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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 278: A Lord’s Quality Bahasa Indonesia

Noel and Jasmine looked at each other with a smile. This was Noel’s first time saying all those words, so he felt weird, wondering if he had made any mistake in his words.

Jasmine, on the other hand, smiled at him, saying, “No one can be perfect and know everything. That’s why we’re together, so one can help the other. I hope that I can work together with Young Master in the future.”

“Me too.”

Jasmine politely stood up and returned to her seat. “Well, it might be impolite to ask this, but do you plan to remake the Ardagan’s business?”

Noel fell silent upon this question. Ardagan’s business consisted of several things. The three big businesses of Ardagan consisted of Agriculture, Smithy, and Loan.

Noel had heard about them from time to time, but he never learned them from his father directly. That was why he couldn’t say he was adept in any of them.

However, Noel had one thought before taking the lord’s position. “I have no experience in any of them, but I have the desire to learn about them. There is also another reason why I often come to the village on a mission from the Demon Banner Army.

“I wish to learn from them. Their work, their living style, and their struggle. In this village, the farmland is good and everyone can have a bountiful harvest every year. In another village, they have an abundant water and many river fishes, but they have to struggle with life and death every day.

“In another village, they have no abundant things, but they have enough to continue their lives. However, they’re haunted with bandits and feared their turn would come.

“I’ve come to learn that everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. One job in one’s place might not be the same as the one in another place.

“That’s why right now… I want to learn from them as much as possible, so I know what has to be done when I become a lord.

“I can’t give you the answer to your question, but I can tell you this… I’ll do the business that I know the core of that business.

“If I want to do an Agriculture Business, I have to know about the farmland, the irrigation, and the farmers themselves. If I want to rebuild the smithy, I have to go to the mine to understand the danger lying deep inside it. If I want to create a loan business, I have to understand their struggle and their limit. This is my answer.”

Jasmine opened her eyes in shock. This kind of answer from a fifteen years old boy was unheard of.

In the first mission to save a village, Noel saved people from bandits. In the second mission to save a village, he had to break a beaver’s dam to free the village. In his third mission, Noel saved an entire city. And lastly, in his visit to get his armor, he learned a bit about mining.

This was Noel’s experience. A precious experience that he would never have if he stayed in his mission.

Jasmine smiled. “That’s enough, Young Master. I’m anticipating the time I can ride back to your territory.”

“Thank you.” Noel nodded.

“Ah, we’ve deviated too much from our conversation. Let’s continue about the tale of your father, shall we?”

Noel agreed as Jasmine continued recounting her memory about his father to understand the struggle of his father.

They talked too long to the point the night had passed.

“Mhmmm!” Jasmine stretched her body while letting out a soft moan. “It seems that we’ve talked for too long. You couldn’t even get a wink of sleep…”

“It’s fine. It was a lot of fun to listen to you.” Noel waved his hand. He learned how much knowledge Jasmine had in one area. She might not be as good as others in another topic, but he could rely on her in Agriculture. “I guess this is the time for me to go.”

“Do you want to get some sleep first?”

“No, someone is waiting for me.” Noel shook his head calmly.

“Is that so? Well, I’ll see you off.” Jasmine extended her hand as if guiding him to the outside of their village. She stood there until Noel’s back couldn’t be seen anymore.

After that, she returned to her home with a smile, couldn’t contain her excitement after talking with Noel.

But when she closed the door of her house, she suddenly felt an eerie atmosphere from her house. The temperature seemed to have dropped slightly, giving a chill down her spine.

“This is…” Jasmine wasn’t an expert like Noel, but she seemed to know something was going on. Of course, it came from her experience.

“This looks like someone is in my house… And that person is…” She looked around before pointing at her own shadow. “Uncle Dimitri.”

A pair of eyes and a mouth suddenly appeared on her shadow, smiling. Suddenly, a small black-colored tornado came out of the ground as Dimitri came out from within.

“It’s truly you, Uncle Dimitri. You can’t scare me anymore.” Jasmine stuck her tongue out before remembering something important. “But why are you here? It’s as if you are following… No, wait…”

Dimitri nodded. “I’m following the young master.”

“What? Why do you do that? If I’m not wrong, you have a good reputation in the kingdom, right? I thought you were working somewhere.”

“What are you talking about?” Dimitri shook his head. “I was the first one to swear my loyalty to Young Master Noel.”

“So, I’m the second.”

“No, you’re third.”

“Huh? Who’s the second one?”

“I’m not going to answer that. You’ll find out later anyway.”

“So, because you can’t scare me anymore, you’re going to leave me in suspense.”


“Tsk.” Jasmine clicked her tongue before sighing, dropping the matter. “Still… to think the young master has you in his side. Are you planning to train him to become like Master Luke?”

“No. I’m not planning to do anything. I don’t even want to appear before him… I just resolve any problem beyond his own abilities until the right moment.”

“I see. But I guess Young Master Noel’s experience is a good boost to his career. Will he surpass his father?”

“Don’t you see the blade on his waist?”

“The blade?” Jasmine closed her eyes for a moment before realizing the meaning of that blade. “That’s the family’s heirloom, Ardagan. And the only one who managed to wield that blade…”

“Yes. I believe that Young Master has the ability to surpass not only his father, but his ancestor. But before he reaches that point, I’m going to stay by his side.”

Jasmine felt more excited. She couldn’t wait to see that moment, but she still couldn’t let go the previous matter. She playfully asked, “So, mind telling me who’s the second?”

“Goodbye.” Dimitri disappeared into the shadow again and the room’s atmosphere returned to normal.



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