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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 285: Ice and Lightning Bahasa Indonesia




The demons collided with each other and ended up getting injured. Some even died on the spot due to being squeezed from two sides.

Noel and Anna managed to use all their strength to take a single leap to get outside of the clash.

However, they didn’t have an easy time either.

When they were about to come out, a few Mid Level Demons and Advanced Level Demons managed to see through their plans and attacked them.

Noel glanced at them and used his Freezing Crystal to block them. As soon as the snowflake exploded, the ice covered the demons. Due to their position, the Mid Level Demons created an ice formation due to their large body and the distances between them, blocking the Advanced Level Demons.

Noel took this opportunity to come out while slicing a few Low Level Demons on his way.

On the other hand, Anna had an easier time due to her power. Lightning sparked around her shoes as it gave her a boost when jumping.

In a single jump, Anna managed to get out without even fighting. But like Noel, she also planned to kill as many demons as possible.

She aimed the lightning on her shoe to the collision between demons and kicked forth, releasing the lightning strike.

The lightning turned into a dragon and swallowed those injured demons, delivering a killing blow.

Now that they managed to escape for a moment, Noel and Anna headed to their horses as if trying to catch up to them.

However, the Advanced Level Demons stood in their way.

“Tsk. You make me loss twenty Gold Coins.” Noel clicked his tongue, angry because he had to lose his horse.

Unlike Anna’s, his horse was given by his grandfather, so it was his possession. So, he didn’t like the fact that he had lost that much money due to them.

Noel released that anger to these demons.

Ice Infusion.

The chilling aura began to envelop his sword as Noel struck one of the Advanced Level Demon.

When Noel sliced the demon’s skin, he realized that it was too tough to penetrate with a normal attack. However, his Ice Infusion realized its might.

The ice froze the skin, weakening the toughness of the skin. Noel knew the effect of the Ice Infusion due to the knowledge he got from the system. When the ice froze the skin, he struck the frozen spot with his Anger this time.

Surprisingly, the sword cut through the skin, creating a deep wound on the Advanced Level Demon’s body.

*Roar!* The demon was screaming in pain.

“!!!” Noel was amused by the power of this Ice Infusion. As expected of Heisk, even though she wasn’t a humanoid spirit yet, she was still strong.

Unfortunately, Noel couldn’t land a killing blow on that demon and was forced to retreat due to their number.

In the end, both Noel and Anna just continued to escape until they passed the demons and found each other.

They regrouped while glancing at their back. “What should we do now? It’s more effective than I thought.”

“Gain some more distance.” Noel answered while pointing his palm at the demons. Anna also did the same.

Sword Fall.

Lightning Dragon.

The three giant swords appeared next to Noel, but when they fell, they suddenly curved and flew horizontally. This was what he had learned in the Ezenholm Family.

Anna also shot her lightning dragon but there was another twist that she applied in this ability.

Before the three swords struck those demons, the lightning dragon moved to the swords and coated them in lightning.

“What?” Noel widened his eyes in shock, glancing at Anna.

“Hehe.” Anna smirked. “I have given your swords my lightning. Go for it.”

Noel didn’t understand how Anna could do it, but he knew that the swords became even stronger.

When it reached the demons, the swords actually pierced through the demons, killing at least twenty demons in a row. Although they were only Low Level Demons, the number they could kill with a single ability was truly beyond their expectation.

“This is…” Noel was amused by this power before Anna added, “There is a Demon using a fire. I want you to block that fire with your ice. I’ll do the rest.”

Noel nodded in agreement as they moved together to make the demons chase them again. Most of the Low Level Demons had a hard time to get away from the collision while those who had escaped from there were the Advanced Level Demons.

“That viper!” Anna shouted while pointing at a white viper.

Noel pointed his palm at the viper and released his Snowflake Crystal.

The viper’s cheeks became inflated all of a sudden before it opened its mouth, releasing a white-colored fire breath instead of poison.

The snowflake was hit by the fire and exploded, trying to freeze the fire. But as expected from an Advanced Level Demon, its attack was extraordinary. The fire was so strong that it tried to evaporate the ice itself, but because Noel’s ice came from a powerful spirit, it only ended up melting instead of evaporating.

The other Advanced Level Demons used the fire breath as a cover as they approached Noel and Anna.

Unfortunately for them, this was what Anna wanted all along. The fire melted Noel’s ice, but the momentum between them caused the water to splash around, hitting a few Advanced Level Demons.

Anna placed her hand on the ground and released her lightning.

“Die.” Anna muttered as she watched her lightning running through the ground.

Reaching the collision between ice and fire, the lightning began to spread through the water and electrocuted three Advanced Level Demons.




The Advanced Level Demons were screaming in pain because the lightning felt like they were roasting them alive.


“I know.” Noel saw the opportunity Anna created for him and summoned three giant swords on top of the demons.

Sword Fall.

The three swords fell right at the demons’ heads, killing them.



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