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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 315: Newbie Medal Bahasa Indonesia

“Huuu…” Noel took a deep breath while staring at the demons.

‘As expected, defeating them won’t be that easy.’ Noel thought, trying to figure out another way to end this battle easily.

The demon wolves became even more careful in approaching Noel, believing there would be another trap like earlier.

As if taking advantage of their doubt, Noel leaped back like he wanted to run away.

“!!!” The Advanced Level Demons instinctively chased after him. Although they were intelligent, they would still chase after their prey.

Hence, the sign of Noel retreating was the signal for them to kill him.

Noel smiled and formed the snowflake again on his palm. He then tossed it to the wolves.

The wolves had learned from the previous attack, so they immediately leaped to the side, looping around it.

Unfortunately for them, they didn’t realize his Freezing Crystal had evolved.

The moment it burst out, the ice explosion was far bigger compared to the earlier one. This explosion lowered the temperature even more and a huge ice crystal was formed in the middle of the explosion.

This crystal had a longer reach than the previous one, engulfing two demon wolves. Meanwhile, the other two weren’t in good condition either. Due to how close they were to the ice crystal, the chill had seeped into their bones, causing their bodies to numb.

The sudden change in their body got taken advantage of by Noel. He appeared in front of one demon wolf while slashing his sword downwards.

The demon wolf used its claws to deflect the blade, but the wolf realized that was the last thing he should do at that moment.

The moment the sword touched Noel’s sword, ice began to form on the wolf’s claws, spreading straight to the wolf’s body.


The wolf was howling in pain, but no other demon could afford to save him as two of them were frozen while the last one was quite far due to looping around the ice crystal.

The sword sliced the wolf’s neck cleanly, finishing it in one blow. After that, Noel turned to the frozen wolf and changed his emotion.

This time, he was using Disgust to make his sword like a blunt bat and struck the ice, crushing it into pieces. The demon’s body had also fused with the ice, causing it to be split into pieces according to how the ice broke.

“Two more…” Noel muttered while glancing at one frozen wolf and one angry wolf. The frozen wolf was trying to crack the ice this whole time.

“I don’t have too much time. I have to kill this wolf as soon as possible.” Noel looked at the angry wolf and used his Sword Aura that had been enhanced by the Body Strengthening Liquid.

When he used his previous Sword Aura, the Spiritual Energy only enveloped the sword to sharpen it. However, the level of this skill had increased by three after using the Body Strengthening Liquid. He had even used it to strengthen his organ by evaporating it and allowing the vapor to enter his body.

So, when he used his Sword Aura again, the Spiritual Energy burst out like a raging fire.

Noel struck the wolf with this Sword Aura. Surprisingly, the Sword Aura bent the claws, allowing the sword to slice the wolf’s paw and all the way to the body.

*Aoo!* The wolf dropped to the ground, still alive. Noel didn’t have a hobby in letting them suffer, so he immediately impaled the wolf’s head, killing it.

After that, he crushed the ice before the wolf could escape, killing it.

With this, Noel had successfully killed five demons by himself.

“Hu…” Noel let out a long breath to calm his heart down, seeing Stella and the others dumbfounded expressions.

They were completely shocked Noel was able to achieve this feat.

While they were still stunned, Noel asked inwardly, ‘Ardagan. I should have finished the mission, right?’

[Mission: Peerless]

[Description: To prove your might, one has to fight a few enemies of the same level. Defeat three Advanced Level Demons by yourself in a single battle.]

[Reward: Flame Conjuring Ability and Newbie Medal.]

[You’ve acquired Flame Conjuring Ability.]

[You’ve acquired Newbie Medal.]

Noel glanced at Stella and the others, knowing he couldn’t show a weird behavior. So, he was staring at the demon’s corpse as if inspecting it.

Meanwhile, he was asking Ardagan to do the entire thing for him.

‘What is Newbie Medal?’

Medal: Newbie

Effect: Sword Mastery +2%, Spiritual Energy +2%, Rune Mastery +2%

‘What? You serious? There is a medal like this?’ Noel was shocked because this might be the best medal he had ever got. It improved his overall ability.

‘Now that I think about it, can I change my medal during the battle? I mean, depending on my medal, I might be able to handle the enemy in a different way. And yes, I’ve started feeling the difference in the amount of my Spiritual Energy with different medals.

‘If my Spiritual Energy becomes even higher, these medals will be very useful. I see. The mission is called Peerless but I get a Newbie Medal… Does this mean this medal can evolve?’

Ardagan didn’t answer that question yet. At the same time, Noel heard Jonathan’s voice.

“You’re truly great. This is the first time I’ve seen someone like you.” Jonathan smiled. “Normally, it’s hard for a Spirit Wielder to kill an Advanced Level Demon. The Spiritual Energy inside their body might be similar, but the demon has a stronger body, so the result is obvious.

“That’s why we’re improving our skills. We hone our skill to the highest degree, allowing us to exert strength beyond our power. This will result in us being able to defeat a few people on the same level.

“Take Stella as example, due to her precise strike, she could defeat four demons of the same level. So, I’m telling you this, please hone your skill continuously while you’re with us. Welcome to the Demon Relief Squad, Noel Ardagan.” Jonathan extended his hand.

Noel smiled after getting acknowledged by Jonathan. He shook his hand. “Thank you. I’ll surely learn a lot here.”


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