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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 427: Trouble Bahasa Indonesia

“Fuu…” Anna let out a long breath with a relaxed expression. Her body felt light after getting the massage. “You have a talent in this… Why don’t you just drop your goal and become my personal masseur?”

Noel’s eyebrows twitched, wanting to smack her right in the face. However, he dropped the matter since he had to ask her about her mission. “So, let’s continue our discussion.”

“Well…” Anna was a bit disappointed since she wanted to enjoy more of it. But her body was already relaxed, so she had no other option but to stop. “Alright. I’m here on a mission as well. What is your mission? The loser will have to answer first.”

Noel shook his head helplessly. It seemed the victory this time had gone to her head. But since she won, Noel ultimately told her first. “My mission is to remove the demon nests built not long ago. What is yours?”

Anna looked down for a moment, contemplating. She seemed to have seen a connection between them. After a while, she said, “This territory might be under the baron, but the baron is actually a Count’s subordinate.”

“If we’re talking about this area, then is it Count Elezar?”

“Yeah. That guy. According to my information, Count Elezar has been visiting the neighboring town recently. It seems that he is planning to do something.”

“Isn’t his city supposed to be five days away from here?”

“That’s why I’m suspecting him right now.” Anna nodded.

“Is there any rumor or speculation about his business?”

“We don’t know about it yet, but the Count loves to eat demons.”

“Love to eat demons?” Noel frowned. Although he didn’t mind eating demon meat, he still preferred basic livestock such as cows or chickens. So, the fact the Count loved them meant he enjoyed the demons more than normal livestock.

And there was a group of demons around this city.

“Noel. When were the demon nests built?” Anna asked.

“Hmm?” Noel recalled the information and said, “They haven’t discussed it yet since the Count doesn’t seem to be releasing the information. However, it seems that the nests are built around one to two weeks ago.”

“This…” Anna fell silent as if finding something. “This is weird.”

“Yeah. It is indeed weird.” Noel contemplated before raising a question. “This is just my speculation… What if the Count was the cause of those nests?”

“Are you talking about demon farms?” Anna narrowed her eyes. Her tone became cold and her expression turned grim. She had never heard anything about a demon farm in the past, so it shouldn’t be possible.

At the same time, they might have been destroyed before the research bore any fruit.

“I don’t know about it.” Anna shook her head helplessly. “But if this is true, then I might be able to take advantage of the situation.”

“Oi…” Noel’s expression changed after hearing those words. It seemed Noel had thought about the same thing. But the fact Anna managed to see through that plan showed how much she had improved in the past three months.

“You were the one who told me to create an opportunity if there wasn’t any.” Anna smirked.

“Tsk.” Noel clicked his tongue. “It seems that you have become sharper…”

“I’m not going to just blindly follow your plan. If I also know what you want, I can act differently to match it so that everything is perfect.” Anna had a sly smile on her face. She stated, “I am going to mess your team up.”

Noel scratched the back of his head with a troubled face. “I am a part of the Demon Relief Squad, so I can’t divulge the team’s plan to outsiders.”

“But I’m not an outsider. I have left the group, but I haven’t officially resigned from my position as a knight of the Demon Banner Army.” Anna was proud that she could shamelessly say that after what had happened previously.

“Our plan is to destroy the nest one at a time. And we’ll be striking the left nest first.”

“Hehe, then I’m going to cause a ruckus in the right nest and bring those demons past the Baron’s city and go all the way to the Count. When the Count is panicking, I’ll investigate his involvement in this case. Hopefully, the Count worked together with the Royal Family since I could get some proof from him…”

“We don’t know about it yet, but it’s clear that we have to consider every possibility. In that case, I’m going to stall the group for a bit by going deeper into the nest so that they don’t know anything about the ruckus in the other nest.” Noel nodded in agreement. He knew his role in this plan.

This might be the first plan Anna devised herself and asked Noel to execute him. It gave her a lot of confidence, especially since the plan got Noel’s seal of approval.

“Anyway, I have to ask you two things.” Noel raised two fingers. “First, you can’t show yourself to the group.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not planning to break your disguise.” Anna nodded. “It’s going to be troublesome to handle multiple Masters and Grandmasters after all.”

“Then, the second thing is regarding the Count. He’ll come at you with his soldiers. So, you have to maintain your distance from the Baron’s soldiers.”

“Understood.” Anna agreed without hesitation. She knew the risk of bringing the demons to the Count, but this was the only thing she could do to mess with the Count.

“This is your first plan that we’re going to execute together.” Noel extended his fist. “I’ll watch your back this time, so don’t mess up.”

“Haha, don’t jinx it.” Anna chuckled and bumped his fist.

Noel and Anna smiled at each other. They had gone separate ways, so working together like this excited them a little bit.

After discussing some details, Anna and Noel left the inn. Noel had to go back to the group so that there was no suspicion. The same applied to Anna, who was supposed to be in another town.

The next time they meet again, they were going to cause trouble.


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