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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 329: Leaving Bahasa Indonesia

As expected, the lunch was where the hell broke loose. Noel and the others had prepared themselves for this lunch. Although they were from the army, they still had some neat clothes to make them not look like a bunch of barbarians.

In fact, some of them even used their military uniform, which already looked elegant. Noel also used one since he didn’t want to bother to look like a noble.

When they entered the dining room to meet this young lord, they were surprised that the lord’s seat was still empty as if he had something to do.

It became even more surprising that he actually made them wait fifteen minutes as if trying to assert his dominance.

He entered the dining room with a smug expression as if he had done a good job.

The people remained silent as they didn’t want to cause unnecessary problems. But it seemed that the other party wanted to make a problem with them.

The moment he entered, instead of sitting on his seat, he actually made a detour to Stella and Rose, who he had seen earlier.

“Well, I hope you ladies have a great time here.” He politely placed his hand on his chest and bowed to greet them.

Their expressions already said they had been fed up with this situation. And Anna’s appearance was the one that started the problem.

“This is…” He widened his eyes in shock, never expecting to meet Anna Stargaze in this group. “Miss… Anna. I… I don’t know you are among them. If I knew you were with them, I would have prepared a bigger room for you.”

“There is no need. I’m a part of the Demon Relief Squad, so I don’t need special treatment.” Anna was still polite to him after all this, but his action began to anger her.

When he realized Anna was among them, he took another look at the group again and realized he had missed one more person. It was Noel.

“Noel Ardagan!” He gasped before making a sly smile. “Well, well… I have never expected the young master of the fallen Ardagan Family to come here. Ah, are you so pitiful that you can only leech off your enemy to reach that position?”

That statement was like a blazing fire to everyone’s ears. They understood what Noel meant by not wanting to show himself because it would just create more problems.

If the Earl was here, he would be wise enough to act as if Noel didn’t exist. But the young lord before them was still immature and didn’t know the depth of politics.

The moment he stated those words, all the people from the Zero Squad became cold. They could endure the lustful action and disgusting behavior from him because they were more experienced than Noel. But enough is enough. They stopped enduring the moment he insulted Noel, who had been sensible this whole time.

Suddenly, a cold voice echoed in everyone’s ears, giving chills down their spines.

“It seems that the Lawrence Fort doesn’t accept us. If the lord invited us here only to embarrass us, then we’ve received your kindness. If that’s the case, my squad will leave this place at once. We’re thankful for your hospitality.”

Paul stood up and said, “We’re leaving. NOW!”

The others didn’t say anything and just stood up to follow him. Noel and Anna were shocked at first but since the others only followed instruction, they also did the same.

They were following Paul without saying anything.

“Wait, wait! What did you say? I have given you a place to stay and food to eat, and you dare to leave now?!”

Paul stopped, turned around, and gave him a cold gaze. “It seems that you misunderstand something. You’re not giving us all these, you’re forcing us into all these. If you think you can bully us just because of all these, then we’ll file a formal complaint.

“However, we’re from the Demon Relief Squad. Unlike the Lawrence Family, we know our job well and will complete it perfectly. After all, we exist to help the people, not the Lawrence Family. Then, please excuse us.”

Paul didn’t say anything after that and simply went back to their rooms to pick up their luggage. They hadn’t unpacked their luggage as if expecting something like this to happen, so they could leave with ease.

But the lord hadn’t finished his farce. The moment they stepped out of the mansion’s door, they were stopped by twenty soldiers.

He was standing among the soldiers while shouting, “You can’t leave!”

“Hoh?” Paul glared at the soldiers. “Are you planning to stop us?”

“If you want to leave, you have to accept my condition first.”

When Paul was about to burst out, Anna grabbed his arm, stopping him. This time, she was the one to step up.

“Miss… Miss Anna…” His body trembled a bit.

“It seems that the Lawrence Family has gotten a big head now. Even the soldiers dare to point out their weapons to me, the successor of the Stargaze Marquis Family.”

Anna walked toward the soldiers without fear and opened her arms wide. “Come here. Stab me if you want to stop me from leaving.”

“That… hurry up and put your swords away. How dare you stop Miss Anna from leaving?!” He was trembling, but his eyes seemed to be pretty determined. He could let Anna leave but not the rest.

“So, you’re planning to stop my people as well? Can I safely assume that the Lawrence Family is planning to go against our Stargaze Family?” Anna looked at the soldiers before a huge palm grabbed her head as if praising her for her action.

However, there was a time for the vice captain to step up. Paul smiled and said, “There’s no need for you to do it like this. We’re here as a Demon Relief Squad. Even if they have a hundred soldiers, they can’t stop us.”

Paul gathered his Spiritual Energy into his hammer and swung it down, creating a shock wave that dispersed on the ground.


The shock wave wasn’t enough to destroy the ground, but it was enough to create a loud sound for everyone to hear. Even the people around the mansion would be able to hear it.

Paul said with a smile. “Those who think they can defeat a Spirit Grandmaster can come forward. I shall be your opponent!”

Paul glared at the soldiers, who were trembling in fear the moment they heard ‘Spirit Grandmaster.’

“Demon Relief Squad, let’s leave.” Paul snorted the moment the soldiers started dropping their swords. He then led the group to leave the mansion through the front gate.

Though, amidst the tension created by this conflict, Jonathan was actually enjoying himself when he was using his Telekinesis to carry the two carriages and the horses like holding a balloon.


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