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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 56: Warmth Bahasa Indonesia

After coming to an agreement with Anna, Noel continued his training like normal. Other than the meditation and some additional training in mobilizing the Spiritual Energy, there was no change in their schedule.

Of course, Noel still couldn’t use his Spiritual Energy yet. He only took advantage of the skills to manipulate the Spiritual Energy. However, his control improved by leaps and bounds due to the skills.

He expected that he could do a basic control of his Spiritual Energy within a week.

Before going back to his room, he made another trip to visit the street kids that he looked after.

They danced every time Noel visited them. And it was clear that they became more skillful as time passed. From the awkward and robotic movement to a fluid but still awkward dance, Noel was impressed by their progress.

Their progress stuck in Noel’s heart because they proved what he believed in. As long as one worked hard for it, they could still be good at it.

With their talent, they somehow managed to make a bit of money to at least buy food themselves.

Noel started to grow attached to them.

“Everyone’s become good.” Noel smiled.

“Thanks to Big Brother Noel. We wouldn’t be anything without Big Brother Noel.” The bright kid that first met Noel replied with a smile. He was the leader of these kids, guiding them to make their own money instead of begging or stealing. It was hard at first and they got scorned by others, but every penny they got felt so satisfying. The food became even more delicious.

After learning this pleasure, he continued to lead the kids to do it.

“Is that so? You know how to flatter now, Eric?” Noel smiled.

“My brother is too stupid to think about flattery.” A female kid came over while shaking her head helplessly, disappointed by Eric.

“Erica!” Eric pouted while glaring at her.

Erica looked away.

“Is that so? I guess that’s true.” Noel chuckled.

“What?!” Eric gasped and took a step back. He was shocked by the sudden betrayal.

The others laughed together.

“It seems that you have been managing the group, Erica. Well done.” Noel smiled and patted her head.

“It’s thanks to Big Brother Noel. You taught us that we needed to work hard to pursue our ideal life instead of accepting our fate.” Erica answered with resolve, but when their gaze intertwined, she couldn’t help but look away, feeling embarrassed.

Food wasn’t the only thing she bought with the money they earned. They also paid for clothes. The tidier and cleaner they were, the more people would be more impressed by them after all.

Despite being a commoner, Erica seemed to have this understanding without Noel teaching her anything.

“Is that so? Haha, you make me embarrassed.” Noel smiled.

“She used my words and tweaked it a little.” Eric pouted.

“Well, I hope that you can continue becoming better and better!” Noel waved his hand and started walking away.

“In the future, we’ll get very good! We’ll perform at Big Brother Noel’s land to repay Big Brother!” Erica shouted before Noel left them.

Noel felt moved. If he was still a noble, he might not care about their words and even ignored them. But with his current status, he could see the world differently and appreciate all small things.

“Is that so? I’m looking forward to it.”

The kids waved their hands with a smile.

Unbeknownst to them, there was one person that looked at this group from afar. His expression was cold and even had a shred of killing intent.

Noel didn’t know that there was danger looming nearby.

After returning to his room, Noel made the last preparation for their duel.

He had four weapons to defeat Azgar: pure swordsmanship, Mega Slash, Swift Strike and his Ice Control. By no circumstances he could use his Rune Mastery. He even refrained himself from using the remaining Honor Points to learn one of the two runes.

He had experienced fighting against Anna many times, so he expected a victory against his opponent.’

The next day.

Noel and the bully, Azgar, stood in front of each other. All the junior soldiers seemed to attend this duel as they wanted to measure Noel’s true strength to see whether it was possible or not to take his position.

They both were equipped by a wooden sword, but Azgar chose a bigger sword to match his build. It was clear that he would have a powerful swing. Even Noel would have a hard time blocking this.

However, Noel could use his Spiritual Energy to completely crush that sword before defeating Azgar. But whether Noel would use it or not was another question.

The junior soldiers stood in the side of the training ground, allowing the two to have the whole training ground for themselves.

Shale stood in the middle as he became the referee of this official challenge. He also needed to make sure that none of them died.

With a calm expression, Shale said, “I need to remind you about the rules. We’re soldiers from the Demon Banner Army. Using all kinds of tricks are allowed because it’s the proof that we can defeat demons with everything.

“However, there are two lines that you mustn’t cross. First, you’re not allowed to cut someone’s body. Our doctor might be able to heal broken bones or superficial injuries, but it can’t reattach or regrow body parts. Second, you shall not kill your opponent. If you somehow kill your enemy, the fort’s rules shall apply. Whether you’re a commoner or a noble, if you kill someone here, you’ll be jailed for at least twenty years if not getting executed.

“Don’t try to challenge our authority. The moment we know you kill someone, we’re going to enforce the rules. Once a count’s son killed a commoner here and his father executed him on the spot because he feared us.” Shale explained the rules and finally took a step back.

“If you understand then…”

He paused for a moment as Noel and Azgar raised their swords, preparing to clash.



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