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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 52: Learning (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Noel fell on his butt after receiving the knowledge. Despite being a basic knowledge, their information was quite complete.

“Let’s see…” Noel looked down, sorting the information. “Rune is a way to draw Spiritual Energy in a more unique way. They’re not necessarily the quickest one, but they can amplify the Spiritual Energy.

“Normally, the Spiritual Energy will move to their destination immediately. If I want to infuse my Spiritual Energy into my sword, they’ll just keep flowing into it one at a time. However, Rune can gather them in one place, allowing me to accumulate the Spiritual Energy instead of wasting them.

“Sadly, there is not much knowledge about the Spiritual Energy here. All I can see is that instead of pouring the Spiritual Energy to the target, it’s better to use the rune to gather it and create an explosive power.

“Each person has their own unique rune. However, there are numerous basic strokes that one can learn to understand their function and purpose.

“For now, I only get five basic strokes. Their purposes are for Spiritual Energy Gathering, Spiritual Energy Storage, Spiritual Energy Explosion, Body Amplification, and Body Connection.

“I don’t understand much about it, but if I’m not wrong, the Strength Blessing Rune or Increase Agility Rune relies a lot on Body Amplification and Body Connection. They also need Spiritual Energy Gathering and Energy Storage to maintain their power. I can understand why upgrading the Rune Mastery unlocks the two runes.

“I should go back to the forest right now and see the rune under the lake. But at the same time, I don’t know if my shallow knowledge can do anything about it or not. And it will also make Anna Stargaze realize I’ve understood something about runes.

“That’s right. I’m planning to use another identity soon. How about I use the Ancient Demon Tree as a debut for my second identity? With the help of the rune, I can make my identity unknown because of this unique ability.” Noel muttered in a low voice.

Due to the influx of information, Noel knew that he needed to prepare his second identity as soon as possible. At the same time, he needed to focus in strengthening his basics while holding some of his power back.

If he and his second identity had the same amount of power, people would figure it out soon.

Last but not least, he needed to think carefully about his weapon.

“Now that I think about it, how do I hide my sword? Should I get a new weapon?” Noel narrowed his eyes while remembering how the sword had two colors when they first merged.

After a while, he met with Ardagan and Heisk once again.

“There is no need to think much about it, Master. We can simply change it anytime you wish it.” Both Ardagan and Heisk gave the same reply.

“What do you mean?” Noel tilted his head in confusion.

Heisk then looked at Ardagan and said, “Please.”

Inside the gem in the sword hilt, a blue snowflake shone. Suddenly, Ardagan’s black color turned white while the red part changed into blue.

Although Noel could see that the sword’s body was still the same, Ardagan’s body itself was similar to the mass produced sword from the kingdom. People wouldn’t easily suspect him this way.

“I see. So, I can just talk to you about this?”

“Yes. Whenever Master wishes for a change, you can simply ask us. We’re here to help you after all.” Ardagan answered.

“Alright. With this, I can start the preparation.” Noel smiled and waved his hands. “Thank you for the help. I’m going back.”

“Yes, Master.”

Noel returned to the reality sooner than he expected. Although the sword was still black, he knew that he could simply request Ardagan to change his color.

“In that case, I should start writing down all the information about runes. Even I have a hard time organizing them because there are too much information. It’s easier to sort them when I have the physical copy. I can burn the book later or whatever.” Noel shrugged.

If Anna saw him writing this book, she would be stunned because this book would become the first guide of the runes called ‘Basic Rune.’ Yes, the book that she told Noel about.

After putting down his thoughts, Noel took a rest since he needed to meet Evan early in the morning.

As expected, Noel ended up waiting for Evan. It took him thirty minutes before Evan finally arrived at the infirmary.

Upon seeing him, Evan sighed, “It seems that you’ve waited for quite a while. I’ve seen your determination. Follow me.”

He thought someone like Noel would have a hard time to come this early in the morning where most people hadn’t even started working.

So, his determination and lack of complaint pleased him. Evan decided to bring him to the library.

The room turned out to be located two doors away from the infirmary. When Evan opened the doors, Noel could only see a small room with only one bookshelf. Even that shelf is only half filled.

“This is…” Noel widened his eyes.

“Not many can read and books aren’t necessities since we’re teaching you all the basics. So, there are not many books that we collect.” Evan shrugged and approached the shelf. “Still, if you want to learn about Spiritual Energy, I suggest these two books.”

Evan put down two books on the table.

Curious, Noel approached the table and read their titles.

Spirit System.

Basic Application of Spiritual Energy.

“Spirit System is basically the introductory book for Spirits. You will understand more about your spirits by reading this book, including demon classifications as well as the usage of their crystals. I don’t know much about you, but I think you don’t have any knowledge about Spirits, so I suggest to read this book first.

“Then, you can continue to this Basic Application of Spiritual Energy. As the name implies, now that you’re aware of Spiritual Energy, you can learn how to manipulate it inside your body. They can do many things. Even so, if you want to get stronger, you need to know about Spirit first because Spiritual Energy alone is not enough.”

“I understand. Thank you so much for the help.” Noel nodded with a serious expression. These two books were truly what he needed, especially remembering how he was trapped by the Spirit Oath.

“I don’t think there are many people that will come to the infirmary today, so come to me if you have any questions. But you need to finish reading the whole book first before asking a question related to it.” Evan waved his hand and left with a poker face.

Even so, his action couldn’t help but give warmth to Noel’s heart. Despite his nonchalant and not caring appearance, Evan truly took care of others.


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