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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 408: Seeing Through The Plan Bahasa Indonesia

“I want you to compensate the kingdom for the embezzlement you’ve done. The total is here.”

“This…” The Count gulped down while making a weird smile. “Miss Anna. I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

“Embezzlement of Kingdom’s funds, smuggling goods to another kingdom, and tax evasion. We have the evidence. If you don’t pay…” Anna narrowed her eyes.

“This…” The Count scratched the back of his head before looking at the paper. The figure written on the paper was bigger than he originally thought.

Yes, this was the organization’s job. If the royal family took action personally, they might be able to receive a full reward. However, they used the organization to take care of this situation so that they could extort the target.

For example, the figure written on the paper was actually 1.5 times the amount he had to pay legally.

Of course, any sane person would try to pay legally instead of getting extorted like this. However, paying this legally would mean they had revealed their own crimes.

Many people would know about it and they had no choice but to get prosecuted. That was why for the Count’s crime, there was no other way. He had to accept the punishment and pay more.

Though, if the Royal Family was always this just, they would be hated by a lot of nobles. Even though the organization existed and got all sorts of information for them, they simply stored them and allowed the corrupt nobles to exist.

It was easier to control them this way. At the very least, they would focus on their corruption instead of thinking about a rebellion. And if they went out of line, the Royal Family would use all the information they had stored to weaken them or even take them out.

Even the other nobles wouldn’t help them since they knew the royal family had put a blind eye to their corruption for a while.

No matter how corrupt it was, it didn’t change the fact that the Royal Family had maintained their reign for a thousand years with this system. So, there was no need to make an abrupt change filled with risks.

The Count also knew about this system, and that was why he had been visited by inquisitors. But this time, the Royal Family didn’t plan to destroy him. Instead, they gave him an opportunity to be pardoned as long as they carried out a task for the royal family.

Obviously, there was no need to think. It was obvious what he chose.

After seeing the figure, he made an awkward smile and asked, “Are you sure the amount is correct?”

“That is correct… Unless you’re planning to reveal all your crimes in front of everyone and get prosecuted for it.” Anna snorted. “I don’t have too much time to deal with you. I’ll give you two days. Gather the money.”

“This…” The Count glanced to the side. The knight captain nodded and brought a chest, presenting it to Anna. He opened the chest, revealing gold coins.

“There are one thousand gold coins inside. Do you think you can let this pass, Miss Anna?”

“How bold! You dare to bribe an inquisitor?” Anna roared and kicked the chest.

The Count was trembling in fear as he gulped down. “This…”

Anna gritted her teeth and declared, “You have two days. If you don’t bring me the money, then hehehe… who knows what will happen to your family. Remember, the organization will be watching you.”

The Count was left speechless as Anna abruptly took her leave. Risha and Myzik had no choice but to follow her. However, Risha and Myzik raised a thumbs up on their back to show the Count that everything was going according to their plan, and they had confirmed Anna’s lack of experience.

It would be an easy plan this time.

When they left, the Count had a big smile. All the fear on his expression earlier disappeared without a trace. He nodded to his knight, confirming the plan. Even the knight could see how inexperienced Anna was and had no problem with the plan.

As expected, after two days, there was no news about the Count.

Anna called Risha and Myzik to discuss what they were planning to do.

“So, what’s the situation?” Anna asked. He had asked them to watch the mansion in the past two days, so she needed their information.

Risha calmly explained the situation. “The Count seems to be tightening the security around the mansion. However, there is no sight about the money, so we can safely assume that the Count is trying to fight this time.”

“If that’s the case, we need to find a way to kidnap the Count’s family.” Anna thought for a moment. “Is there any weak spot?”

“There is a weak spot. The barrack is connected to the mansion. It seems the Count won’t expect us to come from this place, considering there are a bunch of soldiers in the barrack. Well, that should be the reason why he doesn’t put many soldiers there.

“Hence, we can go through there after midnight since most of the soldiers have gone to sleep. Then, we’ll enter the mansion and kidnap the first son of Count Swirzel before leaving in the same way.

“With that son of his, it’ll be easy to negotiate with the Count, considering he needs a successor for his household,” Risha explained everything, suggesting the plan.

Anna narrowed her eyes as if wondering whether this plan would work or not.

If Anna hadn’t met Noel and learned a lot about him, she would have gone through this plan without any suspicion. And without her past life, she couldn’t see through Risha and Myzik’s strengths.

With all the information presented like this, Anna smiled and agreed to the plan. “Alright. We’ll do it tonight. Tomorrow, we’ll meet the Count again and pressure him to give the money.”

“Understood.” Risha and Myzik nodded, accepting the instruction from Anna.

“Gather here again at midnight.” Anna stated before dismissing them.

Risha and Myzik left the room, thinking they would succeed in their missions without any problems.

Unbeknownst to them, as soon as they left, Anna was smiling as she had seen through their plans.


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