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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 288: Decision Bahasa Indonesia

“What do you think?” Noel asked while looking at their perimeter.

After eating, they rested for a while before they began to move, taking advantage of the darkness to infiltrate the mountain. They didn’t know whether the Thunderbird would come down again or not, but they had to prepare for everything.

“There is nothing for now. I can see a few demons, but I haven’t seen a strong ones.” Anna shook her head. “It seems that they haven’t found demons to refill those we have killed.”

“Then, this is the perfect chance for us to infiltrate the mountain. Can you set up a route for us?”

“I’ll try. But we don’t know where the Thunderbird lives. I’m afraid that we’re going to encounter that bird while we’re in the middle, causing us to be surrounded from all sides.”

“So, your suggestion?” Noel furrowed his eyebrows. Although he already knew what she wanted to say, he still asked to confirm her intention.

“Yeah. We have to kill the demons first before we can go in without any interruption. In the best scenario, we kill the Thunderbird who seems to be controlling the demons in this area.”

“…” Noel fell silent for a moment as if he had come up with a ridiculous idea. “Say… is it possible for Advanced Level Demons to be domesticated or something?”

“You want to domesticate an Advanced Level Demon? Are you insane? Do you want to fly?” Anna’s shock was understandable because no one had ever thought about befriending the demons, considering the latter always attacked them as soon as they met them.

However, Noel explained his thought which gave her another understanding about Noel’s question. “No, do you remember the case of the bandits with the demons? You’re talking about the Supreme Devil Organization at that time, so I thought since this commotion might be related to that organization…”

“Ah!” Anna stared at Noel in disbelief. In her previous life, she had seen an even stronger demon taking side of the Supreme Devil Organization, so it might be possible to control Advanced Level Demons.

In other words, the Thunderbird, who was controlling this mountain, might have been domesticated by the Supreme Devil Organization.

The fact that the Supreme Devil Organization’s bishop found this place and took advantage of it reinforced this thought.

“Our situation might not be as good as we originally thought.” Anna’s body trembled because of the realization. The fact that the commotion that wasn’t supposed to be here actually occurred before her eyes meant the Supreme Devil Organization had found this cave.

The future had changed slightly and this was the result.

“There is a possibility that the Supreme Devil Organization has found out about the liquid and the Thunderbird is used to protect it. In other words, this whole commotion might be related to them.” Anna confirmed it while clenching her fists.

“No. I don’t think the Supreme Devil Organization is that stupid. The fact that you’re using your demon and other loose demons to create this ruckus means you’re ready to make your presence known.

“Looking at the Supreme Devil Organization’s movements this whole time, I know that they won’t be doing this unless…” Noel paused for a moment, creating the suspense. Anna was staring intensely as if demanding the continuation while Noel simply pointed at the cave’s direction. “They haven’t found it.”

“Do you mean that because they haven’t found it, they’re mobilizing these demons to find the cave?”

“Yes. I believe they have found out about the general location, not the specific position.”

“So, are we still going to aim for it? I’m afraid that the enemies have a Devil Bishop. It will be over if we go straight there.”

“No.” Noel shook his head. Although he had a thought about Dimitri who was supposed to be protecting him, he didn’t want to rely on him so that he could mess around. He considered his plan carefully and said, “We’re going to slip past all these demons and go straight to the cave. We take a bath on it and then I’ll burn the liquid.”

“But that means we can’t report it to the Demon Banner Army?”

“The Demon Banner Army might be able to protect and take advantage of it, but with the distance between this place and the branch, it’s impossible to mobilize them before the enemies find the cave. When that happens, the organization might be able to transport all the liquid away… I mean, they have demons.”

“Still, the demon army’s alone is enough to cause a ruckus in the Demon Banner Army, let alone the Body Strengthening Liquid… I see. You want to destroy the Body Strengthening Liquid to decrease the number of problems?”

Noel smirked, confirming her suspicion.

Anna once again was impressed by his decision. It was true that they could take advantage of the liquid if they reported it to the Demon Banner Army. They might even gain an achievement and rewards, but this Body Strengthening Liquid was outside their mission, so no one could tell them they couldn’t destroy it.

Hence, Noel chose to eliminate the problem after taking advantage of it.

Noel waved his hand as he climbed the mountain a bit while looping around the mountain as if he was trying to show her something.

“I’ll pretend that I believe you completely. That’s why if I were them, I would be staying in this mountain with the demons to find the liquid.” Noel suddenly pointed at the front, specifically at the smoke that rose to the sky. It was covered by the mountain before, but now they had changed their position they could find the smoke on the other side of the mountain.

“!!!” Anna knew that this camp must be from the Supreme Devil Organization.

“They might be using the demons who don’t know about the day and the night, but that’s precisely their weakness. The humans, who control them, have to rest during the night and start searching again during the day. Hence, the best time for us to go to the mountain is now… That’s why what is your decision, Anna? Are you going with my plan or do you want to report it?”

Anna let out a long sigh as if she acknowledged the defeat this time. She looked at Noel with a smile. “I’ve told you about the liquid, so it’s now yours. Since you want to go, who am I to refuse such an invitation?”

Noel smiled slyly. “Let’s go, shall we?”


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