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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 192: Shock Bahasa Indonesia

“Well, that’s Alanton.” Ilzen made a wry smile, trying to ignore what Alanton said earlier.

“It seems that it’s truly cost him a lot. No wonder he likes money.” Noel nodded in understanding.

“Well, what do you think about Alanton and Elsa?”

“If I remember it correctly, I read in some books that there’s not a single spirit that is exactly the same to each other.” Noel glanced at Ilzen.

“Indeed. There might be some, but because the number of people who can use spirits and the distance between the people, I doubt there are people who can prove otherwise.” Ilzen confirmed.

“If that’s the case, won’t fighting against other be hard?”

“Indeed. There are spirits who have some similarity, but they’re not exactly the same. So, you have to understand them and find something to take advantage of.” Ilzen nodded.

Noel then looked at Elsa and Alanton. “I can see that they’re not your average people and if I’m the one fighting them, it’ll take a while to understand their power. This will give them a lot of advantage in a battle, especially against someone whose ability has similarities to normal people.”

Elsa closed her eyes for a moment, recounting the scene of all her past battles. She was the one confirming Noel’s words. “Indeed. That’s the case. And thanks to this ability, I can learn directly from Sir Raincart.”

“I see. I can take advantage of that.” Noel turned to Ilzen. “In that case, you’re the only one who hasn’t revealed your strength. I don’t know if it’s needed though.”

“Hoho.” Ilzen chuckled while covering his mouth with his hand. “I’ll show my power too. But unlike them, I’m not that unique.”

“Well, we’ll see.” Noel shrugged. “Let’s continue our journey.”


The trio nodded and immediately started walking through the forest, heading to the hill not far from them. According to Ilzen, the Advanced Level Demons hid in the area behind the hill, so they had to climb the hill to observe the landscape instead of going around it.

It didn’t take too long for them to find another group of demons. This time, the number surpassed what Elsa and Alantor faced combined. There were twenty demons coming toward them and two of them were actually Mid Level Demons.

“Are you sure you can handle it?” Noel asked.

“Don’t worry. My bones might be old, but I still can handle them just fine.” Ilzen smiled, assuring him. He walked toward the incoming demons while unsheathing his swords.

Noel might have underestimated Ilzen. Although his Spirit Level was the same as Elsa, Ilzen had lived for so long. The experience he carried on his back was immense.

When Ilzen walked away, Elsa came to Noel and said, “Don’t worry, Young Master. He might not be interested in reaching the next level, but he’s, by no means, weak. I’d be lucky if I can land more than two blows on him. Well, there’s a reason why he doesn’t aim for the next level. According to him, he can only use one Spirit Ability.”

“One Spirit Ability?” Noel furrowed his eyebrows and saw Ilzen leaping to the demons. When Ilzen waved his sword, the Spiritual Energy on his sword suddenly flew forth and multiplied.

“!!!” Noel widened his eyes in shock because he had seen this ability. “Duplication?”

“Yes, his only Spirit Ability is Duplication. That’s why he doesn’t need to raise his Spirit Level. By multiplying his attack, he can control all those attacks. If he spread it, he can kill more demons. If he concentrate it in one spot, he can penetrate even a demon with powerful defense. It’s simple yet deadly.”

‘Then, how about the Duplication Rune? It has the same ability. Although preparing the rune requires time, it doesn’t change the fact that you can use the same ability.’ Noel narrowed his eyes before coming to a realization. ‘Don’t tell me, the rune itself is actually the way for human to use the Spirit Ability without awakening the Spirit itself? Is this the way for a normal people who doesn’t have talent to awaken their spirit to fight?’

Noel once again reconsidered the importance of the runes. If he actually spread this, all kingdoms would love to know the method from him. After all, they could turn normal soldiers to use runes. They just had to consume Demon Crystals and learn how to control Spiritual Energy.

‘If I’m thinking about the humanity as a whole, runes itself are the best way to equip the humans with a weapon that can defeat all demons and expand themselves to the Dark Territory. If I’m thinking about the greedy people, the runes will be my doom. This is…’

Noel sucked a cold breath, knowing that his choice to publicize the runes would change everyone’s perspective.

“I’ve finished my job.” Ilzen’s voice echoed in Noel’s ears, startling him.

“A-ah! That’s right.” Noel nodded while stopping his thought about runes. It was an important question, so there was no need to rush to make the decision.

“You didn’t watch my fight, Young Master?” Ilzen asked.

“I watched it. I know how to do it, so it’s alright.” Noel waved his hand, calming him.

“How about you fighting the demons yourself, Young Master? I’ll make my move if something bad happens.”

Noel looked at Ilzen in the eyes. It turned out Ilzen was using this as an excuse to observe his ability.

Noel sighed and said, “Fine. There should be some demons in that direction.”

Ilzen narrowed his eyes, following Noel’s gaze and confirming it. “Indeed.”

“If that’s the case, I’m leaving.” Noel hurriedly ran to the demons. He didn’t mind playing in Ilzen’s hands since he wanted to distract his thought from runes.

‘Can I kill an Advanced Level Demon without runes or Fire Spirit Ability?’ Noel asked himself and saw the incoming five demons.

‘I should have no problem in using the Increase Agility Rune and Strength Blessing Rune once when they aren’t looking. But that’s about it.’ Noel muttered inwardly while swinging his sword.

Mega Slash.

Swift Strike.

Sword Aura.

Sword Fall.

Noel easily used one ability after another, overwhelming Low Level Demons and killing them in a breeze.

‘Yeah, I think there’s a way to kill one.’ Noel finished his thought and turned around, only to find Ilzen and the others dropped their jaw to the ground. “Hmm? What’s wrong?”


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