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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 29: Enemies Joined Hands Bahasa Indonesia

Anna raised her sword in excitement as if she had finally got her match.

But her focus was disrupted when she heard Alfred’s voice.

“This is… Wait, he is Noel?!”

“Huh?” Anna widened her eyes. She had been chasing demons after demons to cut down, so she didn’t care about the people she saved until she managed to take down the demons.

However, it was truly a shock to meet Noel here.

When she glanced back, she also found the other person that fought together with Noel.

‘What? That face! It’s Kirika Loetzel. A noble from the neighboring country. She infiltrated the Demon Banner Army in the past and caused a thousand soldiers from the army to die. It was a big loss because that was the crack the demons needed to launch a huge scale invasion to the Demon Banner Army. I don’t know the details, but Noel was the one who subjugated her.

‘Did my action just change the future? Noel had stated that he didn’t want to have any teammate, so did Kirika persuade him to join hands? Kirika Loetzel needs to die, but if I kill her, the hatred between me and Noel will increase. What should I do?’

While she was lost in thought, the demon had swept its paw.

“Not good.” Anna gritted her teeth and raised her sword to the side to soften the damage she would receive due to her action.

However, Alfred’s voice echoed again. “You…”

A blue particles suddenly appeared from the side of the monster.

Anna caught a glimpse of Noel in the corner of her eyes as he struck the demon’s paw with his sword that was covered in blue particles.

Unlike the neck, the paw area was thinner to cut, so Noel’s sword somehow cut down the paw.

“That is…” Alfred dropped his jaw, dumbstruck. Although the density of the blue particles were less than Anna, it was clearly the same technique. In other words, Noel had progressed so much that he could use it already.

If they didn’t believe Noel was this talented, then he would have hidden this strength the whole time.

“Spiritual Energy…” Anna was also shocked because Noel was supposed to be weak at this point of time. She thought he had a great teacher, but it reminded her of the original intention why she wanted to destroy the Ardagan Family.

A year ago.

She walked to her father and stated, “Father! Why do you want to spare Count Ardagan? He should be executed. I’m worried about their policy because I’ve heard that they have one thought when the family is on the brink of extinction! They always say ‘Don’t challenge the Ardagan Family’s bottom line because that’s where Ardagan will truly shine.’

“It’s better to wipe them out because if they truly shine, they will come and attack us.”

However, her father only said, “We’ve agreed to Count Ardagan. In exchange of him surrendering without a fight and hand over all their wealth, which is equal to a tenth of the national’s entire wealth, we will spare Noel Ardagan and hand him the family heirloom, that rusty sword. So, we’re planning to exile him to the Demon Banner Army so that he will die there.”

That was the reason, but they didn’t know the true meaning of the hearsay.

And this time, Anna finally understood the meaning.

‘Truly shine, huh… Although I don’t want to admit it, even in my previous life, Noel has always kept up with my progress despite the kingdom pouring so much resources to nurture me. In other words, he has a far greater talent than me.’ Anna thought.

On the other hand, Noel looked at Anna. Even though blood covered his shirt and mouth, Noel still said, “I won’t owe my life to my enemy. Even if I need to join hands with you to take down this demon, it’s better than owing you my life!”

“Heh…” Anna smirked. Noel truly had the nerve of the steel. Looking at his injury alone, she knew every step he took would cause him a great amount of pain. Yet, Noel still planned to fight in that condition.

Seeing that Noel managed to cut him, the demon wanted to attack him, but Anna pushed him away with her sword.

Using those few seconds, she agreed with him.

Instead of stopping him, which would trample his pride, Anna said, “I’ll stop the demon. You find a chance to deepen the wound on its neck.”

“Don’t order me around.” Noel stepped back while gritting his teeth, enduring the pain that had spread all over his body.

As soon as Noel gained some distance, Anna rushed forward. She released even more yellow particles from her sword as she struck the demon.

Due to the loss of one paw, the demon didn’t have the stable posture anymore. So, it started using its fangs to stop her instead.

However, right before the fangs bit the sword, a huge blue light shone from within the demon’s mouth.

“!!!” Anna was surprised, but she hurriedly fell to her knees while tilting her body to the back.

The blue light turned into blue flame and burst out for ten meters.

“Breath…” Anna clicked her tongue as she almost got burned by it.

Using this chance, Noel appeared next to the demon again, hitting him in the wound he inflicted earlier.

Unfortunately for him, Noel suddenly dropped to his knees after striking the demon. His sword only deepened the wound by a short distance before his legs went limp.

He even spat blood due to his extensive injury.

“Gah! Kh!” Noel’s vision had become blurry because he lost too much blood.

The demon took this chance to drop to the ground and roll so that its other paw could hit Noel, killing him this time. The demon had so much hatred to Noel because he kept appearing out of nowhere to hit him.

If Noel was hit by this paw, he would die definitely.

However, the demon was forgetting one more person.

The yellow light shone brightly from the side as Anna had charged all her power into this swing.

“It’s not over yet!” Anna shouted as she struck Noel’s sword. In that instant, Ardagan had enough force to cut the demon’s neck while the body lost its power, causing the paw to miss Noel.

Alfred was truly stunned because Noel could somehow kill a Mid Level Demon even though he got help from his own enemy. “They really killed it…”


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