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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 255: Demon Observer Squad Bahasa Indonesia

In front of the brothel, there was a group of people wearing a black uniform that reflected their identities. A normal soldier usually wore white uniform, even the royal soldiers.

The Demon Banner Army was the only one that had black uniform. It was symbolized after a soldier that went through numerous battlefield that his uniform was covered in blood and all other things until it turned black.

That was why the moment the Demon Banner Army Soldiers arrived in front of the brothel, all people were staring at them.

“What’s this?”

“The brothel?”

“But that uniform… they’re from the Demon Banner Army.”

“What’s their soldiers doing in the brothel? I guess even the soldiers from the Demon Banner Army can’t stop their urges.”

The people wanted to laugh at them, thinking the soldiers just wanted to relieve their stress in the Brothel.

Even the receptionist came out and asked, “Oh my, aren’t you soldiers from the Demon Banner Army? Please come in. We have the best women in the city.”

They all maintained their poker faces until one of them stepped forward and declared, “You are suspected to be related to the Supreme Devil Organization. Hence, we’re going to investigate your brothel as well as put a stop for the kidnapping case related to your brothel.”

This statement shocked the entire street because the Demon Banner Army seemed to be planning for a war.

Meanwhile, Noel and Anna were smiling at each other’s support. Though, Noel had to inform her about their current condition. “Still, we have to fight these knights as well.”

Anna shouted while taking out the badge, “We’re from the Demon Banner Army and that guy is from the Supreme Devil Organization. If you attack us, it means you’re helping the Supreme Devil Organization. All of you are going to be executed.”

This declaration stunned all the knights since they obviously only did their job. Their lord informed them because they never saw Noel, meaning he was an intruder. Meanwhile, the middle-aged man was a butler in their mansion.

“Do you think you can fool anyone?” The middle-aged man took out his own badge similar to Anna’s and said, “I’m the one who is from the Demon Banner Army. Those two are impostors. I have been commanded to help the lord of the mansion to investigate the involvement of a certain drug and they are the enemies that want to capture me so that I can stop the investigation. Kill them!”

“!!!” The knights became confused. After all, the badges between the two were similar.

Even Anna didn’t expect that the other party to actually forge an identification badge. In the past life, the Supreme Devil Organization never used this because it might be able to fool some, but the majority of people could know the fake badge in a glance.

What made the knights hesitated was the middle-aged man’s identity as a butler of this house.

“If only this badge is not made for Apprentice Knight, we can utilize its full might to show these fools we’re from the Demon Banner Army.” Anna clicked her tongue. It seemed that the enemies had been prepared to deal with them.

Noel was aware of the real badge as well since Shale had taught them about it. The real badge needed a drop of their blood so that they became the sole owner of the badge. Even if they died on a mission and their badge was stolen, no one would be able to activate their badge. This way, not many people could be fooled.

However, the badge of the Apprentice Knight was just a normal one since the real badge was a bit more expensive. With the fact that the Apprentice Knights had the highest mortality rate, they didn’t want to invest too much, giving them only a normal badge. Besides, the Apprentice Knights rarely took a mission of this difficulty, so the feature wasn’t that necessary.

But this time, it bit Noel and Anna as they couldn’t prove themselves.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything we can do right now, Noel.” Anna gave up.

Noel took a deep breath and said, “There’s nothing different from what we’ve been doing this whole time. You’re not tired already, right?”

“Fool. I was just warming up my body.” Anna smiled as her body started emitting electricity as if showing that all the running she had done to get the reinforcement was just a warm up.

“Kill them!” The middle-aged man ordered the knights, taking advantage of this situation to eliminate all kinds of threats.

The knights began to approach Noel and Anna while raising their shields to protect themselves from their power.

Noel released his Spiritual Energy, planning to fight them.

“There’s no need to do that.”

Suddenly, a gentle voice filled everyone’s head. They instinctively raised their heads and found a guy standing on top of the wall.

The guy had long blue hair and wore glasses, making him look intelligent. He also wore the black uniform unique to the soldier from the Demon Banner Army.

His expression was calm as if he had seen through all the people here.

“It seems that everyone in this mansion is related to the Supreme Devil Organization. My subordinates should have arrived at the brothel, so I shall proceed to capture everyone here.” The moment he said ‘capture,’ numerous threats came out of the wall and the ground, capturing the knights in an instant.

“Threads?!” The middle-aged man widened his eyes in shock. “You… Who are you?”

“The badge in your hand was from a guy called Eizen, a person from my Demon Observer Squad. There’s no way that he can’t recognize me, his squad’s vice captain.” The glasses guy took out his badge and injected his Spiritual Energy into the badge so that it would shine, proving his identity was real. He even let out his Spiritual Energy that instantly enveloped the entire mansion.

Noel was shivering from this Spiritual Energy while Anna smirked, finally feeling what she hadn’t felt for a while. “Haha, Spirit Grandmaster.”

“Spirit Grandmaster?” Noel widened his eyes before he remembered something important. “No, wait. You have to go to the brothel. The receptionist of that brothel is a Spirit Wielder!”

As Noel said that, the receptionist of the brothel had begun showing her hostility in her eyes, her body also emitted the Spiritual Energy that symbolized a Spirit Wielder, and she said, “There are only five of you here. Do you think you five are enough to capture me?”


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