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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 392: Genius? Bahasa Indonesia

During the night, Dimitri was opening his eyes, waking up from his nap. Since he and Noel camped outside the city, they took turns being on the lookout. And this time, Noel was supposed to be watching the surroundings.

But when he took a look around, he noticed Noel had disappeared.

“Mhm?” Dimitri was confused. He thought Noel was slipping away to pee, but he felt the sound of someone swinging his sword.

Dimitri knew whose swing it belonged without even going there. He had seen everything in the past year, so he knew Noel would still be swinging his sword at a time like this.

Though, he never knew the reason why Noel worked this hard.

In his mind, Noel’s growth was unprecedented. From a complete newbie, who never wielded a sword and searched for information about spirit, to becoming a Spirit Wielder. It was beyond Anna’s growth.

After so long, his curiosity became big enough for him to walk to Noel and ask, “You haven’t stopped yet? You should get some rest, you know.”

“It’s fine. I still have some energy left to spend.” Noel shook his head, rejecting the offer to rest.

However, Dimitri caught his blade for a few seconds before using his other hand to open Noel’s palms. He could see the blisters all over his palms. “Take a look at this. One year ago, your palms were so smooth. But now, it’s all rough and covered by blisters. Why don’t you take a rest for a bit?”

“No. I don’t have time to rest. Although rest is important, I believe I have slept long enough with my current schedule. So, while I’m awake, I should spend that time training my body.”

Dimitri scratched the back of his head and asked, “Young Master… I have been observing you this whole time and I know how stubborn you are in training like this. However, I don’t see any reason for you to do something like this. In fact, I’d suggest you sleep at least six hours a day instead of three to four hours. Why are you working this hard? I mean, you are so talented, Young Master… You can reach this level just within a year, so your future is limitless.”

“Dimitri.” Noel stopped him by calling his name. As soon as he gained Dimitri’s attention, he shook his head and said, “Am I talented in your eyes?”

“Of course. You’re the most talented man I’ve ever seen. Even Anna can’t be compared to you.”

Noel smiled. “I’m thankful that you’re thinking that way. But you are wrong… I never consider myself talented!”


Dimitri was completely confused. If Noel wasn’t talented, then there was no talent in this world.

What he didn’t know was the fact that Noel’s Spirit only had a Conversion Rate of eighty percent. Compared to Anna, he was far less talented than her.

But how did he keep up with her progress? There was only one answer. Ardagan.

Ardagan became his spirit and bumped the conversion rate for both of them to one hundred percent. And he also gave him a system. A system that had been helping him to learn everything and reach this level. If he didn’t have a system, he would have died long ago.

The medals, daily training, and even the Shop Function. Everything made him stronger, depending on how he used it. He even managed to see the future with them, helping him solve a problem that couldn’t be solved.

That was why he thought Ardagan was the one giving him this opportunity, not his talent. His talent might be above average, but it wasn’t enough for all this.

That was right. Noel understood that not many people could see. No, they just might refuse to see it, taking everything for granted.

Noel didn’t see it that way. Noel believed that something that could be given, could also be taken away. If his conversion rate was increased by Ardagan, it would mean Ardagan could take it back. What if he lost Ardagan in the future and stayed with only Heisk? His Conversion Rate and his limit of Demon Crystals would be gone.

Hence, Noel didn’t care whether Ardagan would be leaving or not. Instead, since he still had Ardagan, he would continue doing his best to raise his level as much as possible so that even if Ardagan left, he wouldn’t return to his trashy self.

Noel couldn’t help but smile while asking, “Dimitri… I want to ask you again, am I talented?”

“You’re a genius, Young Master. I can say that without hesitation!” Dimitri answered.

“No. Perhaps you and other people would say I’m a genius, but after following and observing me from the start, I’m sure you know this… I’ve never been a so-called ‘genius.’

“Just take a look at it, the Swordsmanship I have right now comes from a constant beating from Anna. All the abilities I have right now have been paid for by my blood and sweat!”

Noel gritted his teeth, thinking about his parents and the Ardagan Family.

“After that execution, I have come to a realization. If I don’t want to lose something important, I can only count on myself. This time, I want to grasp it… a strength that allows me to do anything I want, including protecting everything I care for!”

Dimitri couldn’t help but shudder when he heard his speech. This kind of speech coming from a 16 years old man was quite surprising for him.

He couldn’t help but smile, thinking, ‘That’s right. People only see him when he succeeds. But they don’t know the price you’ve paid to acquire this success.

‘However. I’m right. My Young Master is a genius. People said that hard work could beat talent. I do agree with that, but on the premise that the common people utilize all their energy to keep practicing while the talented individual wastes his time not honing his talent.

‘But what if that genius gives all his time and energy to keep practicing like he will die tomorrow? There is no way common people can surpass him. This is why the Young Master can become this strong.’

Dimitri closed his eyes for a moment. “I understand, Young Master. I apologize for my rude remark. From now on, unless it concerns your future or the foundation of your strength, I won’t stop you from training.”

“That’s good enough.”


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