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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 267: Warning Bahasa Indonesia

Anna was confused by Noel’s train of thought and asked, “Do you want to exchange your Contribution Points with Demon Crystals?”


“Well, we, Apprentice Knights, haven’t been impacted by the rules yet, so we can easily get numerous Demon Crystals to start. After graduation, we’re going to get imposed by twenty percent rules where you have to hand over twenty percent of Crystals you got except for some special cases.”

“That’s what I’m planning.” Noel nodded with a serious expression. “I’m planning to hunt Demons right now and use all the Contribution Points right before graduation.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“The requirement to graduate is to finish five Individual Mission and five Group Mission, right?”

“Yes. Ah, wait! Do you mean…”

“Yes. That’s the minimum requirement. There’s no one telling us we can’t get more missions.” Noel smirked.

“But we don’t have too much time left.”

“The Body Strengthening Liquid… We’ll take on missions along the way. If possible, I’ll also hunt some more demons.” Noel nodded with a smirk. “This way, we can amass more Contribution Points and exchange it with the Demon Crystals. It’s true that Spirit Techniques are quite tempting, but what I’m lacking right now is the Spiritual Energy in my body.”

“I see. It seems to be a concrete plan.” She agreed with Noel’s decision. Even she was tempted by it. Even though her father was still in power unlike Noel’s, she never relied on her family that much except for the little money she brought when she first came here.

“Let’s go.”

“So, we’re only doing subjugation missions?”

“Any mission that doesn’t take too much time. Three days will be the limit for each mission.”

With the agreement, the two immediately rushed to Shale and said, “Sir Shale. I’m going to take on my last missions.”

“Me too.”

“Last missions?” Shale was confused because both of them only needed one mission to graduate. He thought that Noel was telling him to represent Anna, but it didn’t seem to be the case.

“I need to check it with you, but you know that you only need one more mission to graduate, right?” Shale asked for confirmation with a wry smile.

“Yes. But there is no rule that we can’t take on more missions before we graduate, right?” Noel asked.

“No. There’s nothing like that.”

“That’s why we want to take on our last missions.”

It didn’t take too long for Shale to realize their aims. “You’re aiming for more Contribution Points?”

Noel and Anna admitted it without hesitation. “Yes.”

“Are you serious?” Shale pinched the bridge of his nose while taking out the mission catalog. “Well, just take a look at the catalog.”

Noel took a look at the book while Anna asked, “By the way, how many Contribution Points to exchange for Demon Crystals?”

“Mhm?” Shale finally knew their purpose in getting more missions. He watched both of their faces first. They weren’t people who would recklessly destroy themselves just for the sake of Contribution Points, so he let them away with this. “Depends on what you want.”

“Low Quality Crystals?”

“One point for one crystal. That kind of demon is like an ant compared to the knight of our army, so we just have too many of them.”

“How about Mid Quality Crystals?”

“Fifty Points for one Crystals

“That’s so expensive.”

“Advance Qual—”

As if he had done picking his missions, Noel interjected Anna’s question, “By the way, can we also turn in the Demon Crystals we have?”

“Yes. People like that are usually exchanging it with equipment.”

Noel nodded and said, “In that case, I don’t need Advanced Quality Crystals.”

“Huh? Are you serious, Noel? Advanced Quality Crystal is very good for your development, you know.” Anna stopped him from going to this path. After all, it would only slow down his progress. If he wanted to get stronger, he should get Advanced Quality Crystals instead of the lower quality ones.

However, Noel had an answer to that. “I’m focusing on filling the Low Quality and Mid Quality Crystals first. As soon as I have hit my limit, I can sell the Crystals for money.

“No matter what you say, I don’t have anyone backing me up with financial power. So, these Crystals will be my main source of income for the time being.”

“Ah…” Anna looked away, understanding and respecting his choice.

“How about you?” Shale asked Anna since she was different.

Anna said, “I’ll also focus on the first two as well. I don’t want to rely on my family that much.”

“Alright. Anyway, have you picked your missions?”

Noel nodded and pointed at least six subjugation missions. “These three are mine and the others are Anna’s. This is Individual Mission, but since we have finished our requirement right at the first mission, we don’t have to abide by the rule anymore, right?”

“Tsk. Smartass.” Shale clicked his tongue. “Yes. Though, I have to make sure that you finish your first mission by yourself.”

“Of course. Do we look like we don’t have any integrity?”

“Well, just in case.” Shale shrugged.

“Are you salty that I didn’t accept your invitation?” Noel chuckled, presenting it in a lighthearted way to not offend Shale.

Though, Shale replied with a serious expression. “Yes. I’m salty. Do you want me to express all my hatred to you for rejecting me?”

“…” Noel clapped his hands and hurriedly changed the topic. “Anyway, these are the missions. I hope that Sir Shale can record it for us.”

Shale stared at Noel’s face for a moment, making it awkward. But since Noel was looking away, Shale ended up recording it and handing the mission to them. “These are your missions. Remember the time limit as well as the missions.”

“Of course.” Noel smiled.

Shale looked at the sky before saying, “Before leaving, I suggest you to leave tomorrow.”

“What do you mean?” Noel was confused before seeing Shale pointing at the sky.

“It’s going to be a heavy rain tonight. As you know, we have four seasons, spring, summer, rainy, and winter. And right now, we’re at the peak of the rainy season, so you have to be careful.”

“How do you even know it’s going to rain?”

“Just take a look at the cloud, the shape, the size, and so on. Then, you take a look at the wind and see if it will carry the cloud away or not. After that, when you breathe, do you feel that its temperature drops or not? Then, does it feel humid? These are the basics to predict rain. Once you get used to it, you should be able to predict it correctly most of the time. It’s a useful skill.”

“I understand. I’ll learn it.” Noel nodded and bowed to Shale before leaving, noting everything in his mind.


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