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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 384: Training Preparation Bahasa Indonesia

“We have gone far enough from the city, Young Master. I want to ask you what kind of secret are you planning to show me?” Dimitri asked.

“I think you already know about it if you have been observing me.” Noel raised both hands. His right hand released fire while his left hand formed a snowflake.

“I see. So, you’re talking about your two elements.” Dimitri nodded in understanding. “To be honest, this is not unprecedented. There was one person who had this record as well… It was three hundred years ago.

“There was a shaman with peculiar yet beautiful pupils. Her pupils had different colors: red and green. The shaman from the Tuzsk Kingdom had twin spirits… Fire and Wood Spirits.

“Other than that… I don’t think anyone had two Spirits in their life.” Dimitri explained. “So yeah, Young Master is the second.”

‘I’m the third since my Ancestor was the first one.’ Noel added before saying, “Yeah. This is what I want to tell you. Even though I have two elements, I would like to seal my Ice Element for the time being.”

“That’s a good idea. You have only shown one element as Noel and another element as Iadre. Since people think one spirit per person is the norm, they won’t know it’s you. Even if they somehow know, they need to check it twice to confirm it. But since you’re planning to hide it, are you going to abandon it completely?”

“No.” Noel shook his head. “I’m planning to boost the Spirit’s Ability.”

“!!!” Dimitri pinched the bridge of his nose. “So, Young Master has heard about Spirit Growth?”


“That’s good.” Dimitri thought for a moment. “In that case, I have to prepare your fire element…”

“There is one more thing I’d like to show you.” Noel walked to a head-sized rock and poured the Spiritual Energy into his sword before craving a symbol on the rock.

“This is…” Dimitri gasped. “Enchantment?! Spirit Enchantment. But there is something different from this Enchantment…”

Noel finished the craving after thirty minutes since there were a lot of details to make and this was the first time he did it. Still, he was satisfied with the result as he said, “Try hitting it.”

Dimitri nodded and struck the rock with his fist. Surprisingly, he only cracked the rock.

“Huh?” Dimitri widened his eyes in shock. “That punch earlier should have destroyed a low level Enchantment. Young Master, you…”

Noel smiled. “What you call Enchantment is actually an incomplete rune.”

“Incomplete rune…” Dimitri looked down, falling into deep thought. “Now that I think about it, the Spirit Enchantment Book is in the Greenwood Kingdom. Your ancestry… Ah! Is this rune related to the ancestor?”

“Yes.” Noel nodded.

“But who had that record? I didn’t remember you having a book…” Dimitri glanced at the sword. “It was said that Ardagan was alive. That was why he chose his owner… If Ardagan was more mysterious than I originally thought, then I could understand why you knew about this…”

Noel nodded. “Yes. And I’m planning to hone my Rune Skill. In other words, I want to learn swordsmanship, the Fire Element, the Rune Mastery, and everything about Spiritual Energy, including the Spirit Technique. Can you make the schedule for me?”

“I see. I also have to teach you some basic survival as well. At the very least, you have to be in a situation where you have to survive so that you won’t have any problem doing it when I can’t protect you.”

Dimitri was calculating the time and said, “If that’s the case, you could train your Rune Ability in the morning, the Fire Element after lunch, and the swordsmanship during the dark. You also have the blessing, so you won’t have any problem doing everything during the night unless you’re in a cave without any moonlight.

“I’ll teach you some survival techniques and anything about Spiritual Energy in between them.”

Noel nodded. “I’ll do my best following your training. Just ignore all my complaints.”

“Understood. Though, I have to warn you that my training won’t be easy.”

Noel smiled. “I’m looking forward to it.”

He got another surprise from Ardagan after confirming the training.

[Mission: Gain Dimitri’s Approval.]

[Description: During your training, you have to receive Dimitri’s Approval in five categories: Sword, Fire, Rune, Survival, and Spiritual Energy.]

[Reward: Depending on the number of approvals.]

[Maximum Reward: System Shop Upgrade.]

[Penalty: -]

Noel was shocked to see the reward. He hardly looked at the Shop because it didn’t sell anything new for a while. But if it was going to be upgraded, then he would get a lot of new things.

At the same time, Noel realized something about the system. There was a part that he hadn’t explored yet.

‘Now that I think about it, the daily mission hasn’t been updated for a while. The Career contains all my abilities, so I can’t say much about it. As for the Medal… Now that I think about it, what if the medal section is upgraded? What will I get? Can I use a second medal? Imagine, if I can get two medals with 25% additional Spiritual Energy, my Spiritual Energy will increase by half even though my Spiritual Energy capacity is twice a normal person due to hosting two spirits. Is it like what I think, Ardagan?’

[It is a possibility. However, I’ll still have to consider the amount of your Spiritual Energy reserve so that you won’t get easily tired because of the lack of Spiritual Energy.]

[I don’t think I need to remind you, but I’ll still say it. Even though your Spiritual Energy Reserve is twice that of a normal person, your body has two elements, Rune Ability and even the medals. So, you still need to be careful.]

‘I know. I’ll leave it to you, Ardagan. Just tell me if you need anything… At the very least, I want to kill that Fire Bird Demon to get its heart so that you can get stronger.’

[Thank you for the thought. But you have to get stronger first.]

‘Haha, of course.’ Noel smiled, looking at Dimitri. ‘I have someone to teach me right now.’


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