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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 199: Fighting a Spider Demon Bahasa Indonesia

After finishing everything in the town, Ilzen led the group toward the Greenwood Kingdom. They crossed the designated path that could lead to the Greenwood Kingdom.

Although it was filled with demons because of those Advanced Level Demons, it was still far safer, so most people, who wanted to cross the border from Slavina, usually used this path.

On the way, Noel kept listening to Ilzen’s lecture about herbs and meats like how he prepared them and their taste. This was just knowledge, and Noel had to experience it. Though, it didn’t change the fact that this knowledge would certainly give him a good understanding of food.

Meanwhile, Anna had finally reached her destination, the cave where everything began.

The cave was big. Considering it was hidden underneath a hill, the temperature was cool and the tunnel was dark.

Luckily, Anna could easily solve it by using the Moon Blessing. She poured the Magic Power into her eyes and the entire cave was lit up. She could even see the detail on the rocks next to her as if she was outside.

“This is the cave. Right now, my Spiritual Energy is only at Spirit Practitioner Level. Even lower than Noel… I could fool Noel back then by sacrificing only a few days of my lifespan, but I would be a fool to use more than that.

“I don’t know how many Demon Crystals are hidden in this cave, but the Supreme Devil started growing in this place, so I believe the amount is quite high. Maybe I can go straight to Spirit Wielder or even more? I have enough knowledge and experience, so I don’t need anything other than Spiritual Energy.”

Anna clenched her fists, making her resolve. That amount of Spiritual Energy wouldn’t be easy to absorb, so she had to endure pure torture that would last for days or even weeks.

With this thought in mind, Anna walked forward, crossing the tunnel. ‘I don’t have any information about the hidden danger in this cave, so I have to be careful.”

Anna walked into this cave while squinting her eyes. Her pace was slow and her hand was on the sword’s handle, preparing to draw it as soon as she found a demon.

Surprisingly, this cave only had one tunnel instead of multiple branches, which was normal to happen inside a cave.

But she was certainly taken aback by what was waiting for her.

‘Hmm?’ Anna stopped on her track when she saw the cave expand. Inside that huge cave was filled with numerous Demon Crystals. The number was unimaginable.

She thought she could get around one thousand Low Level Demon Crystals and one to two hundred Mid Level Demon Crystals, let alone the possibility of the Advanced Level Crystals. It would certainly directly allow her to go straight to Spirit Wielder.

But she noticed something in that cave. There were a few eggs sitting next to the Demon Crystals. Some were even attached by thin threads.

‘No, it’s a web… cobweb. I hate bugs.’ Anna gritted her teeth while approaching the cave carefully, trying to get a glimpse of the demon waiting inside this place.

As she expected, there was a huge green-colored spider hanging on the ceiling.

‘Green spider… Isn’t this the Green Poison Demon? If I’m not wrong, the green spider is storing a venom so strong that it can neutralize or overpower all kinds of poisons. If one takes the pearl formed inside the demon, there’s a chance that you’ll develop some poison resistance or even immunity.

‘Someone once tried to use poison to kill the Supreme Devil but failed because of his immunity. As expected, this must be the spider…

‘I do know a few techniques to expel the poison from my body, but I wonder if those techniques are enough to expel the poison until my body develops immunity.’

Anna considered everything thoroughly since she didn’t want to make any mistakes just because of her greed. As for taking an opportunity from others, this cave was originally used by the Supreme Devil, so weakening that guy was something she had to do.

‘Alright. I think I get it. I’ll use the Demon Crystals to increase my Spiritual Energy first. I don’t know whether my techniques are powerful enough, but as long as I have Spiritual Energy to spare, I should be able to do something about it. In that case, let’s kill the spider first and destroy the eggs.’

Anna took a deep breath.

She closed her eyes for a moment, concentrating the Spiritual Energy on her feet. Once hit by the spider poison, she would be dead, so she wanted to focus on dodging.

At the same time, she prepared the Duplication Rune since the first strike was important.

‘My enemy is an Advanced Level Demon, so I have to be careful.’ Anna muttered inwardly for one last time before she suddenly leaped forth, entering the huge cave.

“!!!” The demon felt Anna’s presence and immediately woke up from its slumber. All eight red eyes were locked on Anna.

Anna pointed her left hand to the spider and released the rune. The huge rune appeared in front of her and the lightning started gathering around her hand.

Before she released that lightning, the spider suddenly jumped off the ceiling, scaring her.

Anna’s heart skipped a beat as this was one of the reasons why she hated fighting insects.

‘They do love to scare people with their sudden action and grotesque appearance.’ Anna clicked her tongue and released all the lightning in her hands.

Electric Shock.

The lightning flew forth and hit the Duplication Rune. As a result, the Duplication Rune created a few other runes and summoned the same lightning from each other, overwhelming the demon spider.

The spider immediately spurted out webs from its butts and pushed it forward, trying to catch the lightning.

But due to them moving toward each other, the spider couldn’t catch all the lightning. Only five out of the eight lightning strikes were trapped inside its webs and exploded there.

The remaining three reached the demon’s body and exploded.


The electricity spread all over its body, numbing the spider’s body.

“Kiekk…” the spider let out a scream as it landed on the ground, glaring at Anna.

“Oops. It’s not very effective. It seems I have thoroughly angered the spider.”


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