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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 209: Chicken Bahasa Indonesia

In a tavern, Noel was sitting down with a plate of food. He had reached this place three days earlier than planned, so he had to wait.

They had agreed to meet in a plaza when the sun was on top of their head, so he still had some time.

He looked down while contemplating, ‘We’re about to go to the Sword Saint Tomb. I don’t know what awaits us there, but it’s clear that the Sword Saint and my ancestor were related.

‘I read in a book that the Sword Saint was my ancestor’s best friend. My ancestor might be the greatest spirit user in his time, but the Sword Saint was truly a peerless expert with a sword. If my ancestor didn’t use everything, he would have lost against the Sword Saint.

‘Since both of them were best friend, I should be able to take advantage of this, right?’ Noel tapped the table a few times, thinking deeply. ‘That’s right. I can simply tell him that I’m the last Ardagan and Anna is the culprit for my family execution. The Sword Saint’s Spirit is related to soul, so he must have a way to retain his soul.’

Right after, Noel thought that way, fate worked magically. A feminine’s voice echoed in his ears as she sat down in the empty seat next to him.

“Hello, gentleman. Do you mind if I share a seat with you?”

“No…” Noel wanted to refuse but soon noticed the voice sounded familiar and turned around, finding Anna sitting down next to him. “Anna, huh.”

“Why do you sound so disappointed?” Anna pouted.

“Don’t you think you know why?” Noel shrugged.

Anna let out a long sigh. Whenever Noel brought this up, she truly couldn’t say anything. Hence, she decided to change the topic. “So, when are we going to go to the ruin?”

“I’m ready whenever. You want to rest first?” Noel asked.

Anna raised her eyebrows, looking surprised. She stared at Noel with a gentle smile. “So, you’re worried about me?”

“No, I’m just afraid you will mess up because of fatigue, endangering my life as a result.”

Anna’s eyebrows twitched as she thought, ‘This guy truly knows how to use all kinds of insults. I wonder if this guy’s brain is actually filled with this kind of thought.’

On the other hand, Noel had a different thought in his mind. ‘Anna is just a pawn. It’s a fact. Then, her father might be the one protecting me from the execution, but I don’t know just yet, considering the mastermind might be my father. I truly have to investigate it.’

But Noel and Anna had a similar thought in their mind.

‘I’m going to use the relationship between my ancestor and the sword saint to deal with you.’

‘I will use his ancestor to confess and somehow explain the situation.’

Both of them smiled at each other, knowing what to do in this expedition.

“If that’s the case, how about going to the ruin tomorrow morning?”

“Sounds good to me.” Noel nodded in agreement.

“Excuse me, give me the same thing as him.” Anna then called the waitress and ended up eating there. Since their condition was important, they decided to go back to the inn, having some rest for tomorrow’s expedition.

But the two somehow went back to the same inn.

Noel had an annoyed expression while Anna made a wry smile.

“Say… Are you a stalker or something?” Noel glanced at Anna.

“This must be a coincidence. So, you’re staying here too Noel?”

“If you’re a noble, then act like one. Stalking someone is not good. Oh, wait. I think I can use this to ruin your reputation.” Noel walked inside, trying to forget about this.

“What do you mean? I’m simply searching for a good but affordable inn. This is the perfect inn for that. I’m here as Anna, not as a noble daughter, so I can’t afford to use their money.” Anna chuckled.

While they were talking, their feet continued to move toward their room, but out of three floors, they somehow ended up in the same floor. Not only that, Noel and Anna surprisingly stood next to each other, trying to open their door.

“You are seriously not a stalker?” Noel’s eyebrows were twitching.

“If I told you I’m not and everything is just a coincidence, will you believe me?” Anna looked away.

Noel slammed the wall and cornered Anna, looking at her coldly. “You seriously think I’m going to believe you? Now that I think about it, you have all that kind of information and knowledge as if you can see the future. Don’t you think it’s possible for you to locate me with that kind of power?”

“Hoh?” Anna made a cheeky smile, not backing down in this conversation. “I have the power to see the future? What if I tell you that the next future after this is both of us returning the key and end up sleeping in the same bed?”

“Are you taunting me?” Noel squinted his eyes as he began excluding killing intent.

“You’re the one saying I’ve the power to see the future.” Anna shrugged.

Noel took a deep breath, holding his anger. Surprisingly, he put on a smile while saying, “If that’s the case, then we should do that. Getting a single room for both of us is surely cost effective. We can use that money for something else. Well, I don’t mind a single bed.”

Noel took a step back and started walking as if he wanted to go to the clerk to return the key.

It took her a while to realize before Anna hurriedly caught up and held his hand, stopping him. “Wait, wait, wait. Just think of this as coincidence, alright? This is truly coincidence.”

Suddenly, an evil smirk appeared on Noel’s face as he turned around as if nothing happened. He also whispered to Anna. “Haha, chicken.”

Anna was dumbfounded and could only stare at Noel as he went to his room, leaving her alone. She realized Noel had just played her earlier. She thought she had seen all Noel’s tricks, but she was never this close to Noel in the previous life, so this one was new to her.

“You…” Anna clenched her fists and shouted inwardly, ‘Just you wait. Next time, I’m not going to cower. Next time, let’s see who will run first!’


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