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“Alright. Let’s set off.” Paul nodded after confirming their items.

Surprisingly, Paul had decided to change the arrangement a bit. She asked Rose and Stella to handle the first carriage while Anna and Noel took care of the second one. It seemed Paul had noticed what Stella was doing and tried to put them together to see whether it was like Stella feared or not.

While sitting next to Anna, Noel asked, “By the way, do you know anything about this valley master?”

Anna thought for a moment. “Mhm… How do I start this… Do you know about the Tower Association?”

“Yes. Although there are people like Spirit Magician, Magic Knight, or whatever, the category is mainly split into two: One wielding their tool or one wielding their Spiritual Energy. Basically, if you’re utilizing your Spiritual Energy with abilities like Freezing Crystal and such, then it’s the latter. But if you’re focusing on your weapon or tool, then you’re the former.

“If you’re the former, you can go anywhere and be fine, but if you’re the latter, then you have to go to the tower. They’re the association researching Spiritual Energy. Most of them don’t wear weapons like this, instead, they’re using an item with high Spiritual Energy conductivity.

“Though, I could say that they’re very influential. For example, the Muscle Enhancement Spirit Technique came from them. So, yeah… they’re that kind of organization.

“As for their connection to the valley master, the Tower Association has twelve Main Tower. Basically, their system is similar to the Demon Banner Army with its fifteen squads.

“But the difference is they don’t have the sole leader. If they have to make the decision, they’re usually using votes to decide.

“Anyway, this valley master is one of the twelve tower masters, known as Water Lord. He was adept at controlling water to the point it looked like it had become a part of his body. So, he’s kind of prestigious and strong.

“The fact that he’s asking us for help means there is something behind…” Anna suddenly fell silent as if remembering something.

“Anna?” Noel furrowed his eyebrows. She often did this, so he waited until she finished her thought.

‘Now that I think about it, in my past life, the Water Lord was dead because there were overwhelming number of demons coming toward them. In the end, the valley was ruined and the Water Lord had to become the last line of defense, sacrificing his life.

‘However, the Water Lord was strong, so it was impossible for him to die. At the very least, he was as strong as a Captain in the Demon Banner Army. So, it was weird for him to die around this time.

‘Now that I think about it, Noel was supposed to join the Demon Relief Squad, right? Ah, wait. He joined the squad after this incident… Does that mean the Zero Squad had been wiped out along with the Water Lord in the past?’

Anna’s expression continuously darkened the more she thought about this incident.

‘If that’s the case, did Noel join the new Zero Squad since he was supposed to graduate a week later? Then, does that mean Noel had never met these people in the past? Was this the reason he became so shrewd?’

Anna suddenly stood up and handed the reign to Noel before asking Paul who was riding not far from them.

“Paul! Can I ask you a question?”

“Mhm?” Paul was confused and hurriedly moved his horse next to the carriage. “What’s wrong?”

“The people who were about to become a part of the Zero Squad must be in the first squad, right?”

Paul didn’t understand why Anna asked this, but he nodded. “Yes. First and Second Squads are the candidates.”

“Then, what’s the condition to become a part of the Zero Squad? No, it’s more like… what’s the condition of the people right now? Are they bad guys?”

“Hmm? Why do you ask this kind of question?” Paul contemplated for a moment. “Well, since you have become a part of the Zero Squad, I think it’s fine to tell you this. There are three main requirements to become one of us.

“The first is their achievement and strength. The second is their social skills since we’re mainly to help people. And lastly, their kindness.

“The people in those two squads don’t know much about the third condition, which is actually the most important. We’re here to help people, so we want a good person to enter.

“What is currently happening in the first squad is that they’re scheming at each other, trying to take them down so that they can be picked as a part of the zero squad. However, there are often lights in that darkness, shining so bright that you have to choose them. And those are the people who make the cut.”

“!!!” Anna’s body trembled after hearing it. She looked at Noel and realized Noel had been influenced by those people. They had no time to replace the zero squad when Noel came, so Noel ended up mingling with that kind of people.

In other words, there was a high chance that the Zero Squad would be wiped out during this mission.

“What’s wrong? Is the answer too shocking for you?”

“Ehm, yes…” Anna nodded and timidly returned to her seat.

Paul couldn’t understand her actions but moved away a bit, pondering why she suddenly asked that.

“Did you figure out something?” Noel asked. He knew Anna had a secret that could let her receive this kind of knowledge. But just like how she didn’t pry into the secret of the system, he didn’t go all the way to pressure her to explain her secret.

Anna gulped down and whispered to him. “I’m afraid the Zero Squad will be exterminated in this mission.”

As if proving Anna’s words, Noel also received the mission from the system… the mission that shocked him to the core because it could see the future.

[Mission: Save the Zero Squad]

[Description: The Zero Squad is going to be wiped out. Please save them.]

[Reward: Rune Mastery +1 Level, Rune Enchantment System, Hardening Rune, Softening Rune, Energy Gathering Rune.]

[Penalty: You, Anna, and all the members of the Zero Squad die.]

[Mission: Save the Silica Valley]

[Description: The Supreme Devil Organization is going to attack the Valley. Stop them.]

[Reward: Water Lord’s Favor, Freezing Crystal +1 Level, Ice Infusion +1 Level.]


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