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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 390: Inquisitor Bahasa Indonesia

“You’re going to make my daughter an inquisitor?”

Anna recognized what this meant. Even though they called it an inquisitor, it was actually an even worse place.

‘An inquisitor is similar to a mercenary group, but it is an organization built by the royal family itself.

‘The people in the organization came from varied backgrounds, including criminals as long as they are good at fighting.

‘The organization works in order to fulfill the request of the nobles and the royal family. It is basically the place to train an Arbiter.

‘My Father once came from this place and became strong enough to the point he married into the marquis family.

‘It is rumored that this place doesn’t look at your status, only your skills. They can use anything if they want to go up, including poison, drugs, or even assassination of other members.

‘In other words, this place is either kill or be killed.’ Anna remembered the information from her past.

Unfortunately, she had never gone down this path because she had the connection of her father and teacher to smoothen her journey. It didn’t take too long for her to become an Arbiter in the past and fight Noel.

But because she had never experienced the cruelty of people who worked in the dark, Noel would always outwit her.

In other words, if she underwent this progress, she would be able to become on par with Noel in terms of scheming alone.

This was a good opportunity for her because she would also gain freedom here. She was free to go anywhere around the kingdom as long as it fulfilled the condition of the nobles or the royal family.

‘I have never taken this path, but this one suits me the most… At first, I thought about using my father’s influence to roam around the kingdom to match Noel’s movement, but with this, I might be able to do it alone.

‘This way, no one should be that suspicious since people would think I’m escaping marriage. It’s uncomfortable, but I think I should thank the Crown Prince for being so foolish that he becomes my reason to do what I need to do.

‘Besides, Noel once said, the bigger the ambition, the more likely they rush. That’s where the mistakes usually happen. That happened to me when I tried to change Noel so hard that I ended up antagonizing him.

‘And this Crown Prince would surely do something whether to control me or fulfill my condition. That was where I could find the slip-up and see if the royal family was related to the Supreme Devil Organization or not.’

After considering a few things, Anna actually had no reason to reject being an inquisitor.

She said, “I already told you. I’m going to show you I’m special. An inquisitor? Fine by me.”

“No. I won’t give my consent on this!” Kevin shouted in anger, glaring at both Anna and Josephine. What he was afraid of was not Anna’s death. If he was afraid of that, he wouldn’t have allowed Anna to go to the Demon Banner Army.

What he was afraid of was the darkness of the organization. Although it gave a lot of freedom and opportunity, it was filled with cruelty. He didn’t want Anna to suffer a fate worse than death.

But this was where Josephine smiled, recalling something. She remembered the conversation she had with the king a few days ago.

The king said, “There was a rumor that Anna Stargaze had killed Noel Ardagan and got sanctioned by the Demon Banner Army. She has become too talented, so we have to control her.

“As soon as she returns, you are to go to the Stargaze Family’s territory to tell the marquis that he has to offer his daughter to me and marry her to the crown prince.”

Josephine furrowed her eyebrows. “But I believe…”

The king shook his head. “I told you earlier. She has become too talented for her own good. If he doesn’t comply, send Anna Stargaze to the organization and let her become an inquisitor.”

“Huh? That place…” Josephine came from that place as well, so she was already aware of the cruelty of that place. So, she couldn’t help but hesitate.

However, the king simply stated, “That’s where you’re going to come. Send a few people to protect her and start brainwashing her again. Make sure that she will become completely reliant on the royal family.”

“Ah!” Josephine finally realized the king’s plan. It turned out the king wanted Anna to suffer some hardships. Although the Demon Banner Army had danger, the army was still too good of a place since they only fought against demons whose ability was limited to their instinct.

Meanwhile, humans were crueler and they had a lot of nasty tricks that could make Anna suffer.

The king wanted to make Anna feel hopeless before becoming the light that saved her. At that time, Anna would be so grateful that she would become loyal to the royal family.

“She might be talented, but she is too inexperienced and foolish. We have to use it to our advantage.”

Josephine closed her eyes for a moment, contemplating. After a while, she asked, “So, what am I supposed to say about the agreement?”

“You can say whatever you want, especially regarding the Ardagan Family. Make sure the marquis can’t refuse this arrangement.”

“I understand.” Josephine nodded, agreeing to this request. She then immediately headed to the marquis territory to give this surprise.

However, she never expected that Anna would be this headstrong. She thought Anna had gained a little too much confidence in the Demon Banner Army that she thought she could do anything.

She didn’t know the depth of the organization, which worked in Josephine’s favor. This way, it would be easy to break Anna down before making her owe them.

Anna said, “Father. It seems that you’re not aware of my achievement in the Demon Banner Army. Even this inquisitor thing is not a challenge for me. I will prove to you that I’m different from everyone.”

Josephine couldn’t help but smirk at the marquis, muttering inwardly, ‘Oh, Kevin. You never expected that your daughter would be the one requesting it. It worked perfectly in my favor.’

Kevin could only grit his teeth while Anna was cursing in her heart. ‘What’s wrong with them? When are they going to decide whether I go or not? I have said everything that needs to be said to make sure I can go there. Do they not want me to go there?’


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