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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 300: Kids Bahasa Indonesia

“…” Noel and Anna exchanged looks. They were surprised that the commander asked him to put them in this zero squad.

“Are you sure about us going there immediately?”

“It’s fine. Septa came to the first squad right after the graduation. And you two have surpassed him, so it won’t be too much for the commander to put you there. I’ll just send the letter of recommendation and that’s all.” Shale nodded, assuring them there wouldn’t be any problems.

“Well.” Noel and Anna couldn’t reject it either, considering this was a big opportunity for them.

“Alright. The matter of your placement is done, so let’s move on to the next topic. I have to cover up your action, so…” Shale disappeared for a moment before coming back with a bunch of wooden swords. He gave it to Noel and said, “Carry these swords.”

“Wo-woah?” Noel was startled for a second while Anna grabbed a few to help him.

“Wooden swords?” Noel was confused.

“You carry a trunk, so it’s normal for it to be wooden swords. As for the reason… follow me.” Shale waved his hand while walking back to the training ground.

Noel immediately dropped his jaw when he saw the kids dancing in the training ground.

“What are you doing? Are you forcing them to—” Noel wanted to complain to Shale, but Shale simply pointed at them and told him to be quiet.

Noel stopped and observed them a bit more.

Some of them held a wooden sword, some of them didn’t. But considering the wooden swords in their hands were already run down, it was clear that those who didn’t have a sword actually had broken their swords.

“Those kids came here a week ago, asking me to train them the basics. They’re not planning to be a knight in this army anyway, so after seeing their determination… I just told them a bit of the basics. Septa is quite interested in those kids anyway.” Shale shrugged, explaining the situation.

Noel fell silent, watching them. Although they weren’t holding a sword, they kept dancing and dancing. Erica and Eric surprisingly danced as if they were fighting each other. Their hands waved to the head, neck, chest, arms, providing a fatal blow to an enemy.

Yet, even though each move was deadly, they looked beautiful. Some of their movements had also shrunk a little bit. Although it looked like waste movements, Noel could feel something different from it.

“This is… their swing is big, but…” Noel frowned.

Shale nodded in agreement. “Yes. Their movement, specifically their dance, allow them to create a combination move that allows them to either retreat or attack. The dance becomes unpredictable and it’ll surely overwhelm their opponents. I have never thought that the kids can achieve something like this. They’re too smart.”

“It’s rhythm.” Anna gave the answer from the previous life. “They have a rhythm planted in their bodies. While dancing, they are remembering the rhythm of a song, which allows them to incorporate it in their movement.

‘A strong and overwhelming song can give them a unique rhythm that gives them power. A mellow and soothing song can give them a rhythm that gives them precision. And so on…” This sword dance had been popularized in her previous life.

Eric and Erica led their group and became famous thorought the kingdom. There were many nobles that even gave them position as long as they joined their household, but at that time, Eric and Erica only had one answer.

“We cross this path for him. If we can’t help him, then why do we have to use this power for someone else?”

The nobles were stunned and immediately tried to find the one who inspired them to convince them to give these kids. But Noel challenged them head-on, not afraid of their threats.

The Sword Dance Group and the Independent Woman Group were among the pillars that made Noel’s territory thrive.

Anna closed her eyes, knowing how amazing Noel was. If in the past, he had the reach of the royal family, there was a chance that he could make not only his territory, but the entire kingdom to thrive. Unfortunately, there was that rebellion that shattered everything.

Anna swore in her heart that she would correct all mistakes from the past, including Noel.

Noel, on the other hand, just felt proud about them. It felt like he was looking at his younger brothers and sisters, who managed to achieve something big.

One of the wooden swords somehow fell to the ground, alarming them.

“!!!” The kids stopped and turned around, finding Noel carrying the wooden swords.

“Big Brother Noel!” Eric and Erica were the first to call his name as the rest had their eyes flashed. In that instant, they dropped whatever they were doing and swarmed Noel.

“Wa-wait.” Noel was startled by their reaction, but Shale suddenly added to make them even more excited. “You know, your Big Brother Noel has heard about you training here. After knowing your swords are either damaged or broken. He brought a trunk to the city to make wooden swords for you to practice.”

“You—” Noel wanted to complain to Shale but he realized Shale was actually doing this for him. This white lie could cover up the entire trunk incident and somehow moved the kids’ hearts.

“Big Brother…” They were looking at Noel with admirations. Whatever they did, their Big Brother always helped them out.

“Then, I’ll get this one!” Erica grabbed the sword that fell to the ground.

“Is that alright with you?”

“Yes. This is special. Unlike the others that are still in your arms, I get one different from the rest.”

“Wait, what? If you think different means disrespect, you’re wrong…” Noel wanted to take it back, so he could hand the swords properly, but the big smile on Erica’s face stopped him. “Alright. You can get it.”

Noel then handed the rest of the swords. Anna also helped it but the kids still looked at her with hostility, thinking Anna only did it to cause more misery to Noel.

“Well, you can talk for a while. I’m going to prepare for your graduation and recommendation letter.”

Noel thanked Yale and sat down on the ground to listen to them and Erica somehow sat down on his laps, making the others jealous.

Since he dropped her sword earlier, he thought she deserved this much.

‘I guess if I have a sister or brother, they’ll be like this.’ Noel thought while patting Erica’s head, not seeing Erica’s blissful expression.


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