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The next day.



A series of panted filled the cool morning as Anna and Noel stared at each other.

“Nice fight, I guess.” Anna tried to calm her breath while thinking, ‘What’s wrong with him? Why does his Swordsmanship suddenly become so good in one night? Has he gotten enlightened? Now that I think about it, he also experienced the same thing a few weeks ago.’

Noel panted a few times before saying, “Since we’ve ended the fight. It’s better to start the meditation training, considering we have something more important to learn.

“That’s true.” Anna and Noel nodded. Even for Anna, this was the first time she learned an Ancient Spirit Technique from this fort, so she wouldn’t succeed immediately.

Noel and Anna took out a book they decided to share as they sat next to each other.

Since it would be better if they could discuss a topic for brainstorming, they agreed to read the Four Points Circulation first.

The Four Points Circulation Technique revolved around the two palms and two soles. According to the book, they could circulate the Spiritual Energy from these four points and discharge it at one of the four points.

In other words, the moment it exploded, the Spiritual Energy would release four times of the power.

The circulation technique used the heart as the main point to connect these four main points.

“This is a quite good technique, don’t you think?” Anna asked. “I mean, you can punch or kick someone higher.”

“That’s true. But I am a swordsman, so my focus is on the sword. I’m wondering if we can pour that kind of energy into our sword to give a burst of power.” Noel contemplated for a moment.

“I think it depends on your control. For example, you can place the point in your sword instead of your palm. It’ll give your sword a significant amount of boost, but maintaining it will be a huge problem since your Spiritual Energy will be drained,” Anna explained with her past knowledge.

“That’s understandable. But it might also create an unbalance between the points, right?”

“That’s true…” Anna looked down, realizing that she hadn’t thought this through.

“Still, it’s a good technique. Due to our high conversion rate… Or in this technique, I think they’re emphasizing the flow rate of the Spiritual Energy. After all, it’s not just the conversion rate from the demon crystal to our body, but also the flow from the heart to every part in the body.”

“That’s true. But we don’t know the name used in the past. So, let’s just say Conversion Rate for now.” Anna paused before pointing at her heart. “So, you gather the Spiritual Energy to this place before channeling it to one of the four points. The higher your conversion rate, the more energy you can release.”

“Fair enough.” Noel nodded and took out his book. “And this book might also prove to be useful.”

Spirit Aura Breathing.

“By using the breathing, we circulate the energy to cover our body with a thin layer of Spiritual Energy. This will allow us an extra protection. It doesn’t require a huge amount of Spiritual Energy that people can use this technique for a whole day without problem. And this technique can smoothen the flow of Spiritual Energy in your body.” Noel explained what he found yesterday when reading the book.

“Let me read it first.” Anna asked for the book and started flipping it, understanding what Noel said earlier.

Noel also took Anna book to read it again to understand it better. Instead of meditating, they thought this was more productive.

Noel also didn’t mind that Anna got stronger for now since he needed to surpass her and even the royal family if he wanted to take his revenge. There was no way the royal family would care about the current her.

While they were reading books, Noel also noticed that many junior knights didn’t participate in the training anymore. Some had their individual trainings while some went on a mission.

However, that didn’t matter since it meant Noel had a more peaceful time to learn.

After a few hours, Noel began his meditation as well as physical training. During that time, he tried to follow the instruction in the books.

As expected, learning Spirit Aura Breathing and Four Points Circulation method wasn’t easy. Even Anna had some problems in controlling her Spiritual Energy, let alone him who could only do a basic muscle strengthening with Spiritual Energy.

Of course, Noel never forgot about the spar as well as helping people since they increased his power as well as Honor Points.

Two weeks later.

Anna managed to learn Four Points Circulation, Spirit Aura Breathing, and the book she got only for her, Lightning Z-Bird Step. Even Noel thought Anna’s talent was much higher than him if he overlooked the Conversion Rate as well as the advantage of having two spirits.

On the other hand, Noel managed to get some more Honor Points and immediately upgraded his two new skills he got after getting Ardagan’s recognition: Ignition Sword and Sword Fire.

Since people had known him to be having Ice Spirit, he could fool everyone by using flame this time. With the addition of the mask, no one should know it was him.

He realized that with how hard it took him to get Honor Points, he wouldn’t be able to upgrade all his skills to the max, so he focused on the most useful skills, the Swordsmanship, Rune Mastery as well as other Skills that didn’t require too many Skill Points like Runes.

Unfortunately, Ardagan didn’t have a perfect system as well. All he could give was the technique that had been stored inside of him. Other techniques like the Ancient Spirit Techniques he learned right now couldn’t be mastered through Skill Points.

Although it was a bit disappointing, Noel knew that it would be wise to not spend the Skill Points to all the techniques if he could learn them manually.

In the end, Noel managed to learn Spirit Aura Breathing and the Four Points Circulation, but not the Bouncing Spiritual Slash, the other Ancient Spirit Technique he took for himself.

Still, his foundation was now solid and he believed he could take a more dangerous missions this time. Even a few Mid Level Demons could be killed with some preparations.

Finally, Noel and Anna met again to pick up the mission. And Shale presented them with the mission catalog, saying, “You can choose the mission.”


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