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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 297: Sneaking In Bahasa Indonesia

“What is this…”

“What is this…”

“What is this…”

The same question echoed again and again as a bald muscular man gritted his teeth while roaring in anger. “What is this?!”

He was in front of the cave, looking at the empty basin. Due to Noel leaving the cave entrance open, the steam had come out of the cave. Some were trapped, but they wouldn’t be able to collect the condensate. At least, the amount wouldn’t be enough for them to do anything.

That was why the muscular guy was screaming in anger because this was what they were searching for.

“Who… Who leaked it? There is no way those bastards from the kingdom know about this place. Even I only managed to find this location after deciphering a lot of ancient texts.” The muscular guy glared at the people he brought.

“That’s…” The people were afraid because the bald guy might do something to them.

They remembered that the demon was alarmed before and said, “That’s right… Sir, there is an intruder yesterday.”

However, the next thing they realized, the guy’s head had already been crushed by the muscular guy’s hand. He shouted, “I know that already. They have been chased away by many Advanced Level Demons. And no demons alarm us afterward, do you think they’re still alive?!”

The people panicked. On the one hand, they would die if they talked about something. On the other hand, if they didn’t say anything, they would receive the same fate.

Knowing this fact made their body trembling in fear, trying to find a way to calm him down.

“Sir Bishop, the culprits shouldn’t be that far from here. They might still be in this mountain.”

Unfortunately for the one who was brave enough to step up, his head was flying. The Devil Bishop roared, “As I said, I know that already. I have made my demons to search for them. I told you they won’t be here because they don’t know anything about this cave.

“There must be a traitor in our ranks who leaks our information. And…” The guy stopped, glaring at his people as if implying that they were the prime suspects.

“Sir Bishop.”

“We don’t do th—!”


It was a massacre. The muscular guy didn’t let them explain themselves. He didn’t even trust them anymore, so he just murdered them in anger without thinking about torturing them for information.

Nonetheless, the guy was so angry that he didn’t care about the condensate anymore and left the cave.

When he was about to fly away from the area, he noticed blood on top of the hill. From the trace of the blood alone, it was clear that at least several demons had died in this place.

However, their bodies were gone, leaving only the blood.

Noel and Anna didn’t do anything about this. In fact, they didn’t even notice a single demon in this area.

It was Dimitri who took action against the demons. Before they entered the range of detection of both Noel and Anna, he took care of them. He believed that the two could handle these demons before alarming the others, but he didn’t want them to have their time get interrupted.

But when the muscular guy saw this trace, he became angrier as he knew the culprit was still alive.

“Whoever it is, I’m going to kill them!”

Noel and Anna didn’t see the reaction of the Devil Bishop, who once took advantage of the Body Strengthening Liquid in the previous life. They were busy carrying this huge trunk to the Demon Banner Army Headquarters, not wanting anyone to spot it.

They didn’t bother to rest in nearby villages because they didn’t know what kind of threat they would possess.

Because the trunk was filled with water, it became quite heavy. It felt heavier than when it was only a simple trunk. Even with Anna and Noel’s reinforced body, they still had a hard time carrying it.

Their speed was slow and ended up reaching the fort in one week instead of four days.

As soon as they reached the fort, they didn’t go to the headquarter immediately. Instead, Noel asked Anna to bring the log to his place to get some water for them.

“What are you doing with this amount, Noel?” Anna asked, confused.

“Do you remember when I opened my mouth after diving into the water?”


“I have learned that…” Noel explained his finding as well as the steam method. It hadn’t been proven, but he felt this was the right method, considering he felt a bit stronger after inhaling the steam when burning the water.

So, Noel planned to use this amount of water to reinforce his body and suggested Anna to take a part in it as well before turning in the rest of the water to the Demon Banner Army.

After listening to Noel’s explanation, Anna agreed to it. They deserved this much after carrying it this far. And they wouldn’t have any problems in getting a lot of Contribution Points after this, allowing them to get another reward.

After getting enough water out, Noel sealed the trunk again and brought this trunk to the Demon Banner Army.

Of course, it would be suspicious if they just went through the entrance. Hence, Noel and Anna came inside from the side, jumping over the wall to hide the fact they carried the Body Strengthening Liquid.

As one of the strongest people in the Demon Banner Army, Shale obviously noticed their presence and instantly appeared before them.

“Who dare to trespass in my Demon Banner Army?” Shale released his killing intent, preparing to take them down. But he was soon stunned when he realized Noel and Anna were the culprit.

Noel raised his hand to calm him down and said, “Hello, Sir Shale. I apologize if we sneak in, but there is a great reason for this. Do you think you can allow us to meet the commander without anyone noticing?”

Shale frowned, having a complex feelings because trespassing was not something he could tolerate. But he noticed the huge trunk that they carried, making him realize the reason for them to do this was related to this trunk.


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