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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 410: Crushing the Scheme Bahasa Indonesia

They thought this would be the end of Anna.

However, the moment she heard Risha’s voice, Anna’s lightning sparked. Even her Spiritual Energy flared up, giving her a boost in her speed for a split second.

Before the dagger hit her, Anna took a step to the side while saying, “He said an overconfident enemy would lower their guard when they’re going for a sure-hit attack. And you’ve just proven his words.”

“Huh?” Risha was dumbstruck as she saw her missing. She glanced at Anna before lowering her vision and finding Anna’s blade flying toward her body.

Whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, the blade didn’t hit her stomach and kill her instantly. Instead, the blade sliced her legs and made her stumble to the ground.

“Eh?” Risha was still stunned, processing what had happened. But soon, the sharp pain jolted her mind, showing her the reality.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!” Risha screamed in pain while holding her legs.

Since she was loud, Anna kicked her in the face, knocking her out.

“Shut up.” Anna snorted. “A mere ant dares to sneak on me.”

“What?!” Myzik and the knight captain dropped their jaws. This plan should have been perfect and Anna would have been finished by Risha. Yet, the reality was different. Not only did Anna avoid the dagger, but she also defeated Risha, a peak Spirit Wielder.

“Three peak Spirit Wielders and a bunch of normal soldiers.” Anna’s cold voice suddenly echoed in everyone’s ears. She looked at them as if she was looking at filth. “It seems that you’re underestimating me too much. Do you think you can defeat me with only three peak Spirit Wielders?”

They were still shocked, but Myzik had to regain his calm as soon as possible because Anna suddenly appeared before him.

“So fast?” Myzik gritted his teeth and raised his sword, trying to block Anna’s sword. His Spiritual Energy gathered around his sword and limbs to strengthen his power against this sword strike, albeit he underestimated Anna.

She might swing her blade with her right hand, but her left hand actually moved toward his stomach.

Myzik instantly used his Spiritual Energy to form a shield around his hand to block Anna’s attack. No matter how poor his talent was, he was still a peak Spirit Wielder. Stopping Anna’s attack shouldn’t be that hard for him.

Anna knew about this too. And that was why he planned to strike down Myzik during this exchange, considering the knight captain would help him after that.

Hence, Anna formed a lightning dragon on her arm, releasing it before she hit Myzik.

Myzik tried to take the full brunt of the dragon, but surprisingly, the dragon flew out of her arm and looped around his body.

“What? She can do that?” Myzik was shocked. No matter how talented Anna was, it was impossible for a 16 years old girl to be able to control the Spiritual Energy that well. Even he couldn’t control his Spiritual Energy as if it was alive.

However, Anna actually managed to do it. The dragon avoided him as if it knew it couldn’t do any damage if it hit that spot. It looped around and struck him from behind, electrocuting him.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” Myzik screamed in pain as his body went numb. He thought they would be able to suppress Anna with three peak Spirit Wielders, but he never expected Anna to outsmart them and take them out by surprise.

As soon as Myzik was electrocuted, Anna waved her sword two times, cutting both his arms.

“Aaa—!” Myzik wanted to scream too, but Anna knocked him out as well.

“What?” The knight captain gasped, not believing what he had just seen. Anna actually defeated two peak Spirit Wielders in an instant. Although it was due to the sneak attack, it was still an impossible feat unless they had underestimated her.

What the knight captain didn’t know, Anna’s past memory was enough to boost her martial prowess to Spirit Master. Even Stella couldn’t defeat her easily.

And this Anna was staring at him and the rest of the soldiers like they were her next prey.

‘I might have provoked someone I shouldn’t have…’ This was the last thought of the knight captain as five minutes later, he was on his knees with Anna’s sword on his neck.

As for the soldiers, all of them had died, creating a pool of blood.

Anna looked at the knight captain’s confused and shocked face.

“It seems you’re confused, Mr. Knight.” Anna smiled, throwing all his words back at him. “There is indeed a difference between normal and peak Spirit Wielders. However, that gap can be overcome by something.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m just a newbie in your eyes. That’s why I know you weren’t going to make a complicated plan to deal with me because I’m inexperienced.

“I would be in trouble if I had to consider all kinds of possibilities of your schemes such as poison, drugs, or even assassinations.

“That’s why I acted like someone ignorant. That way, you were going to act this way. No matter how strong a peak Spirit Wielder is, they’ll be dead if you cut their neck, don’t you think?” Anna smirked.

The knight captain felt chills down his spine. It turned out Anna wasn’t that ignorant this whole time. She was actually limiting their options by making them underestimate her.

They had truly been played by Anna this time.

“I have a lot to ask about this betrayal along with the Count’s scheme…” Anna added while glancing at the unconscious Myzik and Risha.

“I… I can tell you about his plans. Please spare my life. The Count forced me to do this.” The guy shamelessly begged for his life.

Unfortunately for him, it was at that moment Anna sent his head flying.

“Among the people I want to ask, you’re not one of them. So, die.” Anna snorted, coldly walking away.

She didn’t care about him at all as she had reached Myzik and Risha.

“Well, well. These two must know something about the royal family’s intentions. Though, I don’t think they’ll talk… I guess I’ll torture them a bit together with the Count.” Anna smiled coldly as if her brutal side from her past life had resurfaced.


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