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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 283: Problem Bahasa Indonesia

Noel and Anna were running away as they were chased away by numerous demons. If they had to handle like fifty demons or something with only one or two Advanced Level Demons, they wouldn’t be running away.

However, the ones chasing after them were numbered two hundred. And there were at least ten Advanced Level Demons leading them.

“This is not like what you’re saying!” Noel shouted while running away with their horses.

“How do I even know this?” Anna shouted back while raising her hand, shooting a lightning strike to hit the beam that was about to hit Noel.


“Don’t you know everything? You even know this Geolythic Mountain has a special liquid!” Noel said while creating the Dispersion Rune to block a fireball that aimed for Anna’s head.

Despite their bickering, they were still protecting each other. However, they surely never expected this kind of accident to happen.

A few minutes ago.

Noel and Anna had reached the Geolythic Mountain and sought the gentle slope for their horse to come with them.

It didn’t take too long for them to reach the end of the gentle slope and they had to fight against the steep ground to reach their destination.

“Is there really no other way to go to that cave?” Noel asked while observing the area to find any path.

If there were no other way, they had to jump off their horses and bring them on foot. In the worst case scenario, they might have to carry their horses.

However, as soon as they jumped off their horses, they suddenly heard a loud cry.


“!!!” Both of them widened their eyes and raised their heads, finding a bird flying in the sky. The bird seemed to have spotted them and alerted the other people about Noel and Anna as if they had trespassed their territories.

“What’s that?” Noel sucked a cold breath, staring at this yellow bird that was covered by lightning.

“I’m afraid that’s a Thunderbird. But judging from its look, it has become a demon.”

“Are you serious?” Noel narrowed his eyes. “Isn’t the cry from earlier a kind of way to alert its companions?”

“That’s true.” Anna nodded with a serious expression while jumping back on her horse as if she was planning to run away.

“Oi, why are you on your horse again?” Noel’s eyebrows twitched but he also did the same as if having the same thought.

“You too…”

They were glaring at each other as if judging each other’s action even though they were doing the same thing.

Their silence was broken by a series of roars coming from their sides.

“!!!” In a single glance, they realized numerous demons had reached the area, ready to kill them.

Still, both of them had confidence in their fighting prowess, so they didn’t retreat immediately. They were staring at the demons to roughly calculate their numbers since if it was at the level they could handle, they didn’t mind taking care of these demons.

Unfortunately for them, the number was not something to be trifling with. Their faces became pale as they signaled their horses to run.




Their actions invited thunderous roars from the demons as they began to chase after them.

This was the start of their bickering. Noel recounted that memory to find any clues about what was happening and asked, “Do you know any reason why the thunderbird is involved? I mean, I can understand the demons are hostile to humans.

“But if there is a thunderbird and numerous Advanced Level Demons, the Demon Banner Army should have taken care of it, right? I’m pretty sure that the villagers are going to report it.

“Even though they’re greedy, these many demons are still too much even for them. Or are they foolish enough to think they could handle this number?”

Anna fell silent, recalling the memory of the previous life. ‘No. There is no big accident happening here. So, these demons should have been taken care of by the Demon Banner Army.

‘As Noel said, the Demon Banner Army will surely take care of this place. Even if the villagers are not reporting the number of the demons, the Demon Banner Army patrolled this area.

‘In that case, what’s with this number? And we’re just a few minutes in… How many demons are actually using the Geolythic Mountain as their home?’

Anna contemplated for a moment. Even Noel didn’t want to disturb her, wondering if she would come up with a reason. In the meantime, he was fending off the attacks from all sides.

‘The Supreme Devil Organization was the one taking advantage of this area in my past life… But that was supposed to happen fifteen months from now, not at this time.

‘Maybe some of my actions have affected the future? I have been avoiding in making a huge change in the world to avoid this problem, but it seems that the effect has begun to appear.

‘There are a few problems that I’ve solved… The bandit and the demon, the cave filled with Demon Crystals, and Kirika’s kidnapping case… Maybe those three are enough to cause this effect?

‘But if I follow this logic, doesn’t that mean the Supreme Devil Organization is the one causing this? In other words, the reason why the demons are more active in this area is due to them?’

Anna contemplated for a moment. She wasn’t sure with her guess, but she might have to find the cave first if she wanted the answer.

With that thought in mind, she said, “Noel. Do you mind if we go to a farther village to leave the horse at a stable? We might have to go by foot in this trip.”

Noel looked at Anna’s serious expression for a while. Anna wouldn’t suggest a dumb idea, so he agreed without hesitation. “Alright. Let’s go with that. But explain to me your train of thought after we outrun the demons.”

“Sure.” Anna agreed without hesitation. She felt a bit fortunate since she could blame everything to the Supreme Devil Organization right now.


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