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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 340: Anger Bahasa Indonesia

“Earl Lawrence… are you trying to pick a fight with us?”

Feeling the cold gaze from the commander gave chills down his spine. His body trembled a bit but he still had to act calm and said, “There must be some misunderstanding between them. I’ll try to summon my son to listen to what he has to say first. Please calm down, Sir Oscar.”

“Oh! There is no misunderstanding, Earl.” The commander shook his head. “After leaving that place, my team was acting separately and dealt with the enemies according to the missions. All the soldiers had seen their gallant appearance.

“If you asked any soldiers, they would say the same thing. A group of eight people slaughtered close to one thousand Demons and two Peak Level Demons.

“But there is actually something good from what I’ve heard in that city. I’ve brought commoners and merchants from that place to testify it. Right now, they don’t understand what has been transpiring between my Demon Relief Squad and your son. Even I ask my subordinate to invite them here, so they don’t know anything about the current situation.

“If that’s the case, how about asking them right now? What is happening inside the fort?” The commander smirked and added, “I’m pretty sure they’re going to praise your son. After all, the demon corpses that our squad has gathered have been handed over to your soldiers to restore the peace inside the fort.

“There is even a celebration for the fort restoration and because there is no more threat from the demons, the fort can be opened again. Take a look at this, don’t you think it’s something praiseworthy?” The commander smirked.

If this was a normal situation, he would be praising his son nonstop. But the reason commander brought it up was none other than because his son had made the greatest mistake in his life.

The Demon Banner Army focused on their mission because they acted for the people. However, never claimed their deeds because they weren’t the dog of the nobles. The Demon Banner Army was a third party that kept this kingdom going.

And claiming their work meant considering them beneath the noble. Just like how the nobility, the higher ranking family had the right to look down on lower ranking families, but this was simply due to the fact both of them were noble. If a baron or count was insulted by another party that wasn’t a noble, this meant war.

“Not only did your son claim those eight people were the mercenary he hired, but he also insulted them by letting them know they were only barbarians. I see, so it seems this is the stance of the Lawrences.

“Since we’re only a barbarian, I’m sure you don’t want to cooperate with us anymore. If that’s the case…” The commander smirked. “We’ll cut off our ties with the Lawrences and we’ll set up a new border with Count Heston as a new outer ring.”

“!!!” Earl Lawrence widened his eyes in shock. Count Heston’s territory was right behind his territory. If he set up Count Heston as the new outer ring, it meant there wouldn’t be any more help from the Demon Banner Army. Not only the fort, but this city he ruled would be razed down to the ground by the demons.

The fact that the Demon Banner Army left his Lawrence Territory alone would mean mass migration from both people and merchants. They didn’t have any more stability staying in this place, so there was no reason for them to stay there.

With such an empty territory, his territory would no longer exist.

“That’s… That’s not the stance of our Lawrence Family. We have had a good relationship with the Demon Banner Army this whole time. This is because my son is still too young that he doesn’t under—”

Before he finished, the commander stopped him by saying, “Oh, it’s not your Lawrence Family? But if I’m not wrong, your son is an adult. He should be around twenty this year, right? And you say he’s still not understanding the big picture?

“Then, I have to question your teaching, Mr. Lawrence. Have you been teaching your son to claim everything that is not his? If that’s the case, then I have to reconsider the credibility of your words.

“Maybe I have to check the record of our operation in your territory to make sure that we’re not taking advantage like your slave.” The commander stood up and said, “Oops, I’ve said enough. I don’t like teaching how you should act as a noble because that’s your territory and you’re the government. But I won’t allow you to treat us like a slave, Mr. Lawrence.

“I’ve said everything, so it’s time for me to leave.” The commander turned around as if he was planning to leave.

The Earl hurriedly stopped him. “Wait, Mr. Oscar. There must be a misunderstanding between us.”

Oscar stopped like he wanted to talk more about the compensation, but suddenly, he started walking again as if he didn’t care about it. “I’m going to leave. If this is how the Lawrences acts, we’re going to leave the Lawrence Territory. You may complain to a marquis, a duke, or to the royal family, but I’m pretty sure they understand who is in the wrong.”

Earl Lawrence’s face became pale. Those families would surely take his side if the enemies could be easily handled. But even the Royal Family didn’t like to antagonize the Demon Banner Army that easily. Hence, they would simply abandon him.

The Earl knew that his territory would go to ruin if nothing was done.

He gritted his teeth and slammed the table. “Aaaaahhhh! That cursed idiot!”

The Earl gritted his teeth. He had received that Hagen had handled the problem well and he was about to call him back to consider the matter of succession. But it turned out he had been deceived by his own son that wanted to destroy this family.


“Yes, Sir.” A butler entered not long after with a serious expression.

“Bring that bastard Hagen back here even if you have to cut his limbs and drag him here!” The Earl gnashed his teeth while giving the order.

Even the butler could feel his anger and immediately left the room to not get involved with his wrath.

Hagen, who was drunk in his achievement, didn’t know about his impending doom.


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