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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 165: Different Answer Bahasa Indonesia

“There is a meaning of the names. But that will be your task to discover the difference. Are the spirits living in everyone’s body? Why do people have to awaken them first? People have worked hard for their entire life but still can’t awaken them? Does true goal really the condition of the spirit awakening? There are many questions you can discover.

“Unfortunately I can’t give you the answer. It’s not because I don’t want to give it to you, but I wish you can discover them yourself. There is a merchant selling an item for two silver coins and a customer is willing to buy it. How many copper coins does he has to give the merchant?”

“Huh? This question…” Noel tilted his head in confusion, not understanding why she asked this simple question. He answered without hesitation, “200 copper coins.”

“It might be right, it might be wrong.” She made a playful smile.

“It might be right, it might be wrong?” Noel repeated it as he was thoroughly confused.

“That’s right. I can say that the customer is paying 201 copper coins? Why? Because the customer likes to give a tip. The answer can even come in the form of gold coin even though the question is about the copper coins. Why is that?

“It’s because you don’t know what kind of buyer is coming to the merchant. This buyer has their knowledge, experience, and character just like you. That’s why the answer you will achieve when discovering the spirits might be different from the one I’ll give you. It can be wrong, it can be right. Or you might be wrong now, but there’s someone in the future that will prove your opinion is correct.

“That’s why I want you to discover the answer yourself. Ardagan will give you some hints here and there based on his own knowledge, but he won’t tell you everything. It’s up to your interpretation.”

Noel closed his eyes for a moment. He could feel the wisdom from her explanation alone. It was clear that she could give her all the answers he wanted.

But she herself actually doubted her own understanding. She thought she was right, but others might think she was wrong. She might discuss it with others and a new idea would be born.

She approached things differentially so that she could find something new. It was no wonder that she was a Goddess.

“Are you disappointed that you don’t get the answer from me?” She smiled.

“I’ll be lying if I said I’m not disappointed. However, I can’t say that I’m excited to see my own answers. If you guide me with your answer, my mind will always think what I know is correct because it’s directly coming from you.

“But I’m just a human. Even the knowledge we have all around the world comes from the culmination of experiments to discover the truth itself. I have my own goal, but I can say that this aligns with my goal. So, I don’t really mind finding the truth myself. You even guarantee that Ardagan will give me some hints here and there.

“That’s why I might not find the correct answer in my lifetime, but I believe that the answer I have discovered myself is the correct one.” He smiled back, showing his determination.

“You are a good child.”

Still, Noel had one doubt in his heart. The Moon Temple had been trying to help people, so he thought that the Moon Goddess would be stopping him from avenging his parents. But she never mentioned anything about it.

As if she could see through his mind, the Moon Goddess added, “I’ll never stop anyone from avenging someone. It’s your choice and decision and that’s not something I’ll interfere. However, I do have to warn you about one thing.

“It’s just two words that you might question yourself often. ‘Now what?’ These are the two words. After revenge, you might probably ask this question. I’m sure it’s different when you know about your real goal, right?”

“Ah!” Noel widened his eyes, feeling enlightened. It was true that he would feel empty since revenge would be over after he killed those people. He didn’t know what to do for the rest of his life. However, his goal was different. It would keep driving him to the end of his life as if it was…

The Goddess smiled and finished his thought. “Live to your own belief. Just make sure that before you pass away in the far future, you will be able to think, ‘I’ve lived my life and I don’t regret for living that way,’ alright?”

“Yes. Thank you for your wisdom, Goddess.” Noel lowered his head, thanking her.

“Good child. In that case, thanks to your effort, I’ll give you one hint. Give that ice pearl to Heisk.” As soon as she finished her words, she snapped her fingers and Noel’s consciousness became fuzzy.

“Huh?” Noel could hear her hint clearly, but he didn’t have enough time to ask the reason. But before his consciousness faded completely, he could see Ardagan’s notifications.

[Mission: Help the Saintess of the Moon Temple in Argali Town (Complete)]

[Description: The Saintess will soon be corrupted. Go and save her within 75 days.]

[Reward: Moon Blessing and 21 SP]

[Penalty: Regret.]

[Receiving the Moon Goddess Blessing.]

[Your eyes now can see the dark.]

[Receiving 21 SP.]

This was the first time he saw the notification to appear directly because of someone else. It was clear that the Moon Goddess’ action was the one causing it, proving the connection between her and Ardagan. But there was no way he would get the answer.

“Haaa…” Noel let out a sigh before realizing that he had returned to reality, finding Anna and Layla waiting for him. “Ehm…”

“You have been standing like that for fifteen minutes,” Anna said without hesitation, answering his doubt. “It seems that you get something special. I’m jealous.”

“Something special? I’m just like you… I only received the blessing.” Noel shrugged while looking at Anna. Contrary to his poker face, Noel became even more determined about his revenge. Even the Moon Goddess didn’t stop him, so he had no reason to stop it.


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