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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 107: Pinch Bahasa Indonesia

Sword Fall.

The humongous sword pierced through the fish and impaled it to the ground. The fish, who was already dying, died in an instant.

Meanwhile, he needed to handle these two fishes next.

“I have understood their movements, so…” Noel muttered and looked at his white sword that was enveloped by black fire. He then approached one of them from the opposite direction of its friend, causing the other fish to loop around if it wanted to attack Noel.

This way, Noel could fight against this big fish one at a time, giving him a huge advantage.

Swift Strike.

His first attack was a quick and precise attack to the neck. The fish barely avoided it, but a portion of the sword scratched its neck, causing a slight burn in that area.

Due to it avoiding Noel’s attack, it exposed the other fish that was about to loop around.

Taking advantage of the momentum, Noel approached the fish from the opposite direction, striking him from the back.

Ignition Sword.

The fish tried to avoid him, but Noel managed to strike its tail and caused another explosion, obliterating the tail in one go.

“Heh.” Noel smiled, knowing that this fight would be easier since he had understood the fish’s movement.

With this kind of injury, the fishes wouldn’t be able to harm him even if they worked together.

“Still…” Noel muttered before he felt another presence coming from the water.

This demon didn’t jump straight in. Instead, it was climbing the dam and looking down on the field, finding Noel and the three fishes.

Its bloodshot eyes were directed at Noel as if thinking him as an enemy that should be eliminated. It was clear that the demon was angry due to Noel breaking down its dam.

“…” Noel maintained his silence. He wondered what this demon planned to do. Although he had prepared some traps, he didn’t know which one was effective against him.

Since the beaver demon hadn’t attacked him yet, Noel went straight to the fish that had no tail. This was the demon that he could kill the fastest after all.

“Die…” Noel muttered in a low voice as he struck the fish with another Ignition Sword.

Unfortunately for him, another demon came out of the forest when he was about to strike the fish.

“!!!” Noel felt the killing intent that saw him as a prey. He hurriedly turned around and saw a beaver pouncing him. “Kh.”

Noel didn’t have enough time to use Ignition Sword. In the end, he only managed to block the beaver’s teeth.

Seeing this sword, the beaver didn’t hesitate to bite it, trying to destroy the sword like it was chopping down the tree.

However, the moment it bit Ardagan, the beaver demon was stunned for a second. The demon was startled to be unable to destroy this sword.

‘It’s not a family heirloom for nothing.’ Noel smirked and released the Sword Fire to burn the beaver’s mouth.

As soon as it felt the intense heat emanating from the sword, the beaver hurriedly let it go while jumping back a few times. It also opened its mouth due to the heat.

“Still, this is not a really good situation.” Noel muttered in a low voice. There were four Mid Level Demons around him. Although his strength was enough to handle them, he needed to deploy some traps if he wanted to escape unscathed from this battle.

At the same time, the fish demons would surely return to the water when he ran to his traps. Letting them go back would mean the water became more dangerous than it needed to be.

Hence, leaving this place wasn’t an option.

“I really need to kill these demons here.” Noel had decided that it was a better choice to end everything in this place. He just needed to find a way to eliminate the fishes first before running to his traps.

Noel hurriedly chased after the fish without tail again, trying to eliminate it as soon as possible.

“It’s not the time to hold back anymore.” Noel’s expression became serious as the beaver demon tried to stop him from harming the fish.

However, ice suddenly appeared on the ground. As expected of the beaver demon, it impaled the ice with its claws, preventing its body to slip on that ice. However, the ice had done its job since all he wanted was to stop the demon.

He took this opportunity to reach the fish and struck him one more time.

Ignition Sword.

Now that the fish didn’t have a tail, the sword struck right at the back of its body.

“Point blank range.” Noel smirked as the sword exploded again, obliterating half of the body.

The fish had some last struggle, but its body gradually became weak and the fish ultimately died from that wound.

Knowing that he was dangerous, the beaver demon that had been standing on top of the dam this whole time finally made its appearance.

It leaped into the air and attacked Noel from above.

Noel smirked and waved his sword, planning to explode the beaver’s hand.

Ignition Sword.

The flame burst out, but to his surprise, the explosion never happened. When he took another look, he saw water coming out of the beaver’s claws, suppressing his fire.

Meanwhile, the second beaver came to him from the opposite direction.

Noel raised his shield and blocked its claws, but he suddenly noticed something wrong.

‘Wait a minute. Where is the other fish?’ Noel thought before he felt another presence coming from behind.

“Tsk.” Noel clicked his tongue and tried to spin his body, but it was too late. The fish was already right before him and bit his left arm.

Noel used his Ice Control to create an ice that could withstand the teeth, but those canines were sharper and sturdier than he thought.

The ice was crushed in an instant as the teeth finally made its way toward Noel’s arm.

The two beavers had already retreated, allowing the fish to devour Noel.

“Aaaahhhhh!” Noel screamed in pain as the demon’s teeth impaled his arm. He used all his strength to withstand the pain while thrusting his sword to the fish.

Mega Slash.

The demon that he struck was sliced easily by his Mega Slash, but the force was still too strong. Mega Slash also pushed back the demon a bit, causing the teeth that stuck on his arm to start ripping his flesh apart.

“Aaahhhhh!” The pain was beyond his expectation. He often pierced a demon and started slicing them from that hole. It was effective and he could understand it now how painful it was.


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