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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 244: Awkward Acting Bahasa Indonesia

Since the town wasn’t that far from them, Anna and Noel arrived at their destination within three days. Since it would be bad if they caught up because they had just arrived, Noel suggested them to go to an inn and wash their bodies.

They couldn’t easily enter the brothel because of their age, but Noel could still act like a useless young noble that wanted to do anything he liked, including indulging in pleasure.

Meanwhile, Anna would infiltrate through another way.

Of course, infiltrating on the very first day they came in would be bad. Hence, they decided to investigate the brothel first, especially on how they worked.

This time, Noel and Anna grouped up in the red-light district.

“Is this the only way?” Anna asked while hugging Noel’s arm.

“Yeah. This place is only for couple.” Anna nodded and pointed to the front.

They could see that most of them were actually couple.

“The red-light district doesn’t offer only brothel after all… There are also places for them to indulge in their fantasy.”

“That’s how it is. So, we’re going to pretend as one just to pass this street. Look, I won’t get caught by those girls from the brothel too if we do this.”

Anna glanced at the girls in front of the brothel who were seducing the single men that tried to pass the street to bring them in. She could see the reason but she still felt embarrassed acting like this with Noel.

‘Did this guy never have a heart movement? I’m embarrassed here since this is the first time for me. No wonder he had no woman in his previous life.’ Anna glared at Noel.

“What?” Noel asked with a poker face.

“Nothing. Let’s go.” Anna harrumphed.

“Sure.” Noel nodded as he walked slowly.

“Why don’t you say something here, Noel?” Anna asked.

“Saying something? Ah. What am I supposed to say anyway?”

Anna’s eyebrows twitched. “Don’t tell me, you don’t have any knowledge about this?”

“Other than reading some books, lazying around, and listening to some lessons, I haven’t done anything.”

“…” Anna seemed to have misunderstood him. It wasn’t that he was cold. He was just inexperienced in this matter. “Then, I’ll lead this time.”

Anna had a huge smile on her face and asked, “What are we going to do tonight?”

“I’ll let you do whatever you want tonight.” Noel smiled, trying to play along. While he was looking at Anna, he was also investigating the people from the brothel.

“Is that so? What should I do with you.” Anna chuckled as she pointed at the bench not far away. “How about we sit there first? I’m a bit tired.”

“Sure.” Noel nodded.

They didn’t realize that since both of them didn’t have any experience in this, they were a bit awkward.

It truly came out of nowhere. In fact, Noel wouldn’t ever suggest this idea if not for the clues from his family mansion. But he hadn’t accepted Anna either. That was why this became a bit too awkward.

“We’re only walking for two minutes and I feel tired.” Noel sighed while lowering his head as if he was ashamed by this result.

Anna chuckled. “Now I can find your weakness. It seems that you’re weak for something like this.”

“Not at all. I often walk with my maid.”

“Then, is it because you’re walking with a beauty like me?” Anna made a smug smile.

“Well, you might say that way.” Noel made a small smile, admitting it.

Anna was startled. She blinked a few times, stunned by Noel’s reply.

“Haha.” Noel laughed at her reaction.

In that instant, Anna realized that Noel was acting. “You… you teased me.”

“Thanks to your awkward lead, I can kinda understand our situation. We have never pretended or role play as a couple, so why bother to do it right now? Just be ourselves.” Noel chuckled, whispering to Anna so that no one could hear it.

“You… Do you know what you’re saying?”

“Of course, that’s precisely why. Just act like usual and people will think we’re flirting.” Noel shrugged.

“No way.”

“But don’t forget where we are right now.”

“Huh?” Anna looked around and understood Noel’s words. “Ah.”

Although they weren’t really a friend usually, their simple discussion looked that way since Noel buried that hatred in his heart this whole time. With the fact they were a pair, they truly looked like a friend.

And this place was no different. If they acted usual like a friend, the red-light district would turn their atmosphere to a romantic one. So, even if they talked like usual and had fun together, the people thought they were in a date and flirted as usual.

Noel smiled and said, “Alright. I know where to go.”

“Oh?!” Anna was confused but Noel grabbed her hand and dragged her somewhere.

Noel took the lead this time as they visited a place not far from the brothel. It was actually a clothing store, but unlike a normal clothing store, this store had all kinds of lingeries or dress for the night.

“So, you want to go here?” Anna made a wry smile, not knowing what to expect from Noel.

“Yeah. Get some dress for you.” Noel nodded without hesitation.

“Welcome, Mister and Miss.” The staff from this shop immediately greeted them.

“I want to get a beautiful dress for her. Do you think it’s possible?” Noel winked his eye.

The staff instantly understood what Noel wanted to do. The lady next to him must be his woman and he wanted to dress the woman beautifully to enjoy the night. She politely bowed and said, “Of course, we can. We have all sizes, so we can make sure she’s dressed beautifully.”

Noel nodded and gently pushed Anna to the staff.

“Welcome, Miss. I’ll be helping you with choosing the dress.” The staff smiled before turning to Noel. “Also, would you like to come together so that you can check whether it’s up to your preference or not?”

“I can?”

“Of course.” She waved her hand to the side and said, “Then, please follow me.”


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