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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 138: Darkness Bahasa Indonesia

A moment later.

All citizens were standing in the middle of the square, the biggest place they could gather all people, especially the women, children and elderly that had yet to participate in the battle.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. They said the Saintess wanted to tell us something.”

“That’s the Saintess.”

Everyone looked at the Saintess that stood on top of a podium so everyone could see her.

Even with her eyes blindfolded, they could feel how determined she was.

After checking everyone’s condition, she finally opened her mouth. “Listen to me, my beloved people!”

Her tone was unlike everything they had heard previously. Her voice contained a strong energy as if she was preparing to fight in a battle herself.

“I don’t think I need to tell you this, but our condition is bad, bad enough that we won’t be able to last more than four days.

“We can kill the demons but a hundred demons will soon come to our city, reinforcing those demons. It will leave us besieged by an unlimited number of demons. If we don’t do anything and only expect help, we’ll be the ones to be destroyed in a matter of days.

“In fact, I’m aware that some of you have almost gone insane due to your thirst. That’s why this desperate measure has to be taken.

“I don’t want to die because of starvation or thirst. If I have to die, I’d like to die of old age because that way my life has been fulfilled because I’ve helped more people. Even if it’s not possible, then I’ll die in the battle, trying to save more people.

“Hence, I won’t use my barrier tonight and conserve my power so that I can go out tomorrow to hunt the demon that causes all this.”

Layla’s statement contained a strong fighting spirit that could incite everyone’s heart.

“Saintess, Please don’t do this.”

“You can die in the battle.”

“What will we do if you die?”

The people who had a heart movement tried to persuade her to stay because they should be the one to fight. The Saintess had truly done her best for so long and she deserved that rest.

However, some of the people weren’t the light itself. They were shadow. And the brighter the light the Saintess had produced, the darker the shadow would be.

“If you don’t erect a barrier tonight, what will we do then? The demons will be attacking us during the night.”

“Are you trying to leave us in this situation? You worded it like you’re going to fight, but aren’t you just trying to make an excuse to escape?”

“Do you want to leave us to die here?”

The people got influenced by them also started screaming at her as if she was a criminal.

“Wha—” The Saintess never expected these dark thoughts to appear here. Even she hadn’t prepared for it. She had pledged to fight, but they couldn’t trust her even after the effort she had made for so long. Her body was trembling because she was scared.

Just like the Saintess, Anna, who was watching the entire thing from the roof of a building near the plaza, was stunned to see people not believing the Saintess.

“How can those people think that way? The Saintess has protected them for more than a month. Yet, those people actually thought that the Saintess would betray them at the last moment? I mean, I can understand their worry, but can’t the Saintess preserve her own life at the very end? If all the people protecting you die, who will protect you then?” Anna complained with a pout, disappointed in the citizens.

She turned to Noel, wanting to know about his opinions about this problem. At the very least, Anna believed that the Saintess deserved to rest and save her own life. Knowing the Saintess’ character, even if she fled here, she would still help more and more people in the future. If she abandoned four thousand people so that she could save a hundred thousand people in the future, it was a good trade in Anna’s mind.

It was logical enough that Noel wouldn’t reject the idea since he was in the same opinion.

Noel sighed and said, “That’s why I don’t want to make my appearance.”


“That’s why I was so mad when the Saintess locked those people inside their home instead of asking them to participate in the battle.” Noel sighed.

“Not locked, it’s hiding them. But yes…”

Noel glanced at her for a while as if she was annoyed by her remark but he still continued, “If they fight together from the start, they’ll understand the Saintess more, allowing the trust to form. When the decisive time comes, they’ll be able to trust the Saintess. And the people on top of the wall will have an easier time this whole time.”

Anna sucked a cold breath. Normally, the people would lock the ones who couldn’t fight in the church or their homes, hoping they could survive in the worst case possible. But Noel’s thought was different.

He expected people to contribute. Even if they couldn’t fight, there were other roles they could do. Anna knew this was Noel’s style. That was why he could encourage the people he met in the past.

‘Those kids and those women he encouraged in the past… I see. So, that’s why Noel is loved by the people. There is already a trust formed between them. He always involves them in his plan, forming that bond. It is not that he saves the village, but it is that he works together with them and saves their village.

‘The former only shows that he has done his job while the latter shows that the villagers are not useless because they can work together to overcome any problem in the future even if he isn’t there anymore. The latter is stronger.’

Anna’s body trembled as she had done something fundamentally wrong. That was the reason why she never received any thanks from the people she saved before. In their eyes, she just looked like doing her job.

“Hmm?” Anna was startled when Noel suddenly pointed at the Saintess.

“If I were there, the people would doubt a kid. Demon Banner Army? Can they believe an Apprentice Knight? If I were there, they would think of me as a dictator who forces them to fight. Although I hate to admit it, I don’t have the strength or the influence to raise their spirit.” Noel had a sad smile on his face as if he was disappointed in himself. But he added, “If there is someone who can convince them, it’s the one who has protected them this whole time. The Saintess.”


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