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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 151: Life Lesson Bahasa Indonesia

“The first person is a merchant, the second person is the commoner, the third person is too good to be true.” Noel answered.

Count Ardagan pointed at himself. “I’m the third person… Or you can say trying to live that way.”

“Huh?” Noel narrowed his eyes.

“The third person is our ideal because he helps people with his kindness, not for what they can get!” Count Ardagan raised the forefinger, symbolizing the first person. “Let’s talk about the first person first.

“If you meet someone like this, how are you going to approach them?”

Noel answered without hesitation, “Since they’re going to suck me dry, then I don’t mind fighting them as well.”

“That’s right. When you meet normal merchants, they’ll try to set up the contract with a win-lose situation. They want to win as much as possible even if they have to destroy your life in the process. Even the nobles are like this. That’s why even though they’re good, they won’t be liked.” He then raised his middle finger, symbolizing the second person. “Then how about the second person?”

Noel had to contemplate this time before answering, “I can understand them since they have to live as well. They can be friends, but won’t be more than that.”

“That’s right. In fact most people in the world falls into this category. They help because you have helped them or vice versa. Last but not least, how do you approach the third person?”

“They’re good person and I personally like them the most. But if they’re too gullible, they’ll be taken advantage of. Though, I do admit that they’re someone that I can trust.”

Count Ardagan smiled in agreement. “This type of people will give without asking for rewards. It looks like this guy is too kind and too good to be true, but that’s not the case. You can train yourself to be someone like this.”

“Why should I? My wallet will be completely empty if I live like this.”

“That depends on you.” Count Ardagan shook his head. “When I rule people, I will extend my help when they need it without asking the commoners to give me anything. Helping people doesn’t mean that you have to guarantee their lives or solve all their problems. They have to keep struggling like farming and such to sustain their lives so that they won’t become lazy.

“But you still extend your help without asking anything. Just help them and solve a bit of their problems. Normally, you think that I’m the second person, but no! If I help them, I think like this, ‘My money will disappear, but so what?’

“It was true that it wasn’t profitable, but I have said that most people are the second type, right? They’ll try to think about helping me in the future. You don’t have to expect anything from them even when making a big decision. If they don’t give you anything back, then you don’t have a problem since you don’t have any expectation. But if they help you back, then you gladly accept them.

“So, every time you help people, I want you to think like this. Just genuinely help them and don’t expect them to give you anything back. You help them because you want to. Even if they betray you in the future, you just have to deal with it. Don’t think too much.”

Noel lowered his head as if he understood what his father was saying. He muttered, “So, that’s why Father’s influence is great. You gain people’s support easily and many people want to follow you even if they have to sacrifice their lives. Without you expecting anything from them, you have changed their lives. And they’re the one wanting to repay you.

“And there are two more catches about this type of person. First, you will be the one with many connections that you don’t expect. With that wide connection, expanding business to scrap the loss you suffer when helping them is possible. When people go to you, you’ll be a person who can say, ‘Don’t worry. I got your back. I’ll tell this guy about it.’

“Yes. You’ll be the person with the most connection. And the second advantage is that you have people’s support. They can become soldiers when needed since they’re ready to sacrifice their lives for you. And when you truly need help, you can simply ask them.”

Count Ardagan nodded in agreement. “That’s right. But you must remember, you have to help people without expecting anything back. That’s the hardest part you have to control.”

“I can understand. It seems that Father wants me to live this way for the Ardagan Household.”

“That’s right, but you’re missing something. You don’t have to use money to help them, so your coffer won’t be that empty.”

“Another form of help?” Noel widened his eyes.

“And that is…” Count Ardagan made a playful smile as if teasing Noel with the suspense and he ultimately said, “I’ll reveal it next week.”

Noel’s eyebrows twitched. “Father!”

“I’ve told you that I’ll be teaching one thing every week. I’ve made the rules, so I won’t change it even if you beg me. This is what is called integrity.”

“This is not fair. After you raise that suspense…” Noel clicked his tongue and still said out of spite. “Still, you just broke what you promised. You taught me about integrity, so it meant two things every week.”

“Huh? You little…” Count Ardagan chuckled and patted Noel’s head.

This memory was one of the drive forces why Noel helped people. In the fort, he helped the kids first with the fruits he gained from other people’s gratitude. In the first village he visited, he helped those ladies with his speech. In the third village, he helped them by destroying the dam. Only in this city that he opened his personal coffer, the Honor Points, to help people.

That was why the mission itself was perfect for him since he could simply expect something from Ardagan, not from the people. Though, it might look like he barely became the third type.

He smiled playfully, teasing Anna. “There is a reason.”

Anna’s eyes brightened as she listened to Noel attentively, only to be disappointed because Noel added, “But I don’t want to tell you.”

“…” Anna’s eyebrows twitched as she had the urge to move her fist. ‘I want to punch him.’


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