wasn’t. Looking over to his fellow, he told him to say something. Unfortunately for him, his poor fellow was way too shocked at the infamies—even though he whole-heartedly agreed with everything I said—his usually so innocent and gullible princess could utter.

So I finished him off with the dirtiest names I could ever find: “Y-You’re just an ugly, smelly monkey banana face!” I said, stomping my feet, and leaning towards him. Would it work…? More than work. Right away, with a sharp movement, I received my slap. Even though I was expecting to be hit, it still somewhat shook me. Anyway, it worked.

It was now the kinder elf who was boiling in rage, his clenched fists trembling and his brows twitching. With a deep frown on his face, he couldn’t believe what the hideous one had just done. I dropped my gaze down on purpose and faked a dolorous moan. His eyes were emotionally placed on the poor picture of the King’s daughter he loved like his own offspring. Sensing his eyes, I looked up at him, my eyes pleading. Unable to meet his cute princess’ sorrowful eyes, he turned to the ugly one—

That was a sufficiently good diversion to let me escape. I burst the door open and ran. I didn’t press the handle, open it, then run. I just busted it open from the inside with a strong kick. The girl wasn’t that strong on her own. I had to stir some of the mana inside of me. I summoned just enough strength not to overload the Receptacle. And so the door was sent flying out, while I set my foot in the forest, rushed forward, and used Quick Pace to take off.

I grinned thinking that quick-moving technique sure came in handy at times like this. With a Woosh sound, I pierced through the air and was already a good distance away from the chariot. I believed I was even quicker than the black swordsman from whom I got the skill. Man, being me sure was convenient, all things considered. Overhearing the voices that came behind me, the two elves were shocked at my speed and wondered why I’d hide my strength from them all the long. Well, I warned them. I was no helpless elven princess. “Who cares ’bout that! We gotta take her back!”

Wait? Did they think of catching me? No way in hell they’d managed that.


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