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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 336: Control Bahasa Indonesia

“Have you cleaned up that way?” Paul asked while pointing at the north wall.

“Everything is done.” Ben nodded. “Now the problem would be how to handle the next course… I’m pretty sure that they’re going to claim all these demons.”

“First of all, the knights have seen us killing most of the demons. So, we’ll be taking at least half of the Demon Crystals, especially the two Peak Level Demon Crystals. As for the rest, they can use it to restore the city… Though, I doubt that foolish lord will do something like that.

“In any case, we’ll only do our parts and leave the rest to him before filing a complaint.” Paul paused for a moment. “Anyway, you are going with me after this to talk to the soldiers on the wall about our situation. The rest can move to the side to store our loot this time. That’s right, you want to explain things to Noel, right, Jo?”

Jonathan nodded. “Well, thanks for the consideration.”

Paul nodded. After giving the instruction, he walked with Ben to the wall to handle the transfer of the possession before assuring the citizens about their situation.

Meanwhile, Jonathan began to take out the Demon Crystals from the corpses with his Telekinesis and gathered them in one place so that Stella and the others could handle the rest.

Of course, Jonathan didn’t go too far since he might need to help them in case they needed it.

Noel was sitting in front of him, listening attentively.

“Alright. Let’s start the lesson about Spiritual Energy.” Jonathan raised his palm and formed a ball of Spiritual Energy. “I don’t think I have to go to the basics anymore about Spiritual Energy, so I’ll start from this. What do you think about this ball?”

“It’s a lump of Spiritual Energy.”

“That’s right.” Jonathan nodded and raised another hand, forming another ball. But this time, the ball looked like a blazing fire. “What do you think about this one then?’

“Mhm… A flame?” Noel furrowed his eyebrows, looking at this flame made of Spiritual Energy. Of course, it was impossible to do it unless one had a Fire Spirit. And the flame that Jonathan made was made of gold like the color of the Spiritual Energy. “Hmm… not a flame…”

“That’s right. This is not a flame, but the same Spiritual Energy as the one in my left hand. I pour the same amount of Spiritual Energy, yet, they’re acting differently. Why do you think?”

“Is it about Control? But I’m not very sure how control can affect the Spiritual Energy…” Noel shook his head helplessly.

“That’s right. It’s about Control. When you pour the Spiritual Energy into your weapon, how do you do it?”

“I just channel my Spiritual Energy into my weapon.”

“No, I mean the details.”

Noel was confused at first before understanding what he wanted. “I am channeling my Spiritual Energy from the Spirit Seal and pouring it out through my pores before infusing it into my weapon.”

“That’s right. When you’re channeling your Spiritual Energy from the Spirit Seal, you can actually try to stop it at first. For example, imagine your Spiritual Energy is running like water. Then, in the middle of the path, there is something clogging up, causing your Spiritual Energy to be stuck. What will happen?”

“Then, the amount of Spiritual Energy I can pour will be decreased.”

“That’s right. Then, what if I break apart the clogged part?”

“Ah!” Noel remembered when he tried to break the dam. If he destroyed the entire dam in an instant, the water would be ravaging the land.

“This is called Hard Approach. There are two ways to control your Spiritual Energy, Soft Approach and Hard Approach. The Soft Approach is the usual way of us stimulating our Spiritual Energy. The flow is like a normal water flow. Meanwhile, the Hard Approach is where we stop it for the time being and let it out, causing a burst of Spiritual Energy.

“I think you have been doing it without you noticing. I’m talking about your swordsmanship… I’m not sure about the swordsmanship itself, but I can see that you can actually release the Spiritual Energy in those two ways depending on your plan.

“And I think you can see the power behind these two…” Jonathan threw the rounded ball forward and exploded it, causing a small gale. But when the blazing ball exploded, it caused a shock wave, showing the difference in their power. “You can see the power behind them. To be fair, Spiritual Energy is intangible, meaning you can turn them into anything.

“For example, let’s replicate your Bouncing Spiritual Slash. Look at this…” Jonathan formed another ball with the Soft Approach before throwing it forward. The ball suddenly started bouncing in the air, imitating the Bouncing Spiritual Slash.

“What?” Noel gasped.

“It’s nowhere your Bouncing Spirit Slash, but you get the idea. By controlling the Spiritual Energy in a certain way, humans manage to create all those Spirit Techniques. Of course, what weapon you’re using, your experience, your memory, your emotion, everything… The way you’re utilizing your Spiritual Energy will be unique and when you use that control to create something unique to yourself, you’ve created a Spirit Technique.

“Of course, everyone can create Spirit Technique, but only those who are good will be recognized as a proper Spirit Technique.

“Even I can create a Spirit Technique right now, like this.” Jonathan raised his hand and enveloped his right arm with Spiritual Energy. It maintained its form like hands like a glove. “Look, my Spiritual Energy is acting like a glove. That can be called a Spirit Technique, but it doesn’t have a use, so why should anyone recognize it as a proper one? I think Anna can show one with Hard Approach for you!”

“Hmm?” Anna felt like she was being called out and saw Jonathan forming a glove. Jonathan called her and asked her to form the same thing to show Noel the importance of control.

Anna smirked as lightning began to spark around her right arm. But unlike Jonathan, she covered her right arm entirely with lightning that gradually turned into a dragon. This raging lightning felt like they were going to blast someone upon touch.

“Like this?” Anna smiled.


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