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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 134: False Hope Bahasa Indonesia

“Hurry up!”

“These gates will be getting ran by the demons soon.”

“Reinforce the other gates.”

The soldiers were shouting at each other, trying to defend the gates from the monsters that came to them.

Some demons managed to jump so high that it surpassed the wall, so they had to deal with those demons. Obviously, normal soldiers couldn’t deal with the demons by themselves. But it would be different with height advantages.

When those demons tried to jump, the normal soldiers just shoved their spears onto them before they could attack them.

Those with thinner skin would get stabbed while those with thicker skin would be able to repel them and reach the top of the wall.

It was then the holy knights under the Saintess worked as they eliminated the demons before they could kill the demons.

Meanwhile, the demons that couldn’t go that high would ram their bodies as if trying to take down the wall. Unfortunately for them, the wall was sturdy enough for them. They wouldn’t be destroyed so soon, considering most of the demons were Low Level Demons.

It would be a different case if the majority that attacked their city was a Mid Level Demons or stronger. Their attacks contained Spiritual Energy, so the city would be destroyed sooner or later.

“Our people are getting exhausted,” said one of the knights.

“How many soldiers left?” Another knight with a golden armor asked while furrowing his eyebrows, looking at these demons.

“The normal soldiers are around one thousand left. As for the holy knights, Albres and Hensai have passed away from their injuries.”

“Tsk. If this continues, we won’t be able to hold this city for long… The most we can do is three more days…” The knight bit his lips, trying to find a solution. “There is also a problem with the supply. We don’t have much supply, so we’re weaker.”

“Will the reinforcement even come?”

“I don’t know. The city is under the Earldom’s jurisdiction. The Earl has supplied us with two thousand soldiers at the start, but because everything has been blocked, we can’t get any more support from him. Then again, no one wants to go to a city filled with demons… We can only expect the royal family to send their elite army.” The knight paused for a moment and asked, “How is the Saintess?”

“Her body has grown significantly weaker. It seems that she’s enduring pain whenever using the barrier.”

“This is going to be troublesome.” The knight remembered the black spots that had been contaminating the Saintess’ barrier. The Saintess had been denying everything to make them feel assured, but he was the captain of the Holy Knights that came with her, so he knew everything.

Those black spots were eating away the Saintess’ soul, so it would be troublesome if they didn’t deal with them as soon as possible.

“What’s the situation in the city?”

“All elderly, women, and children have been evacuated to the temple’s basement. Even if we have to fall, they should be able to wait until the reinforcement comes.”

“Good. The least we can do is to have as many survivors as possible.”

“There is one thing that I want to ask, Captain… Has Goddess of the Moon abandoned us?”

The holy knight captain’s eyebrows twitched as he slapped the knight’s cheek and looked at him coldly. “Never say that again!”

“…” The knight felt the slap was unjustified since he thought the situation already had no other route other than death. But a female’s voice soon echoed in his ears.

“Our Goddess hasn’t abandoned us. This is just a trial from her… However, please don’t give up hope as she has told me that hope will appear today.”

“!!!” The two knights turned around and saw the Saintess coming to the wall. They immediately lowered their heads with their right hand on their chest. “Saintess.”

The knight captain immediately asked, “Please don’t go to the wall, Saintess. It’s dangerous.”

“Even though I’m the Saintess, do you forget that my power is above you.”

“But you… you have exhausted your power…” The knight captain gritted his teeth, worried.

“Please say no more. I come here to see the hope that will appear today.” The Saintess smiled.

“The hope, huh…” The knight captain muttered, wondering what kind of hope that would come to this forsaken place. “Who will come? I do know the Royal Army won’t come to this place. Even if they come, it’ll be too late due to the distance.”

“I’m not sure. But they seem to be the one that will solve our problems.” The Saintess shook her head. “Can you keep a close look to our surroundings to see whether they are around or not?”

“I understand. Please wait in the city. I’ll inform you as soon as they come.”

“I’ve told you that I’ll wait here.” The Saintess shook her head. “Even if I have exhausted my Spiritual Energy, it’s still enough to use my barrier for a bit, so you don’t need to care about my safety.”

The knight captain reluctantly agreed and informed. “Tell the other squad captain along with Knight Romanez that there might be a group of people coming to this city today. Inform me as soon as they find them.”

“Understood.” The knight bowed his head and immediately rushed to the other walls.

Now that they were alone, the Saintess asked with a serious tone. “How long can we last?”

“The water has almost run out. Two days, our casualties will increase by half. Three days, most people will die. Four days, then the city will be overrun by the demons.” The knight captain informed her the real situation which was more dire than the one he told the knight earlier. “I’m sorry. It’s not that I believe you, but even if they come, can they solve this problem before today is over?”

“I don’t know.” The Saintess shook her head. “But they’re certainly the hope.”

“…” The knight captain sighed as he could only place his hope on this unknown group that would come to save them.

But to his surprise, when he raised his vision, he found two youngsters standing on top of the tree three hundred meters away from them. They were looking at the city as if they were assessing them.

“What?! Children? Are you kidding me?”


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