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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 382: Secret Bahasa Indonesia

“And that is… my uncle.” Noel’s expression darkened. “You are strong. And my uncle, a Devil Saint, is probably the biggest threat in my life.

“I mean, I was just born and he already wanted to kill me. Don’t you think he will come for me when my parents can’t protect me anymore?”

“Ah!” Dimitri looked down. What Noel said made sense. If it was him, repelling a Devil Saint wasn’t a problem. In fact, he was probably the only one who could do it.

“Dimitri. Do you know the reason why my uncle wants to kill me?”

Dimitri scratched the back of his head. “I’m not very sure about it, but when I was on my mission to kill you, I heard your father saying something about the reaction to the family’s heirloom as if you were the chosen one.”

“!!!” Noel widened his eyes in shock and looked at Ardagan. He couldn’t help but remember what the Sword Saint said back then.

“My spirit can create a real desire of a person from memory alone. And it’s not limited to humans.”

In that instant, Noel realized why Ardagan showed a connection to him. It had happened once when he was born.

In other words, his parents were already aware of him being Ardagan’s host. No, he was probably the only one who would be accepted by Ardagan after using that oath.

‘Why am I chosen by Ardagan?’ Noel asked himself. ‘I once asked Ardagan about this, but he didn’t give me the answer. But more importantly, why did it matter to my uncle?’

No matter how hard he thought about it, he couldn’t find the reason why his uncle wanted to kill him just because he was chosen by Ardagan.

“Still, what’s the connection between my uncle and Ardagan?” Noel frowned.

“I believe it’s because of your ancestor.”

“My ancestor?”

“Yes.” Dimitri nodded and pointed at Ardagan. “In history, there were only two people who wielded Ardagan. You are the second, but the first one was your ancestor. Your ancestor was known to be the strongest commander in history. He helped the royal family establish this kingdom.

“More importantly, the word ‘strongest’ couldn’t be taken lightly. There are two strongest people whose strength is similar in the kingdom right now. They are the commander of the Demon Banner Army and the current Marshall. Both of them are powerful Spirit Transcendences. The realm above the Spirit Grandmaster.

“However, none of them can step on to the next stage, the highest realm recorded in history, the Spirit King!” He pointed at him. “But, Young Master, there was once a person who ascended to that throne.”

“!!!” Noel gasped. “My ancestor…”

“Yes. Your Ancestor was a Spirit King. And that’s probably the reason why you’re targeted… Ardagan has finally chosen its owner and that’s you… In other words, you have the potential to become a Spirit King.

“If we take a look at the fact your uncle is a member of the Supreme Devil Organization, I think it’s pretty easy to learn why he tried to kill you…”

“If I were to become a Spirit King, the Supreme Devil Organization wouldn’t be able to do anything.” Noel nodded in understanding. “So, he wanted to cut me down before I could grow.”

“Yes. And looking at how fast you progressed, it seemed that possibility was there.”

“…” Noel took a deep breath. It was a bit hard for him to swallow all the information. But he noticed one thing off. “Wait a minute. The reason why the Royal Family executed my parents…”

“In fact, the Royal Family wanted to completely kill the Ardagan, including you. We have to thank the marquis who played his role perfectly.”

“No, I’m not talking about the marquis. I’m talking about Anna!”

“Ah!” Dimitri shook his head. “To be honest, no matter how talented she was, the royal family wouldn’t care too much about her opinion, especially when the marquis had been putting her marriage on hold.

“So, the fact that she became the most vocal person in that incident was probably… the scheme of the Royal Family.”

“What do you mean by their scheme?”

“You don’t know about it, Young Master?” Dimitri furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head. “I believe you should talk about it with Master. It’s not my position to say it. Sorry, I can’t answer this question.”

“…” Noel frowned. “Fine. I want to ask two last questions. Why do my parents chase my uncle desperately? And why does the royal family not seize our properties and instead take care of them?”

“I’m not sure about it as well. It seems to be related to the secret of the family. That’s the answer to both questions. I mean, the reasons why your parents were ‘executed’ were pretty clear. That was because of your uncle. There was no way they would forget someone like him and your parents had to be taken accountable as well.

“And both your uncle and the royal family seem to want the secret of your family that has been hidden somewhere. They couldn’t find it no matter how hard they searched for it.

“The marquis took advantage of this to make the Royal Family exile you instead of killing you right away. He made them believe that you would lead them to the secret of the family.

“Hence, they hadn’t done anything until this point because they wanted you to get stronger and get the secret. After that, they would try to seize it from you.

“If there is one person who will know about the secret of the family after your father, it’ll be you.”

Noel thought for a moment. “Still, we have declined to the point we’re only a Count. So, what kind of secret do those people want… No, wait. We’ve been talking about our ancestry. Don’t tell me…”

“I think Young Master has found the reason.” Dimitri smiled. “Yes. I’m assuming that the secret they’re trying to get is none other than the way to become a Spirit King.”


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