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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 361: New Medal Bahasa Indonesia

“So, because the poison concentration in the lake is beyond your expectation, you have to take another approach?” The Valley Master frowned, falling into deep thought.

“Yes. We are measuring everything right now, but of course, I’m here not to bring only bad news.”

“Hoh? What is the good news?”

“One of our members has the ability of water purification. He might be a Spirit Wielder right now, but after some testing, we can ask him to purify the water. This way, we don’t have to drain the lake.”

Water Purification ability caught the Valley Master’s eyes. “Are you sure about that?”

“Yes. We first divide the lake into fifty sections and ask him to purify fifteen sections per day. If we can ask him to start earlier, then we will only have one day’s delay. On the plus side, the city won’t be harmed in any way, considering you can use the water immediately.”

“But how can I know that his purification ability is working?”

Paul glanced at Ben as the latter brought forth a container filled with water. “This is the sample of the water lake along with the purified one. As the Water Lord, I’m sure that you are capable to test the water whether it still has the poison or not.”

Paul nodded. “And if you still can’t believe us bringing the right sample, you may check our progress directly. This way, you will be able to see whether the purification works or not.”

“That’s certainly tempting.” The Valley Master thought for a moment. “With your previous plan, the lake needs a few months to recover, but if you can purify it, then the water can be used immediately.”

The Valley Master closed his eyes as if he was imagining the entire process. “I’ll give the approval if you can prove to me that your idea works. If I’m not wrong, you haven’t started the work yet, right?”

“Yes. Today was supposed to take a rough calculation and run a few simulations. We would be draining tomorrow.”

“In that case, I’ll test this water first and visit the lake later. Ask him to purify a part of the lake and I’ll try to see the difference right there. If you truly can purify the water, then I’ll agree to this plan.”

“Understood. We’ll be looking forward to your visit.” Paul nodded. He was happy but he couldn’t show it at this moment. If he smiled, the Valley Master would think something was up.

However, his trial wasn’t over yet. The Valley Master frowned and asked, “Still, why did you not bring it up previously? Why did you make a sudden change in the plan?”

“That’s…” Paul scratched the back of his head, feeling troubled. “I won’t lie to you, Valley Master. This guy is a new member of our squad, so we don’t have extensive knowledge of what he can do. And because he is still a Spirit Wielder, we don’t know how long it will take him to purify that lake.

“Hence, we couldn’t bring it up. After some testing, we’ve seen how effective it is, so we choose to go with this plan.” He explained.

“I see.” The Valley Master nodded. “Alright. I’ll approve if I see the result.”

“Yes, Sir. We will start working on it then.” Paul and Ben bowed politely to the Valley Master, showing their thanks. They then stood up, ready to leave.

Before leaving, the Valley Master asked one last question. “By the way, the new member that has the purification ability in your mouth… Is it that guy that came with you in the last meeting?”

Paul knew it was impossible to fool the Valley Master in this situation. After all, there were only two Spirit Wielders in his group, and both of them came not long ago. And since their genders were different, it was clear who Paul was implying earlier.

Paul smiled. “Yes. He is the new pride of our Demon Relief Squad.”

“I see.” The Valley Master nodded and finally let them go.

As soon as Paul and Ben left the room, the Valley Master turned to his butler and asked, “What do you think about them?”

“They’re unique. In fact, their group is the most versatile group in the Demon Banner Army. They can act as a vanguard like Demon Extermination Squad, as a protector like Demon Barrier Squad, and as a helper, which is their original purpose. As for that fallen noble kid… he is even more amazing than we might have expected.”

“I see.” The Valley Master waved his hand, dismissing his butler. His expression soon darkened as if he was foreseeing great doom. “…”

Noel, who was working on the lake, was startled when a notification popped out right before his eyes.

“!!!” Noel’s heart beat rapidly, but he still maintained his calm expression. He glanced at the mission while making sure that his eyes were still focused on the work so that no one suspected him or anything.

[The Valley Master is interested in you.]

‘What the—’ Noel wanted to curse because he misunderstood the words. He thought ‘interested’ in the system meant affection, but Ardagan immediately added.

[Mission: The Valley Master’s Interest.]

[Description: The Valley Master requires your ability for his project. Help him.]

[Reward: Affection Medal.]

[Penalty: None.]

‘…’ Noel became confused as he asked inwardly, ‘What is this affection medal, Ardagan?’

[You have chosen Rune Swordsman instead of Commander or Noble. As such, the medals you receive will be related to Rune Swordsman. Affection Medal is a way to understand one’s affection for you.]

‘Now that I think about it, I have explored the mission but I haven’t paid any attention to my job at all. Then again, Affection Medal should be related to Commander Job, no? I mean, it’ll be better to know your subordinate’s affection as a commander instead of a swordsman.’

[The affection is not limited to people.]

‘…’ The moment he saw that sentence, Noel widened his eyes in shock. His mind was going crazy because he knew exactly what it implied. ‘You mean…’


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